‘Combat Zone Tales’: Fox News’ O’Reilly In 10-Minute Rant, Another Journo Speaks Out – 22 February 2015

RT logoFox News host Bill O’Reilly slammed the Mother Jones journalist, who accused him of lying about reporting from the Falklands War. O’Reilly’s former colleague, Eric Engberg, also added fuel to the fire, saying O’Reilly “behaved unprofessionally.”

O’Reilly, 65, used a whole 10-minute segment of his Friday episode of the O’Reilly Factor to tear Corn apart for the article at the left-leaning magazine Mother Jones that features investigative and breaking news reporting. The dispute came just a week after NBC news anchor Brian Williams took himself off air for lying about his time in Iraq.

O’Reilly, a former CBS News reporter, pointed out: “Mother Jones, which has low circulation, is considered by many the bottom rung of journalism in America. However, in this internet age, the defamation they put forth gets exposure.”

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