Lisa Gawlas – Love And Light = Two “Divine Counterparts” Of The Whole!! – 22 February 2015

lisagawlas2Love and Light.  Thats always been a funny saying to me, why would we separate it with the word and??  Maybe, notes we left for ourselves but forgot to pay attention to.  Love and Light should be inseparable quantities within the whole.

In this odyssey called February and my life, I have been pondering, asking a lot of questions.  Questions i thought I knew the answers to, but obviously not and questions I had pondered forever and I am now seeing/experiencing the replies.

Lets completely redefine, give fullness to what a genuine Divine Counterpart is (again, per my teams use of the word in full relationship to the energies I call Shambhala.)  Love and Light.  Two parts of the same whole so massive in intricacy it had to be housed in two separate bodies.

When I started to get the transmissions of divine counterparts in 2007, of course it meant two physically incarnated people holding one half of a super power (smile) that can only be fully utilized together.  Even when the (half) book came flying out of my fingers in 2010, I never once questioned beyond the people, the humans incarnate… until these last couple of days, brought on, believe it or not, by that song, The Joker.
True Divine counterparts are Love and Light.  Love in and of itself cannot do much without the Light (creation itself) and Light in and of itself cannot do much without the Love (energy of creation.)  Two massive components to one whole that had to be placed in two humans, one alone could not house the enormity.

I have to giggle at the song choice that really blasted this understanding open.. “The Joker.”   A gangster/master of love.  But man oh man, humanity has taken the energy of love, their perceptions of what it should be and completely miss what may be right in front of them.

If you here these three sections from the song, would Jesus be the first person you think of??  I did!! lol

Some people call me the space cowboy, yeah
Some call me the gangster of love (change gangster to master, my team did exactly that.)
Some people call me Maurice
‘Cause I speak of the pompitous of love

‘Cause I’m a picker, I’m a grinner
I’m a lover and I’m a sinner
I play my music in the sun

I’m a joker, I’m a smoker
I’m a midnight toker
I get my lovin’ on the run

I had to go on a hunt about the word: “pompitous’ from the Latin “pompa” procession, an ostentatious display; love, from the Latin “lubEre” meaning to please; eg. “pompitous of love” a vain statement of one’s sexual prowess, usu. given in an euphoric hazy cloud of blue smoke

Love really should be an action word, Loving.  In motion, sharing, experiencing, expanding.

For the first three years of my petri dish called my bathtub, Sananda (Jesus) and Franklyn (from the Pleiades) two incredible masters of love, took me on journeys, experiences, activities that truly left me feeling like a spiritual slut (Thanx Marc!! What a sport he was lol.)  Talk about having to decompress, completely purge all the outside stigma with love and sex and church lol (my bathtub became the holy of holies.)  Thru it all, I was also shown the power, the creative power of the true Source energy of Love.

Light.  I never even figured that into the equation, not as a power source in and of itself.  Even with that sentence, I hear the word “quanta.”  (Dear Lord, I have had way too many sleepless nights to deal with science today!  Just sayin.. lol)  We already know that everything in our physical world is made of light.  Held in the density of gravity and allows our physical minds to experience it as any given matter.

Now, enter that crazy man called Michael into my already crazy world and the pieces of the puzzle just started falling into place.  The view, breathtaking.  His alley is Archangel Michael, our angel of duality (my personal angel of freakin quantum physics) and the Master of Light.

This would even take the energy of Divine Masculine (Light) and Divine Feminine (Love) to a whole other context.  The holy marriage within.  Fused together by consummation of the Self with the self.  (OK, gotta give a shout out to Master-Ba-Tion!!)

Now, lets come back to the Divine Counterparts themselves.  One fully alive in the completeness of Love (free of judgement and conditions) partnered fully within the Light of their Self.  Another fully alive in the matrix of Light, creation itself, again, fully partnered with the Love Source of Self.

Then we come to the DNA itself.  12 strands (which are not strands at all, but, when fully activated are quantum fields of connection and full participation) of the DNA to all Life.

In the book The Isaiah Effect by Gregg Braden he talks of a DNA experiment in Russia where they placed DNA in a chamber (leaving a lot of details out cuz I don’t want to type it all lol) and then removed it and here is where I will quote his passage in the book:  “After rechecking the instruments and rerunning the experiments, the researchers were faced with finding an explanation for what they had witnessed.  In the absence of the DNA, what was affecting the particles of light?  Did the DNA leave something behind, a residual force of some kind, that lingered long after the biological material disappeared?”

With anyone who stays at my house, I always give them my bed and sleep on the couch.  Never, until Michael, has anyones DNA ever EVER affected my own when I returned to sleeping in my bed.  Not even the blue-eyed man from a few years ago.  Not like this anywayz.

In these last couple of days as this Lisa chick is getting more and more unnerved by the increasing presence of Michael’s energy (again, a friendly freakin dinner!!) I needed to understand… why??  And I was shown the two sets of fully activated DNA, from his sleeping in my bed, entangled (again I thought this could only happen with sex, obviously not!!!)  But no longer working as two sets of 12 strand DNA, but one full set of 24 strands constantly sharing information one to the other.  I liken it to connecting an IBM computer with an Apple computer, sharing inner secrets and software and creating a brand new super computer.

I want to add here that I did google (again) the understanding of Quanta.  I found a paragraph that just has my eyes zoomed to its expression:  Einstein found that, no matter how bright the light shone on the metal, only light above a certain frequency caused electrons to be given off. Above that point, as the frequency of the light is increased, the energy of the electrons given off also increased. (I feel that the frequency of his experiment is the energy of Love.  Nothing in matter can vibrate beyond the frequency of love created with it.  A thought to ponder.)

The portal of Light now holding steady and disrupting my ability to sleep, came from his Light field.  The ability to bridge doorways to, anywhere really.  The infinity symbol I had seen when he was leaving my house was the start of the generator that is now there above my bed, instead of being gray like it first was, now it is gold.

Many of us have traveled and continue to travel the wormholes to other realms, but now, somehow, someway… the biological adventure is about to be revealed.

Tarzan has emerged from the jungle and in a transmission from the guardians I sent him an email and want to copy and paste two paragraphs that are as important to every soul within this new earth as it was for him:

You are now standing at the highest peak of the mountain of life.  With it, you have two options, choice points that will change it all or end it all.  If you looked at the top of the mountain like a grassy hill as wide at the top as the feet you stand upon, you have two choices, to leave the mountain and fully become One with the Light that is You, or walk down any side of the mountain, back into duality.
To fully merge with the Light you MUST release the relationship you have had with duality.  Heaven and all that goes with it, is pure love.  Unconditional without an iota of judgement (these were my main lessons/challenges getting to Here.)  I got a wonderful visual earlier today about the windy river, all guiding you, pushing you, pulling you forward to its Source, to the Sea of Life.  The sea is free-flowing, formless, boundless… You Are there Now.  New, expanded beyond imagination.  Do not try to be the river again, it will not work.

Two more days we should be on the other side of this event.  Of course, the 24th is the black hole day.  On my facebook a wonderful soul left me a link to look at:  There is an absolute relationship here, but my poor gray matter is exhausted.  Tomorrow….!!!  I think tonight, I’m sleeping on the couch!! lol

OMG, wait, I just remembered… I think it was a couple of years ago now, thru several of the readings the mesa itself opened up to reveal an ocean on the other side.  Even the messages of leaping into the sea of I Will.  We have reached the other side.  I cannot wait to read again thru you!!!!

Big big ((((HUGZ))))) filled with Loving Light Thru the ALL!!

Lisa Gawlas / link to original article


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