Lucas : As Of Today, 23 February 2015. I See That My WordPress Blog Is Blocked In The UK – Truth Hurts – 23 February 2015

Logo Lucas_square_wordsUpdate: 23rd Feb. 2015: 9.30 am it seems is again letting the UK have a view at my blog…. we will see if the nonsense now will stop.

It is clear that social media and blogs are  targeted for political and corporate reasons and thus for shutting up those that will bring the news and information on what is really going on not found in the mainstream media and propaganda by governments and corporations. Freedom of speech and privacy and other ways of expression seem not to exist anymore as corporations decide (like the (corporate) governments)  to hush the humans up and keep the rest asleep and disconnected from the real news. We humans need to see what is happening and see that the efforts made by us seem to have had an impact.  I hope that still people can or will try to post or re post the information in the UK that is necessary to keep the information over the shift into a dictatorship and the deliberate breaking up of the UK out of the news. Also the deep in the political and power establishment of the UK seated child abuse, the lies over involvement in fraud, hushing up and instigating wars without cause and reason and all the other actions that are taken against the people of the UK need to be kept addressed. As it is now clear the war against alternative media is on.

Keep the alternative news going and spread it.

Much love, Lucas


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