Lisa Gawlas – Beyond The Old Earth System…- 26 February 2015

lisagawlas2I am such a silly silly girl.  One would think I would never be in the realm of expectation, ha!!  I am so human.  I couldn’t wait to see what the field looked like, what this big shift would look like and most especially, what YOU would look and feel like with it.  Or maybe, I am expecting an I Dream of Jeannie moment, blink and its all done.  Not even close!!

But before I get into that, let me share what I didn’t write yesterday.  Again, thru the years, we would be getting direct information thru the readings on the “earth worker” or “sun worker” placement.  I am going to change that language just a bit, still means the same, but I think we have a bigger working model happening.  Earth worker would be in the realm of a true “light worker,” creator energy.  A sun worker (which is the group I fall into) would be the “Love worker,” the energy or fuel for creation to create.  And please don’t take that to mean one is void of the other, impossible.  But knowing where you power source is aligned to, important.

We have also gotten the information thru the years of dreamweaving.  Creating the new from our inner power source, together.  I got a little glimpse of what that really means to us and keeping in mind, this is no longer an etheric journey, it’s on the ground, hearts open, loving creators creating.  The little working model I got, just like a few years ago, looked a bit like this:


Each tooth on that square would represent a human, open and knowing exactly how to run their energy, their light into the center to create. Funny, with that I hear I think its St. Francis’ quote: “Lord, make me an instrument of your peace.”  Which domino’s back to the things within the Isaiah Effect taught by the Essene community, the energy needed within the heart to create is Peace.  Our hearts and minds (working as a whole machine) and is at peace, creates… Knowing how you, the instrument and energy of creation, works, is really a crucial part of this gig we got ourselves into!  Otherwise, god I love this visual, it is like a car kicking and sputtering down the road.  Your moving, but there’s a lot of backfiring going on too.

So with bated breath, finally the first person on my dance card arrived and all I could think of is… what the hell??

The big ass orb of Life spring a massive leak.  That orb that houses all the variations of earth inside itself was now a glowing white and right in the center and the right side of its outer most circle, in direct alignment with your center field in life, it was oozing massive amounts of energy.  It reminded me of a super over inflated balloon and you poked a hole in it… whishhhhhh.  The energy coming out reminded me of maybe a cloud maker, intense cloud maker.  However the intermingling of energy was white, the faintest of silver and the faintest of gold.  Pure source energy, earth worker and sun worker energy all being ignited, drenched even and assembled.

The funniest part was looking at each person (save one) being tossed around like a paper doll in a wind storm.  All had a similarity to them tho.  They looked like glowing white paper doll cut outs swirling around in this massive creation energy.  Everyone was wearing the same exact clothes, save one detail, the color.  Either pink shorts and a t-shirt, or blue shorts and a t-shirt.  Divine feminine, Love or Divine masculine, Creator.

I suppose the only thing I asked the universe before we started yesterday, is to at least let us know which group each person fell into.  We were obliged!!

My last reading yesterday, a virgin upon my field, gave us a bigger glimpse into things.  I am not really sure what made her so different or maybe better stated, viewable, maybe it is because unlike everyone else I had seen who was in the flow of creation, this amazing lady was on the ground behind this orb moving back and forth, trying to find her way back in.  She would look up, then move to another spot, look up again… Hey!!  Whatcha looking for woman!!  Then i got the most wonderful and exciting glimpse and understanding thru her.

I was able to see inside this orb, the layers and dimensional frequencies are as they have always been, I could even see people trying to move thru them.  We arrived completely outside of it, outside of Life as we have known it to be.  In truth, we are literally creating a new earth, outside of all that got us to here.

I simply told her, you don’t want back in there, the party is out here, on the front side.  As she was moving around, I already knew a detail about her, she is a friend of a friend and I knew she is deeply connected to the infinity symbol.  So I looked around to see where this symbol might be in her energy field.  Odd, I found it at the very top of the orb and she is on the ground outside of it.

If I can just give a little shout out for divine timing in your reading placement.  If I didn’t have that crazy infinity symbol spinning above my bed, I would be clueless with her understandings.  I have no connection (or at least, didn’t) to the infinity symbol. But now I have a little clue… it is the main running element of her super powers and yet, it’s on top of the Orb of Life and she is on the ground.  Hmmmmm!

As she started to move from behind the orb and I could feel her whole energy take a huge big breathe in as she walked around to the forward side of it, two things happened at once.  First, I could see a glass slipper appear on her foot and each step she took, she grew… like giant!!  That glass slipper, we had seen it in readings over the years but a brand new detail of understanding came in thru her with it.  Glass, clear, clear knowing of your steps into this new exciting, fizzy world.  Of course, we are still wrapping that around the entire Cinderella story… we have arrived at the ball!!  Those shoes already know how to dance!!  Wiggle, wiggle!! lol

At the same time, way up on the top of the orb as she moved forward, her infinity symbol stood straight up like a figure 8 and started dancing.  What the hell!!  The pure joy of her moving into her Self, into her Knowing excited her super power.  As she stepped in front of the orb, that crazy 8 danced on down the side of it and strapped itself onto her, from head to toe, crossing at the equator of her body.  Home at last!!

In all my years of readings, never have I seen the pure joy, the pure excitement of anyones super powers or skill sets have feelings!!!  I think the key with this is… we can know we have connections with something, hell even that it is some working part of what we do already… but when we fully partner with it, its ability, knowing how it affects all you do… well, there is a massive party in the house!!

