Wes Annac – The Voice Within: You Can Become Infinite – 19 February 2015

wesannac2An intuitive message by Wes Annac, The Culture of Awareness

All you need to do right now is open yourselves to love and the simple yet expanded awareness that comes with it.

Love doesn’t have to be difficult to feel or integrate into your experience of reality – it can be felt, understood and enjoyed right here, right now if you’re willing to transcend the ego’s constant wants and desires and reenter that inexplicably pure, spiritually vibrant place.

Staying active is a great way to contribute to your conscious revolution with as much enthusiasm as you can (and increase your sense of self-love and the love you express to others), but it isn’t required to find a higher state of consciousness.

As you’re learning, patience, peace of mind and myriad other calming qualities will help you greatly on your journey to enlighten yourselves, and if a higher state of consciousness is what you seek, you’ll have to be willing to transcend the cultural influences that keep the old world in place each and every day.

It’s clear that you’re ready for a new way of life that integrates love, wholeness, acceptance and the desire to serve others over the old ways that have hurt your world and your people for so long, and all you need to do is cultivate these qualities throughout your daily existence to start noticing them in others.

It can’t be repeated enough that you create your reality, and everything you think, say and do affects how things play out on your world in a big way. Keep this in mind when you have trouble reaching the flowing space that helps you spiritually and creatively soar, and know that as long as you let yourselves, you can become infinite.

Don’t Give In

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It takes the willingness not to give in to the tempting thought forms that encourage you to embrace anger, fear, lust and every other quality that can keep you from shining your light and being who you truly are, but by no means is it impossible.

With all of the support, guidance and assistance you’re being given, transcending the obstacles that stand in your way can become a breeze if you let it. It helps to call on the assistance you can constantly receive, and as you know, your guides can’t help you unless they’re called on to offer their assistance.

They still help you in different ways, but they can’t directly assist you unless you make a request. Like anyone else, they operate under the law of freewill and they wouldn’t interrupt your freewill for anything – even to help you when you clearly need it.

All you have to do is call on the spiritual forces who are assisting you to start noticing the magic and the synchronicities that constantly flow to and through you, and calling on your higher selves, guides, etc. for support and assistance will introduce you to a whole new realm that exists right on your earth but has been forgotten by most people who are still too unaware to see that something exists beyond their conscious perception.

Spirit can become a much greater reality for you if you let it, and all it takes is the willingness to explore the concepts (and the greater perception that comes with them) you’ve started to discover. It doesn’t really matter which concepts you explore or which beliefs you have, and as long as they genuinely help you understand yourselves in a realer way, they’ll eventually lead you back home.

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The evolutionary path is nothing if not difficult, but it doesn’t have to be as hard as many of you have let it be. In fact, it gets easier and easier the more you enthusiastically embrace it, and when you’re willing to release every bit of resistance and flow with everything you face, the synchronicities alone will convince you that you made the right move.

The more you embrace spirit and the perceptual wonders unfolding before you, the easier it’ll be to anchor the lovingness and grounded-ness that are helping you express your spirituality with a clear, levelheaded perspective that invites others to become aware in similar grounded ways.

You can communicate with your higher self, spiritual guides, etc. in an effort to assist with the transition currently occurring, but it isn’t a requirement.

Nothing is a full-on requirement in regards to spiritual evolution, but you might want to embrace the things that help you raise your vibration and experience the profound, expanded state of love, joy, clarity and wholeness that come with a heightened spiritual perception.

Continuously Contributing

You aren’t required to do anything, and if you wanted, you could sit and meditate all day long, anchoring spirit onto yourselves and your planet. Your path is yours entirely, and only if you feel explicitly led to do something do you ‘have’ to do it.

You’re in the driver’s seat and you have the complete choice as to what you do and don’t do with your time on earth, but those of you who are passionate about using your awareness to better the lives of others can put yourselves in a position where you continuously contribute to humanity’s evolution with work that uplifts, inspires and encourages others to contribute with a similar degree of enthusiasm.

As long as you’re spiritually active and you’re willing to explore the higher states of consciousness unfolding for you at this time, it doesn’t matter what you decide to do to awaken, inform and uplift others.

Yes, certain creative routes will get you more attention than others, but whether or not you choose them is your decision entirely and you’d never be forced to take a certain path or embrace a certain creative route, unless you force yourselves.

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Some people have a hard time understanding that you aren’t forced to do anything with your time on earth. You can do literally whatever you want in your lower state of consciousness, because you’re given the inalienable, universal freewill to create whatever experiences you desire.

You’ll always experience the consequences of the things you choose for yourselves, and the consequences of choosing a path you know will help those around you find and anchor a higher state of consciousness will be unrelenting joy, bliss and an experience of spirit that opens and expands you and readies you to contribute with even more enthusiasm, awakening and uplifting others in the process.

You’re on earth to awaken the rest of the world to the vibrant states of consciousness that exist beyond the stress and maelstrom they’ve come to accept as a normal part of life, and many of you are fond of using your creativity to do it. For good reason, of course.

Creativity is one of the best ways to open minds, awaken the masses and inspire people to see that life is much more than they realize.

The more active you are in raising awareness and helping everyone see that love and spirit are realer concepts than they’ve been given credit for, the more you’ll naturally get done and the more people you’ll inspire to offer themselves to your conscious revolution.

Continue to have faith in yourselves, and know that even when you feel like you’ve erred, you’re doing your best from within the limited circumstances you’ve placed yourselves in. You can transcend this limitation now, and if you do, remember that the limits you’ve placed on yourselves never had to be real in the first place.

You’ve allowed them to be real throughout life after life spent in the lower realms striving to hone your crafts and awaken others, but the limits you’ve dealt with throughout the ages are now fading as you recognize that they were never real to begin with.

Love and spirit are much realer than the limitation you’ve convinced yourselves is reality, and your potential far surpasses your greatest expectations for yourselves.

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