Crys Crystaqueous – Prayer – 26 February 2015

Hands praying.svgPrayer

I will be very happy to go within my being and see what surfaces regarding the lovely subject called prayer.

However, before I do that I’d like to express how that on the one hand it may be expedient from a human view point to inquire to a trusted other as to how they feel about certain spiritual practices.  But on the other hand I couldn’t emphasize strongly enough how extremely important it is—in the final analysis— that each individual bring to their own heart all their deep spirit questionings and ask there, trusting explicitly that the pure truth will always be thus found.   (Later we will explore how that Truth really could never actually be lost to any).

When I discuss vital Spirit considerations such as this with another which is generally not my practice, I know I am taking the risk of sounding indifferent or even superior to others because of the manner in which I must language such things.  But this is never the actual case.  In my beautiful Infinite World Perception of Divinity I hold the absolute knowing as do all others, that I AM the total Equal to all other Universal Forms and Beings.  In the Kingdom of the Divine ALL there are none above or below another.  All is God and God is the ALL— Eternally.  In other words, there is no part of God that is superior or inferior to another—such absurdity is non-existent in the Realm of the Real which is the Sole Eternal Existence.


The term prayer is relative alone to the temporary and non-actual Divine Play that is presently transpiring upon the Stage called Earth.  All earthlings or so-called human performers— even though we say they arrive here as pure divine infants— are soon after caught up in the superficial illusionary educational conditioning that begins to distort their way very early on.  This may be thought to happen on a lesser scale with some while on a greater with others, depending upon the spirit status of the parental influence in question.  However, all such is pre-scripted for the Earth Play Divine.  Hence, contrary to appearances, there are none who have an advantage over another.  All paths lead to Joyous awaking in the end.  Each role is what it is in order to tell the profoundly beautiful Story that’s being enacted upon this unique Cosmic Stage.

This is a Play based upon what is termed dualistic considerations. Meaning a world of opposing factors such as— good and evil, war and peace, love and hate, human and divine, beginnings and endings such as birth and death, god and devil, etc., etc.  The erroneous idea of separation runs rampant in the human or mortal consciousness.  That is, separation of everything from simply everything else.  Hence, mortal man—which is merely the term used to describe the unreal Play figures acting roles here—feels certain that who or whatever God is, he or she is without any question entirely separated therefrom.  Man looks at his and herself as having an origin—even as a created being.  Hence the conclusion— God is the Creator.  Such is all simply a make-believe Play produced by Divine Intelligence to tell a wonderful Story.

And therefore, and again contrary to appearances to human consciousness, no actual harm is inflicted on any.  But never can such be grasped by the fictitious human mind.  Pain and suffering are its sole reality!  However, the existence of evil or harm as an actual reality anywhere in the Universe of God is an utter impossibility!

Infinite Mind and Intelligence is LOVE and LOVE can never conceive the idea of adversity as being real and actual.  This could never be or exist anywhere in the Boundless Universe of LOVE and Immutable PEACE.  Besides this Joyous God-Realm there is no existence!  Never has been and never could be!  LOVE is the Sole Power in Infinity! LOVE is Omnipresent.  That is, LOVE is present everywhere and this is due to the delightful eternal fact that LOVE is simply Everything that IS!  LOVE IS GOD! GOD IS LOVE!  Such could never have an actual opposite in activity anywhere and still remain the Sole Loving Presence That Is.

Getting back now to the significance of prayer in the play.

It can be said of prayer that such is a practice that is assumed only on the part of one who has begun to take account of their self spiritually in the Play.  That is, as one commences to awaken to the need to purify their life and leave behind them deceitful and abusive thoughts and practices, the same senses a deep desire to commence relating to God or what is portrayed as the divine Creator.  Such is a normal and healthy endeavor and is most definitely pre-scripted as a progressive spiritual step in the experience of all perceiving themselves as erring but desiring to reform humans.  Such is the path that eventually leads to an entire Spiritual awakening.  At such a time human dualistic consciousness is irreversibly dropped.   All that’s left is That Only which Solely and Always Is—even Divine or God Consciousness. The Consciousness of LOVE!  The ONE without a second!

To the human there are two basic dimensions—first, there is Immortal God and the Eternal World, and secondly, there is the material and human existence or mortality.  To the mind-human there is definitely something in existence besides God and that is themselves.   This is DUALITY consciousness!

In order to hold to the idea that human or mortal existence is real and actual, it is essential to deny and be oblivious to the Universal Fact that GOD Is the Immortal ALL, and that God Is the Sole Power in Infinity, and that God is in very Nature Omnipresent—that is, Being everywhere and everything simultaneously—immutably connected in Infinite and Joyous Oneness.  And of course that GOD IS LOVE!   To live as a human in constant denial of The Divine Reality Being All that Is— is to dwell in apparent misery all its days.  But the good news is— all (no exceptions) came on Stage to awaken to and as the Eternal Blissfulness of God Itself.

To the awakened there is not both God and man or a so-called human seeker after salvation.  There is only God!  Awakened beings know They have Eternally been That!  Indeed, it is clear, there is nothing existing other than or different from That!  Further, to the awakened One, there is no creation, no man, no human race, no actual evil, war, birth, aging, or death.  All such are merely the fictitious props that constitute the make-believe Earth Play Divine.   Awakened Beings know that the Kingdom of Timeless Bliss and Love Reigns Alone and that they are THAT! Always have been That! And forever will remain solely That!  Indeed, there is nothing else for any to be!  Awakened Beings also are clear—that never could They ever have actually gone to sleep in a Dream Play called make-believe!

Hence, no longer is there a consciousness of or function called prayer in operation.  Assuredly, God is not in the illusionary practice of praying to His and Her Self!  For Here there is no lack.  No one is in need of salvation from anything.  There is absolutely nothing to hope improved in a so-called future.  And assuredly there is nothing in need of being destroyed.    All is Absolute Divine Perfection NOW as Always!  The Realm of the Real—The Kingdom of Heavenly Bliss is ALL there Is or ever was, and Such is Everywhere Eternally!  There is no actual human existence or adverse plain whereupon such silly appearances as war and abuse exist.  There is merely a Gracious Divine Play being enacted which is destined to soon climax at which time all material props shall utterly and irreversibly dissolve no differently than does the water mirage in the desert.

The One Love,


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