Lisa Gawlas – The Many Moving Cogs In Divine Relationships – 28 February 2015

lisagawlas2We are only a few days into to this amazing and incredibly different landscape and I already feel like I need an expansion slot for my new hard drive!!  But hey, this is what we all should be living for, working models of information and application and yesterday was so full of it I thought my head would explode!!  But let me tell ya, I had a great reboot session while I slept last night. Thank god for the nights!!

I have learned, relearned so much this month.  I truly am on an information high!!  The first thing I want to make very clear for all  of us, is how the dissemination of (spiritual) information works.  If we can look at where we all started at when we “woke up” (for lack of a better way of putting it) is like realizing there is this little peep-hole into a greater understanding.  Of course (speaking souly for myself here) since you never seen such a peep-hole before, you are pretty sure you just understood the mysteries of life.  What I couldn’t have understood was, it was simply a narrow view, tiny bits and pieces of a puzzle I could not possibly yet understand.  So we get enough of a glimpse to keep us moving forward.  And then, assuming we have done the inner work to clear our vibration to hit the next shift upwards, the peep-hole gets a little larger, more details are added to what you seen.  And then it happens again, and again and again until the view of the puzzle becomes so wide, so clear, that the tiny glimpse you once had and understood, completely changes.  Looking back, the information and understandings gleaned along the way, was so important for that level of frequency, for that version of earth and yourSelf upon it.  With that said, never think you got anything wrong, you got it right for that level of ascension, but always know, even now, maybe, especially now, we are in a massively fast-moving mosaic of light.  Things are going to change, widen and bend faster than we can take an in breath!!  Screw party boots, we need track shoes!!

Two very different images came thru the last couple of days in the readings.  The first day, when that big spewing orb of life was releasing the energy system we needed to fully participate in this new land in a whole new way (the white, gold and silver energies) one of my lady’s streaming in the midst of this energy showed up with a partner.  She was in pink, he was in blue.  Keeping in mind, everyone was still looking like glowing white paper cut out dolls, I could not discern much else.  So I asked her if she had a partner, nope.  In her reading they were side by side of each other and this was also the first glimpse we got of the new ground we are on.  Her team moved her slightly forward to the ground level and they were standing side by side.  Love and Light, true divine counterparts in the working fields of Shambhala.

Now, let me skip to the next day, one more lady showed up in the flowing energy of white with the pink and blue dots but unlike the lady the day before, this one had her counterpart by the hands (criss-crossed over each other) as they faced each other and spun around and around, what a great dance.  All I could feel with her image and the movement between the two is that there is such an amazing synergy between them, the flow of energy, of course now I see that haunting infinity sign within their hands… So again, I ask her about a relationship.  Nope.

I was slightly (excuse me, completely) baffled by the two very different presentations of what I am (now barely) understanding.  I really meant to share this in yesterday’s blog and completely see now why I didn’t, one nugget of information needed to blast thru to form a greater understanding.  And ohhhhh how so love Michael (like a brother…smile) doncha know I get an email from him yesterday about a dream he woke up having.  I am just going to share what he shared cuz that light bulb flashed on, on so many levels!!:

So in my mind’s eye as I woke up I saw this circle .. but it was a gear and the outside edges had the typical blocks that interconnected with this other gear that I could only make out partially. (Basically forming another one of those infinity signs. )
But this was different. It was like a representation of me with you in some other location. Like virtually… But inside the gears were these dipole batteries that were each spinning. At times my battery drew your battery at times it pushed it away… yours did the same … but they were working in this wonderful synergy was the word. It was like a perpetual energy generator that kept the gears (Hahh awesome my iPhone replaced gears with the word hearts there. Hahh! Certainly out “engines”)
Going. The gears were not right next to one another in physical space. I could tell that your gear was dimensional displaced in another location but as you have said before they are invariably connected … keeping the gears of my mind ticking in a most wonderful and creative way and mine doing the same at your end.  Yours did not look as “mechanical – as in the scientific mechanics of time space as mine but whatever yours was made up of formed a perfect virtual marriage.

 Link to picture

I put this image on facebook a week (or was it a few) ago in relationship to a blog I wrote and the conversations unfolding about it.  I thought I would use it for my next days blog, but like I so often do, went in a completely different direction.  (Picking up all those as of yet, unconnected puzzle pieces.)  If you look at the cog directly above the black mans arm on the right, I had seen that very image, the wagon wheel looking image in relationship to the pure power source of those who gather (on the ground level) together to share their energy (synergy) in the realms of Shambhala.  I think about the amazing people showing up for this years equinox, powerhouses in their own right, my own heart explodes with excitement about what so many interlocking cogs will bring out connected on the ground, in person!!!  I am so grateful they didn’t take “canceled” literally!!

Now, going back to my two very different ladies and my own inner experiences the last few days.  Until this moment, I really thought the “divine counterpart” had to be an intimate relationship, well it is, but often times on the soul level.  Gotta get to know the energy system there before you can really understand the moving pieces on the ground, at least, for me.  It is all about me, right??  lol

But, looking at that image again, there are tons of different working pieces that MUST come together to form the whole.  Those on the ground, working and opening and stuff.  Then those like me, the sky workers who can see the entirety of the cogs as they interlock, connect and how it is changing everything and the mosaic of light changing at the speed of love!!

So with all that said, I still don’t know why these ladies partners were so present, as if already there in their energy field, except to say, they have got to be closer than they realize (and that was stated with both of them in their readings.)

