Lisa Gawlas – The Portal Of The Hearts Gives Birth To The Multidimensional Self(s) Into Consciousness!! – 3 March 2015

lisagawlas2The one thing I am absolutely sure of, this month, March, is going to be like none other in our collective history.  I might even dare to say, to even have us recentering throughout our days (meaning, constantly finding our new center, not the old ones.)

Much to my dismay, my phone line is not a usable thing yet.  The massive static I hear when connected to a call is more than my ears can handle.  Windstream is coming out this morning (between 8am and noon, just incase anyone is affected by this) to fix my static!!  I am praying they can fix it all.  Their inability to handle the weather (all the changes and energies) is creating a calendar nightmare for me, especially as I fully realized yesterday, my online calendar now resides in multiple timelines not quite reflecting my own.  People are booked on top of each other, next to each other, up 7 appointments on any given day without a breather in between.  I even had one I rebooked in a place that had no appointment, an hour later, 3 appointments were on that same date and time.  What the freakin hell????  Unless something massive changes this month, I am still very much tethered to biology and I would be fried with my current March schedule.  I will be sending out emails today to change some appointments.

At least there was skype to use as a back up yesterday.  My first ability to connect was an ongoing ET session, which really took everything to a whole new level of understanding.  Can I just say, thank you so much for your gift to me, to us.  Allowing me the privilege (and struggle lol) to understand our evolution thru you, thru your star family… goes way beyond gratitude and love.

My awesome lady with her dream team, at first I could not figure out why they presented like they did, taken right out of our story books: The Green Lantern, Spiderman, Thor, Loki and this amazing radiant beautiful woman from the Pleiades.  The only thing I knew for sure before yesterdays session, the lady from the Pleiades was a soul aspect of her incarnate there.  But beyond that, when I see her, connected to her, the radiant energy field surrounding her in this glow, all I could feel was beauty.  Beauty like i have never ever experienced it before.  It had nothing to do with her facial features, that was obscured by the glow of energy emanating from her.  Until really this morning, I would have never looked at “beauty” as an emanation glow of empoweredness, fullness of the Self with the self.  But it is!!

Her dream team presenting as they are, and I am realizing too, those willing to put in the homework with their ET friends, are coming home to this too… full integration, with awareness, of your multidimensional self!!

The Green Lantern, since we started, always presents first.  Even in her homework this week, she is to embody the pure energy of the Green Lantern, merging with its image (to my view, looking just like the movie image) and feeling the merger within her own skin. I have got to chuckle with amusement as i just looked up the purpose of the green lantern.. “protectors of peace and justice.”  I find it even more interesting that he was given (in the story itself) a “ring” that gives him his super powers.  I think I now know where the whole “with this ring, I thee wed” really comes from!! 😉

Then there is that amazing spiderman!!  His ability to create new webs (of life) thru his wrists, for the human, its thru the palm chakras!!  This is her second merger after turning green, she goes red! lol

Then there is good ole Thor… the god of thunder and lightning, gotta have that electrical current running thru you, all the ionized energy (from thunder) to make it real.  Love the hammer… how many of us have said, spirit thru bricks at our heads to get us to see beyond what we were seeing.  Maybe it really was thors hammer!! lol Smashed with love!! lol  He wants to take her upwards, somewhere, but dammit if he blocked my ability to see where and what!!  Somethings are just for you!!  dammit!!

Loki, I until yesterday, I didn’t get his gig with her.  He didn’t really participate, at least as clearly as I seen him yesterday.  The trickster god.  Just when you think your gonna zig, you end up zagging, in meditation and in life… Loki right there in center field to get us out of expectation!!  I am sure there is more to him to come… but for right now, it is a vital part of our journey moving forward.

As we concluded that session, they did reveal this homework for her is to start her processing of embodying her multidimensional selves.

This is no longer a spectator sport.  Your either gonna get in the game and play… or get fried along the way!!

Speaking of getting fried… bless our electronics.  My next skype appointment was a reading, right here in the heart of New Mexico (Albuquerque.)  What a freaking strange way to have to read these days.  (Not complaining, just sayin….!)  I wasn’t 30 minutes into her hour-long session and my computer completely overheated and shut down.  I gave it cool down time, rebooted, and dammit if it didn’t overheat within minutes again.  Holy energy shifts batman!!  We rescheduled the second half of her hour!

I am going to blend her understanding with my last reading of the day too (due to unusable phone lines, I only had three appointments able to do skype.  My computer is grateful!!)

