Cryst Crystaqueous – The Movie: Jesus And The Far Eastern Masters – 22 February 2015’ll do my best to convey to you concerning my visionary interest in the making of this film.

The movie- Jesus and The Far Eastern Masters, (this title very possibly could change) will be based on the literary documentary entitled: Life And Teaching Of The Masters Of The Far East by Baird T. Spalding. This is a 6 volume account of a highly unusual expedition wherein eleven aware beings with American origin journeyed to India feeling inwardly that they were destined to make contact with a group of highly advanced Spirit beings. Mr. Spalding was one of the eleven. The year was 1894 when the contact was made.

During their three and a half years of close association and actual living in the midst of these very unusual Beings they traveled much and made certain to keep precise notes of all they saw and heard. Jesus himself made numerous appearances and shared extensively with the Americans. This story is unmatched for its phenomenal nature and content throughout the entire history of the so-called human race.

I first came in contact with this literary work in 1991 but didn’t pursue it seriously until 2001. It was via a loving vision in Oct. 01 that I was prompted to purchase this magical document. At first I thought to myself- is this perhaps just more of man’s pseudo spiritual non-sense? However, getting sufficiently into the reading a major confirmation came from deep inside that what I had in my hands was authentic to its beautiful core. I ended up reading the entire documentary eleven times through consecutively. I couldn’t put it down!

It wouldn’t be easy, and I really wouldn’t even attempt to convey the profound Spirit import of this account to anyone either in word or writing. That, I feel, would be impossible. I sense strongly that an earth being will never encounter a connection with this obscure treasure until he or she individually is inwardly prepared to do so.

The bottom line of the message contained in this story which clearly was targeted for this very time, is that mass awakening planet-wide was to exponentially transpire gloriously manifesting as Spirit beings utilizing the Divine Technology in all Its wondrous fullness. Mind travel, mind communication, and mind manifestation is to express as commonly to this awakened family as the same was evidenced in the experience of the awakened Jesus a thousand years ago. These are not, as unawake man supposes, miraculous happenings. But instead they are the natural life experiences of awakened beings. That is, all such who have, in a sense, returned in full to their Divine God-hood Identity—from which in actuality none have ever really left. It goes without saying that the illusions of birth aging and death will be no more. The Play called Duality is coming to Its amazing end!

But this awakening is such that only upon its experience is the knowing available that the True identity behind the imagery of man is not human at all but Boundless Immortal Divinity instead. Plainly, this is not a knowing that man begins to enjoy. Man can never see comprehend or experience such knowing or It’s attending magical Life-Style. This is Divine Knowing Alone—even That which has been forever intact in the Realm of the Real—or that which is referred to as the Kingdom of Eternity. Assuredly, there is no actual man or human race!

In plain language, this awakening brings a permanent ending to the shadowy earth or apparent mortal human entity, which was never real or actual in the first place. Such was simply a Divine Play figure that never had actual existence. This is saying clearly, that it is Infinite God-Beings alone that perform and utilize Divine Technology. Upon true and full awakening there is no man left to practice such magic.

This is what these Masters or awakened Ones have declared would take place at this very time upon the Play Stage called earth. These Beings have further declared that upon this mass awakening it is to be Universally known—just as it forever has been in the Divine Mind of all Reality Beings—that the Kingdom of Blissful Peace, Life, Wholeness, and Love has forever been in tact in all Its Timeless Splendor, just the so-called other side of the world of make-believe. Even that which is referred to as the veil behind which appears the Divine Drama of a chaotic human existence wherein all are portrayed as sleeping in mortal misery until such awaken as Eternal Joy.

This film project was first envisioned by a close friend of mine in England and myself in the year 2004. Since then we have experienced a growing public interest in making this into a grand reality. Presently major money people have come into the picture desiring greatly to assist in bringing this epoch story to the big screen. Whether or not this actually comes to be I can’t say. But from the signals flashing from simply everywhere and increasingly gaining ground, it does appear that this project is very likely to happen.

This, in a nut-shell picture, is the nature of and the reason for my deep interest in this film project.

Crystaqueous (Crys)

Feb. 22, 2015

All rights are with Cryst Crystaqueous – 2015 – and I thank him for letting me post his work freely for all of you to share in full with his name and all text and titles in tact.


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