Mahala – Life In Perspective – 26 February 2015

MahalaBy Mahala, on February 25th, 2015

Guest article by Mona Delfino @

When I woke up today, a feeling came over me that ignited my joy. I wasn’t sure at first why suddenly I’d wake from a sound sleep with such a feeling of bliss. So I went into my heart, still laying in bed, and simply asked as I delved into the joy.

The answer I received was clear; “You are in a moment of clarity as to who your soul is.”

So I began to look into that. A deeper, qualified explanation of soul emerged as I was still enjoying this feeling. It was all encompassing, all oneness within everything without any preconceived idea, judgment, expectation, hope, or anything the mind has been used to. I was simply happy.

I do presentations and events, speaking about ascension in the human body.  Being a born Shaman in consciousness and retaining memory since I was 6 months old, I clearly was born a true healer. Therefore, after 32 years of really helping people heal, teaching, recognizing truths within and without about medical conditions, emotions, etc., I pondered this entire connection in one moment upon my waking. So today, I’m sharing with you some special truths about greatness of times we are in.

We are all unraveling to the soul. The soul is the core meaning of life directed at learning more on this magnificent planet as to become even greater. That is why we are in these extreme times. It’s not about disproving what our like and dislikes are, or even about if we are liked or disliked. It simply is just being in the moment and appreciating that we have opportunities always knocking to be heard, accepted and understood. We have come from so much judgment that it has seemed to be an uphill battle for many. When in truth, it is clearly unnecessary.

We make up our lives, and we see better by learning, but judge when we don’t succeed in our minds eye to the extent that we gave permission and bought into other peoples judgments. Our standard of living has diminished and masks itself as a judgment if we are good, bad, right, or wrong. Then we even get impatient with that.

Life is getting bigger energetically and we have become blinded by the past. As we unravel ourselves, there will be pain as we learn to let go of what we thought life was supposed to be. Then we learn again that judgment was lurking and life needed to be taught one way or another. Some people get ill, and many are dying. But many are hungry for truth and peace. The stronger the lesson, the stronger the truth that had remained unseen.

Now we choose our direction and have finally learned judgment was an egocentric insecurity that prevented unconditional love to be present. When we pass from this Earth, we will once again be united with our soul… and if we choose well, we will not have to repeat this life. However, it takes wisdom and inner allowance to facilitate us back to our core.

2015 is to be given applause as we continue a year of greatness. Boredom, lack of satisfaction, etc are very prominent in many today. I say take each moment in every day as a start in itself, then the unraveling will lead to the same greatness that this year presents. The Universe is changing and so are we. We just didn’t realize it’s all for the better.

Here’s to the heart, for it is the doorway to the soul, and the core motivator of all love.

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