Lisa Gawlas – The Power Of March Unleashed In Full!! – 2 March 2015

lisagawlas2I hope you all enjoyed the mighty mighty crescendo of February!!  In my physical outer world, the heavens released so much snow, 13 inches of it to be exact.  One of the biggest snow storms in a long long time.  Of course, this winter and it has only been this winter, when we start to get a steady snow, my internet and phone provider, Windstream, drops everything like a hot potato until it melts later that day or the next day.

I have not had a dial tone the last two days, I just checked again now, still no dial tone at all.  My internet is still mostly off this morning.  It does rally every now and again and flickers back on, sometimes for a minute, sometimes a whole 10 minutes.

Why only this year and never before??  Why are so many areas in the US getting beaten by the snow.  Let’s turn the literal into metaphorical.  An avalanche of energy, of pure knowing, falling from the sky, the heavens if you will, to be integrated by those whose hearts can feel its enormity.  Completely shut us off from the outer world of communication so the snow can release itself directly into the heart of knowing.  This is followed by a flickering of coming on line, putting the understandings together, then off line to get more understandings and then on again and off again.

It really is a time to be deep within yourself.

I have spent the last two days in and out of my bathtub.  So much pure information was unraveling in my brains I could barely keep up with it all.  I tried to write a blog yesterday morning, but each word gave way to so many more understandings.  Not only was the snow avalanching off my roof, but also thru my heart and brain!!

I took a channeled message the other day from a friends impinged body part.  I am being stopped in my tracks to share it outwards and with the complete understanding that I woke up with this morning:

 “You have been looking for love with your eyes and I am connected to your heart.  There are portals you never should enter and until you fully align your whole Being with your heart, I must remain impinged as a way of holding you back from where you no longer can tread.  When you stand fully and completely in front of that which you seek, the release of built up energy will be unmistakable to your Being and the flow like never experienced before.”

The pesky eyes!!  We can see the signs and post marks along the way all day long, until it all changes everything about you, including the path that got you to that point, your still seeking with your eyes and the love we all seek (soul) is deep within the heart.  Sometimes (a lot of times) we are so adamant in what we think we know and keep pushing in that direction, we sever ourselves from the heart merger instead of draw closer to it!!  Until we completely surrender and change it all!!

Ok, got all that out of the way (smile) let me get to some really yummy parts.  Before my landline and internet went crashing down on the 27th, I did have the privilege of doing two readings.  The first one an ET ongoing session the second one, a beautiful new connection down under.  Both a super crucial understanding to the avalanching that has been happening in my world.

My man with his ET connection, weird.  I could not get a handle on what reality I was in.  I could see a very familiar white etheric bull out in the left side of ET-ville.  I know this bull from previous ET readings, but my man said this is the first time he is hearing of the bull.  Really??  This is not the bull man??  Nope.  Weird.  At the same time, this full size white bull was on an etheric platform directly over my driveway (as opposed to centered over the meet and greet area of ET-ville.)  This had me jumbled up with the energies of my sister in the Jemez and her readings and energies from the day or two before.  I am getting lost in ET land here.  But if that was not enough to freakin puzzle me… I couldn’t hear a word.  I could see clear as day, but hearing… nuttin.  At least, until I stopped trying to hear.

When spirit says what we can do is going to expand in more ways, they weren’t kidding.  But, as I have learned, you gotta stop doing it the way you have always done it.  I learn in the moment, and honestly, I don’t think there is another true and complete way to learn (instantly going back to the quote above.)  After I finally stopped my bitching and begging to hear so we can have clarity to why I am feeling so many ET readings piling on top of each other (energy wise) the information came in… not like usual in any way.  From directly above the bull itself (which is representing the constellation taurus) a major rippling of several dimension came into my view and this multiple wave of what looked like gold dust made its way into my living-room, directly in front of me and the communication was unlike anything I had ever experienced before.  I really have no way of even describing it either.  I hear in so many different ways, this is different, like a jumbled mass of energy stringing together to create a communication.  Of course, I crack me up when I look in my review mirror, I went straight into bitching about learning a new way of hearing!!  This is going to take greater concentration, holy shit, its unlike anything I had experienced before.  Its not so much audible, it is not so much a package of telepathic energy bubbles that you just “know” what is being said… maybe a blend of the two on steroids.

His might white bull was moving left to right, left to right as if trying to point to something I could barely understand (cuz the communication was sooooo freakin differnt… smile.)  I got it tho… Thru the center of the constellation taurus is a portal that he needs to align to.  Behind the bull itself, in that place I call the horizon of ET-ville, were two energy systems that really reminded me of garage doors.  These two large squared doors (one to the left, one to the right, but with a large space of nothingness in between the two) were at first, tons of gray dots that started to have an overlay of gold flecks as we connected to them.

