Laura Bruno – Before Mandating Vaccines: What Every Legislator Across The Country Needs To Know . . . Please Share This Widely. Let Them Know That We Know!!! ~J – 3 March 2015


More FYI with links and documentation of various whistle-blower admissions of vaccine injuries and cover-up.

Originally posted on 2012: What’s the ‘real’ truth?:

Before Mandating Vaccines: What Every Legislator Across the Country Needs to Know

1.  These are NOT the same vaccines they received as children which just inject a little virus into them and got an immune reaction.  These are GMO vaccines (recombinant DNA vaccines) that shoot a mixture of genetically engineered material into the DNA making fundamental changes in whoever receives them.

These new vaccines are extremely unstable.

A.  Veterinarians are warning that the GMO rabies vaccine has now caused rabies to be an airborne disease. 

See:    GMO Vaccines creating “Herd Contagion

B.  They cause diseases to be more virulent and more deadly.  The polio vaccine in India is a GMO vaccine which  caused 47,500 cases of polio in 2011 alone, and killed twice the number of children who would have died from wild polio  See:

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Polio programme: let…

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