Of course, she got homework to do, to really get intimate with her power generator the infinity symbol that is now part of her skin.  With her homework came a huge clue for all of us.  April gives birth to massive expanded abilities for all those who know how to work and control their instruments!!

There are those who will stay inside the orb of life to help others make their way thru and I say again, good on ya.  Me personally, I am here for the freakin party!!  Lets Build the most amazing, loving new earth never even fathomed before!!

Ohhh, before I forget lol, this fizzy energy should subside by this evening as we make our way to non-solid ground tomorrow Thursday.  I say solid because, nothing is ever going to be solid again.  Why would it be??  I was able to see each person set on the ground, just barely out of the fizzy energy and the ground looked like thick honey colored gel with this like black dots or small bubbles throughout its entirety.  From what I could understand, at least for the onset, this is your stored energy in the ground, which is no longer solid.  When you need extra energy, or you have something right at the top of your consciousness yet cant spit out the whole understanding, take the ball of your foot, lean onto the ground, and pop some bubbles.

I did have one lady in ET-ville yesterday too.  The craziest thing out there too.  Given all the fizzy energy happening, I couldn’t even imagine what ET-ville would be looking like.  I was shocked.  This deep gold/bronze colored pipe (ohhh I just realized it is the same color, the same material as the satellite antenna spinning thing, dah!!) came up out of the depths of the horizon, then I realized it looked like a periscope, a top extension that came directly over that satellite dish thing (which I really no longer see, I just know it’s there.)  Then, even more to my surprise, these large drops of liquid energy started to drip from the pipe.  What the hell is that???  Not an ET in sight, but got energy dripping from a periscope… weird has just gone into overdrive!!

My beautiful lady started telling me about how she has been holding herself back with having direct communication with her team and didn’t really understand why.  Well, the next thing I know, her energy body was placed directly under that energy tap and her friends kept her in alignment as she slowly rotated around, directly at her sacral-plexus, which her team called her “community center.”  As this liquid energy dripped into her sacral plexus, I could see a tangle weave of bright orange and red, dunno, looked like tangled roots or something, emerge up and out of her.  Her team explained that over many many incarnations, not only on earth, but on other worlds too, from a soul level, she agreed to be what we consider “abducted” so other species could understand that species.  ALL Life forms are in a state of ongoing evolution.  Deep in her unconscious memories, this is what has kept her from her full connections.  So this elixir is pulling it all up and out and restoring her to her star family and more.

With that said, I am also hearing, anyone that desires, can place themselves under that drip and they will assist you to release what you may not realize is holding you back, for as long as the rest of your core is clear.  My lady was not only clear, OMG the opalescence that ran thru her core, stunning!!  Her team also explained, because she is so aligned with the frequency of the new earth, there is nothing she needs to do, purge, whatever, they can fully assist now because she… WE have arrived!!

I do find March interesting, in its secrets.  Before the field closed down for full on change, we would get insights into April, May, even the summer June/July, but march was a weird one.  I could see it (even still this morning) as this super large round circle of energy, kinda like a pool maybe, only, no depth to it, just this energy field.  Surrounding the entire circle is what I can only say looks like maybe tinsel garland you would put on a christmas tree.  Actually, EXACTLY this coloring and fuzziness, except in a huge circle:


Come to think of it, that is exactly the massive coloring of the fizzy energy yesterday too!!  Hmmmmmm…..!!!!!  Anywayz, inside the circle was the clearest striations of energy.  Shimmery and clear and actually striations within the energy.  Like the faintest of strings maybe.  But not another detail added, things just kinda skipped over to April and beyond.

I have this very faint thing rising up (I need to step into the damn ground once I find it!) that March itself is… hmmmm…. moving into position without foresight.  With this I get such a connection to the equinox gathering that I canceled.  Some people are still coming, we will still do things just not here like I originally planned.

I have already seen what the presence of a person aligned within your magnetic grid can do when in person.  March is going to burst asunder with this exchange!!

I have got to take a moment to share the enormity of this coming spring equinox, it houses a full solar eclipse within its energy package.  When i moved here to my Heaven back in 2012, we had a full solar eclipse in May and the group I call my Jemez sisters (and a brother lol) hiked up the mesa.  We planned on going to the top, but the eclipse started before we reached our destination.  So we stopped and witnessed the eclipse where we were.  This time, we are meeting the guardians head on.  To the top we go.  Even tho the eclipse itself is not viewable in the USA or most anywhere else, there is going to be a tremendous about of codes released to very particular vortexes around the globe.  Especially, the vortexes very few people know about that emerged the last several years.  The old vortexes are still serving the inner orb, the new… well… that goes without saying!!

At the top of our mesa is indian ruins… our ancestors that are us, will find Home within each other.

Ohhh and back in 2012 I took a bunch of quartz crystals to be charged with the solar eclipse and mailed them out to you.  If you still have your crystal, the release of this eclipse will be released to you (or whoever now has that crystal) thru the completion of this cycle.

Let the party begin… it’s about freakin time too!!  (wink wink, or is that, out of time)

I love you all and thank you with every beat of my heart for enduring me, loving me and playing out of this world with me.  I also want to thank the pure bliss of sleep state… I am rocking it this morning!!

(((((((HUGZ)))))) of unfathomable new life to ALL!!!!!

Lisa Gawlas / link to original article


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