So with Michael’s sharing of his dream experience, I got such a wonderful visual, again with that crazy, haunting infinity symbol, but now standing up like a super large 8.  He on the ground, me in the sky… sharing and opening nuggets of information!!

But, as my first lady on the field was about to show, there is soooo much more to that as well.  Thru her I got a crystal clear view and understanding of this new working model called Shambhala, heaven on earth, whatever!! lol

The first thing I had noticed in her reading was the sun.  The sun was up in the sky but unlike our “usual” sun where it shines a white-yellow onto earth, now it was a “white-silver” energy.  The ground itself, very honey colored like.  A warm yellow-gold in a thick gel like substance, very much like “memory foam,” only clear not opaque.  A total reversal of the energy systems.  The vibration of earth is now being emitted by the sun and the vibration of spirit is now beneath our feet.  Talk about a total reversal of the poles of energy!!!  Above is now below and below is now above.  And we wonder why spirit has said for two (lonnngggggg) years, nothing that got you to here is going to work.  Let it ALLLLLL Go!!

Let me tell you to what full degree that means.  When Michael showed up in my world, I went hunting for that half written book called “The Lost Codes of Shambhala” that I wrote in 2010.  Somehow, it got deleted (or hidden) from my hard drive.  Thank goodness I put it on a blog site and I went there several times.  My team is really really good at scrambling my brains when I try to read something that is not valid in our ongoing working model, until now, it has usually been someone else’s writings, not my own.  But dammit, I could not hold my focus on the words.  THAT is telling (to me!!)  Super exciting even, in a strange way.

Another HUGE thing I learned this past week, was all about energy alignments within each other.  Obviously this is really important for us all to really see and understand, especially as we move forward and the heat/the acceleration between us, between the relationships we are about to have, rev up.

Michael sent me a picture of him standing in front of a christmas tree in the middle of the amazon (how wonderfully strange) arms wide open.  Instantly, I thought of a picture my son took of me on christmas day at his house:

xmasday 2014

Strange pose for me and why the hell am I thinking about own image!!  Well, spirit was about to show me (us) in my meditation.  His image and my image was floating above my head face to face.  I could see the energy connections directly from the solar plexus, heart, throat and third eye, moving and thick.  These golden strands of wiggly energy were moving towards each other from the pores of the skin in the arms and upper chest area, not connecting with each other, but wiggling at one another, separated by about an inch or two of space.  I became stunningly aware there was zero energy connection below the solar plexus.  So I had to ask my very human question… is that because in my picture I am sitting down?  I so make myself laugh!!  I got no reply at all.  God forbid we should just get the answers we are seeking right then and there!!  But like me, my team has a way of taking the long road to a simple understanding.

In a completely separate meditation, I got a review of the other 3 significant energy connections I have had, starting with Marc, the King of my Kundalini world!!  He and I were connected at the soul and the third eye.  He literally showed up as the catalyst for me to explore the energy system within my own body thru his.  Since we are one and the same soul appearing separated by two bodies, it was a wild intense spiritual love affair within mySelf.  When we actually got to meet a year and a half after our worlds collided online, tho magnetically my cells wanted to merge right back into his, he felt like a brother too.  No firing from the solar plexus down.  Which I thought was soooo odd given the months of sexual and sensual odyssey we held in my bathtime adventures!!

Five years after marc’s arrival and departure in my world, in comes Frank.  I have to laugh with this, he literally showed up at my son’s door with one of my super humble, self printed magazines in his hand (“Conscious Living”) and wanted to talk.  I have got to say this out loud, when you put yourself “out there” what and who you need WILL show up at your front door!! lol  I thought it was just the Jemez but so forgot about Frank!!

Frank gave me such wonderful gifts, the ability to see, fully witness how the chemical body, physical body and light body all change as you “fall in love.”  He and I were connected at the heart and faintly, ever so faintly at the root chakra.  Enough to provide desire, not enough to provide full consummation.  (smile)  If you have not read my webpage “Love’s Journey” which is about my journey with frank, my view of the chemical body within myself, just click the link.

And then there comes my beautiful blue-eyed man, Rick.  Phew baby!!  Like every guest who arrives here, he got my bed, I took the couch and nighttime was not an easy time for me.  Holy shit batman, rock my root chakra like nothing ever did before.  I would lay on the couch wondering what the hell you doing in there!!  Our 16 day odyssey really taught me about how amazing the creation of the light field is when partnered with sexual energy.  It also taught me how unsustainable it all is when not connected at the heart, being  in love.  Obviously, in our connection it was soooo strong in the root, vaguely in the heart chakra.

I don’t know how I got the pure privilege of this literal exploratory journey into physical connections, but man oh man, glad I volunteered!!  Cuz they showed me one final piece of my crazy puzzle… the one who lays down the road, every chakra connected, root to crown!!  Everything else is a moving cog in our ongoing puzzle of expansion!!

So, I say all this to loop around and say, enjoy the hell out of every partner, every relationship, every nugget and cog, just don’t get hung up on any one piece.  Like I did for about two weeks, trying to engage something that just wouldn’t fire up, I thought I might have broken something or did something wrong.  Our wiring is purposeful!!

I am going to close this sharing here, but I am opening a new separately.  We have several different exercises that came thru yesterdays connections and I want to house them in their own separate (and findable) space.  More than likely, tomorrow.  I wanted to do it today, but 7 dances and mind bending information already coming in… I really need a virtual stenographer and co-typer!! lol

I will close with the voice (I am hearing right now) “Nothing is ever as it seems!!”  No shit!! lol

((((((HUGZ))))) of the most intense, loving synergy to ALL!!

Lisa Gawlas / link to original article


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