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US Wants To Slow Down Afghanistan Troop Withdrawal – 22 February 2015

RT logoWashington is considering shifting the deadline for troop its withdrawal from Afghanistan to make sure the “progress” from over 13 years of US operations in the country “sticks,” the new US Defense Secretary said during a surprise visit to Kabul.

“Our priority now is to make sure this progress sticks,” Defense Secretary Ashton Carter said in a news conference in Kabul with Afghan President Ashraf Ghani. “That is why President Obama is considering a number of options to reinforce our support for President Ghani’s security strategy, including possible changes to the timeline for our drawdown of US troops.”

Under the current arrangement, the 11,000-strong US force should be cut to roughly 5,000 by the end of 2015, before pulling out altogether the following year, when Obama will leave office. By the end of 2016 the US military presence is expected to shrink to a “normal” embassy security contingent.

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John Ward – Reality 1: How Syriza Was Hit By Eurogroup FinMin Ambush – And Why The Greek Position Is Weaker Than We Thought – 22 February 2015


Today and tomorrow, in a special triple-header, The Slog examines three ‘news’ situations where the truth is slowly beginning to out: Greece v eurogroup, the Ukraine, and the whoring of newspaper titles who have already taken the corporate shilling anally. First today, what really happened behind closed doors before the eurogroup meeting last Friday.

This afternoon, while I still see Syriza and the Greek People as the best means we have at the moment of pricking Troika2’s balloon, I have to recognise that Syriza too is playing the game of spin. It has been pressured into this, however, by an outrageous 4-onto-1 bullying session the preceded Friday’s meeting. Continue reading

Texas Prison Riot: 2,800 Inmates To Be Moved From Now ‘Uninhabitable’ Facility – 22 February 2015

RT logoAfter 2,000 inmates, mostly immigrants, took over a Texas prison in a riot over poor medical services, federal authorities have decided to relocate all the detainees from the now “uninhabitable” correctional facility.

The riot at the Willacy County Correctional Center erupted on Friday afternoon, when prisoners refused to eat breakfast or report for work to protest medical services at the facility.

The prison was practically run over by the inmates, who continue to hold down the fort. It still remains unclear what medical service issues had upset the inmates. Only around 800 to 900 inmates have refused to riot in a facility that holds some 2,900 people, most of whom are immigrants with criminal record.

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Police Use Water Cannons, Tear Gas To Break Up Anti-Brutality Protests In France – 22 February 2015

RT logoHundreds of protesters took to the streets of Nantes and Toulouse in demonstrations against police violence.Both rallies were marred by violence,as protesters threw stones at security forces, who responded by deploying water cannons and tear gas.

About 800 protesters gathered for a demo in the western city of Nantes on Saturday, local media reported, citing police. The people marched along the streets carrying a banner which read “Against police [brutality], social, economic violence… Resistance. “

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