The field moved to the right, I think the right still represents future lol, at least what we think of as future anywayz.  Out of time… beyond time.  Because the field opened about 10 feet to the right, it was as if I was looking thru the long view (as opposed to up close and personal.)  I could see the entire oval of March, the intricate etchings surrounding the ovals (each one of you with your hearts opened to Shambhala, heaven and earth as One.)

My first lady showed up in the strangest of ways… keeping in mind, the oval is the long view, so everything looks shrunk down so I could see it all.  Directly in front of her, much larger than her etching in the rim of the oval, was this HUGE vibrant blue bird house.  What the hell??  Then my vision was taken inside the bird house to see three blue birds (as vibrant as the bird house itself) working on the flow of her massive heart stream.  The blue birds of happiness, on steroids (smile) taking the flow of her heart and I think the closest thing I could use to describe what they were doing  is braiding it, the new full on trinity (soul, source, physicality) into a potent stream of creation.

When I woke up and seen all those multicolored energy streams coming from each etching on the oval, i was really hoping that spirit would make the color coding easy for me, and thank god some of my pleas get answered!!  The blue representing her Self expression.  The combined energy of the heart out the breath, amplified by voice.

To contrast this, my last lady showed up in a different place (but of course) within the oval and the first thing I seen with her is a red line of energy come out from where her etching is (which is the portal of your heart) and it made its way directly at the inside edge of the oval trim, circled around the entire oval and thats all I got to see… pretty much.  For her understanding, her powers are combined with the magnetics of the new earth.  She is currently exchanging energy fields not only with this super powered new earth field, but everyone of us on it too.  Our presence changes everything, especially as we step into our multidimensional selves more consciously.

I could not see beyond this moment tho, except to know… KNOW that was we bridge the 15th-16th of this month, that is where that second of three activations happen.  From every angle of this oval, we are all moving into the center (literally and most especially, figuratively) of March, hence that entangled growing thing I seen yesterday as I woke up.  I am so grateful to get a pre-glimpse of the strange way of reading now!! lol  It helps!!

As I did all I knew how to do to understand even just whatever is between this moment and the middle of march, dammit if my first lady’s team didn’t start showing me a window shade and kept pulling the shade down as I tried like hell to peep beyond her bird house!!  Too quantum they say.  Dammit!!

But, if weird didn’t get a bit weirder, just before my last connection of the day, before we got online together, I could actually see the swirly energy of April for her.  In it, without a viewable detail, I knew she was either going to be moving or making the preparations to move.  Silly me assumed once we got connected in the reading, the details would be provided.  Not at all.  I couldn’t even harness the view of April while connected to her, at least, not til the very end and it was beautifully bizarre.  The view was this massive quantum field of energy called March, above the far right side of the oval representing March, above the earth maybe 5 feet or better stated, above the oval… a floating circle I recognize as April (swirls of so much variations of violet energy) and this clear energy line moving outwards from April to nothing I could see!!

Now to bring this all back to me (big grin lol) before Michael went on his jungle adventures, he loaded some movies on my thumb drive to view.  The other day, with everything being down including my satellite TV I decided to watch a movie he emailed me saying I had to watch “The Golden Compass.”  So I did.  When i seen the actual compass in the movie, all I kept thinking is… that is soooo familiar.  Incredibly familiar.  I have literally been on hundreds of thousands of hours of adventures via meditations and readings in the last 15 years, a lot blurs from the memory banks.  I have been trying to reconnect somewhere in the crazy ass mind of mine why that compass is so familiar to me.  Well, now that I see how strange (and wonderful) the reading field is… there is the golden compass connection.  It wasn’t a past thing, it was a coming up soon thing.  I had to smile too as the little girl, Lyra when asked about the compass, she said “it allows me to see what is hidden.”  That is my vision too.  Sometimes tho, hidden even from myself (understandings.)  Thank god you are all so patient and understanding with me!!  I love you sooo much!!

On that note, I’m gonna close here.  I have close to a 100 emails sitting in my inbox from the last several days (and even more from the last month) and I am going to do my girl scouts best to get to most of them before this day starts.  Forgive me if I miss any, and just kick it back to me.  I am still only one person doing many things and by the afternoon, I am exhausted and processing and withdraw.  I know it may be hard to understand too, I absolutely dislike the private message area of facebook.  Please, I beg of you, if you want to talk to me in private, do it by email.  I almost never open the PM place on facebook.  There are only so many inflows of currents I can handle before I blow up.  Facebook for me, is about group sharing, together, out loud on the “wall.”

Big big (((((HUGZ)))) of wild adventures and dream weavers  coming together, consciously and excitedly!!!

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