Thru the center of Taurus are doorways to other dimensions and his job is to open the garages within his homework.  I did get a visual, humble as it may be of:  >—<  The line being the portal thru Taurus, each open triangle connecting one of the garages to his left side, the other to his right side to help train his hearing to the multidimentional fields he will be exploring.  Unlike me, who is pretty damn set in the way she hears, he doesn’t have to undo anything.  So let me tell you, if your hearing or even your vision has not come online yet… there is a higher reason.  They kept calling him an “interloper” because he will be traveling thru the dimensions to bring back understandings for the evolvement of humanity, starting of course, with himself.

If he wasn’t enough to melt my brainwaves, my next lady gave it her best Aussie shot to completely melt me down.  I love meltdowns tho, it really allows so much to come together!!

My amazing lady showed up on some serious stilts.  Very much looking like this (save the black and white, she was in full living, communicating color:)


The stilts themselves were entrenched (spirits choice of word there) with this moving up and down pink energy.  Her stilts were made of the energy of Love, solid, supporting and thru the center of her two stilts was a moving vortex of energy that was parallel to the ground she was moving towards (March.)

When I looked up to see her body, the first thing her team did was bring my vision right back down to the ground to understand that part and this morning, I sooooo get why!!  But lets talk about how I first seen her body way up there on the stilts.  Black (unseeable,) white and blue (true creator energy, earth worker, Lightworker, pick a name lol) but she was so pixelated, not in true form yet.  I could see the outline of the human, but nothing that gave me understanding.  Back down to the ground we went!!  Let me just tell you what I understand so clearly today.

The energy source of all creation is LOVE, it must BE the ground you walk upon, the source of what moves you forward, the very thing that elevates your knowing and connection to Self.  It is not enough to know your story, but to truly Be One with the source of your Story… Soul igniting the energy of the very ground of Life.

She was all that and a bag of chips!!  lol  As I started to get understanding about what I was seeing at her ground (life) level, her team took her and placed her on March 1st (today!!!)  The black, purposely placed getting to this auspicious dateline, moment.  Her garb was now a blue and white outfit that I recognized as Merlin the alchemist/magician.  In her hands a little kettle.

To know how to harness the pure energy of Love and infuse it with the pure potential of Light, now that is true mastery.  The true alchemist alive in the field of matter.  Empowered by their heart, fueled by the potential.

When we start coming together, in person, on this holy landscape of Shambhala, knowing each others strengths and combine with them… Makes my heart skip a beat (as I lean into the coming equinox)!!

Of course, learning to temper what we are capable of, is more crucial now than ever before.  A few days ago, when it became perfectly clear in my heart that I had no desire to play in the density of the jungle (the trappings of earth) I gathered up all of Michael’s energy, the presence most strongly felt sitting in my chair down by the river, his pure particles of consciousness floating around my home, the portals he put up but has no idea how to use, all of it, I gathered it up, created a ball of his energy and tossed it over to the oceans of S. Florida, where i knew he would emerge after his Peru trip.

I know a little alchemy myself (smile.)

I went down to the river yesterday to get pictures of the snows and the river and retrieve my lemurian crystal that requested to stay at the river a few days ago.  As I made my way to the river, I was shocked to see my chair, which has been at that river for the last three years, gone.  Completely gone without a trace.  Hey!!!!   I want my chair back.  Dammit.  We have had snow, but no winds and everything else was still there.  So I unburied my lemurian from the 13 inch blanket of snow and moped back to the house.  I want my damn chair back, thank you very much!!  When I washed the dirt off my crystal, I was shocked to see it had released itself yet again:


A perfect image of a sword.  Archangel Michael’s Sword of Light!!  When my team said that all I need is now within that crystal, holy shit they made sure I knew they weren’t kidding!!  Inside my crystal is a new platform diagonal across the base.  For me, this is huge.  My trigonic crystal of many many moons ago, gave me inner access to the true teachings, understandings, working energy of that wild and crazy man we knew as Jesus, the gangster of love.  Now with the Angel of divine duality… of Light unleashed within my crystal… I feel bookends here!!  Wheeeeee!!  13 years of separation and preparation (speaking of my other crystal and its release and my journey to this part of information/application.)

So with all of this shared, we have truly entered the full on spectrum of our multidimensional Selves.  For those who worked their ass off to find their love source with their light source… it’s gonna get freakin interesting.  And I am hearing that I need to clarify what i mean by that.  Ok… and sheez, even this suddenly makes sense too.

Thru January spirit has been saying there is a new trinity that is vital for where we are now.  Soul, Source and physicality.  Three working parts harnessed as one energy.  Soul.. the power of Love, Source (god, whatever) the Light of Creation and physicality, the land we are playing within.

Do not think for a moment if you do not feel you harnessed all three as one, its about to.  The only true working model you need to consistently employ as everything gets stronger and realer… keep letting it all go.  The stories, yesterdays experiences and understandings… the clearer you are within, the stronger you are within, the more powerful your outflow of Source energy is in creation!!

Listen with new ears, see with new eyes and love like there is no tomorrow!!

((((((((((((HUGZ))))))))))))) of the reign of Shambhala is Here and Now, thru YOU/US!!

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