Lisa Gawlas – Movement, (re)Alignment Within The Creative Landscape Of Shambhala!! – 5 March 2015

lisagawlas2Ya ever feel like a toddler again?  Geez Louise, talk about such a massive shift in our worlds, even seeing things clearly is so hard to understand functionally.  I will just share the constant in 5 of the 6 connections.  Actually, I think I found something that can help you see how I see the field, which may make my (humble attempt) to put it into words, more understandable.

march field

Now let me explain the set up, as I am currently understanding it (as always, subject to change with more information.)  The oval itself I really thought was the energy of March, nope, I was wrong.  It is representing our little collective I call Shambhala.  My view is the, or at least was, the long view, seeing the whole oval itself, jogged off to the right (which I am still feeling represents our immediate future.)  The scalloped edges (which we started seeing mid to end of February via the readings and I had no idea then what it represented, I do now, kinda,) represents us, each one of us biologically holding this new amazing life force together.  OMG, I just got it!!  Thank god for a good nights sleep and clear brains in the morning!! lol

So the border itself that I see and see quite small (about an inch tall from the ground) is our human self, together, connected shoulder to shoulder if you will, closing off any gap energy, anything parts that would release this sacred, heavenly energy outwards.  We have truly bonded this field together, into life BECAUSE of our incarnation here!!  The inside (no etchings inside, the image I used is of a bathroom mirror) is the pure heavenly energy of earth and spirit combined as one.

The biological matter individuated only by an indent, or the scalloped energy shown above.  There is no face, no identity associated with any of it, but the people showing up yesterday, holy heavens batman!!!  Altho each were human sized, in relationship to the way I am seeing this field, giants!!  Pure light bodies in the shape of the human Being.  Three were radiating this amazing combination of yellow, creamsicle orange and white.  All in pastel huge, vibrant, but pastels.  At least pastels are remaining the same in interpretation, brand new energy never imbued before in this plane, radiating thru their light body.  These three ladies were in movement.   (The colors representing soul energy, spirit and a merged community of empowered others coming together.)

Wait, before I get ahead of myself (forgive me, I am really just understanding yesterday as I type,) I could no longer see the whole oval, field like I did before yesterday.  Instead, I seen a quarter of it (see the black line up towards to the top, that is what that represents) and the scalloped border was actually moving… incredibly slowly, but moving clockwise.  I have no idea why…. yet.  Those with the vibrant pastel colors in their Light Bodies were in movement too, much quicker than the scalloped biological movement and what spirit kept saying was “seeking their new creative notch.”  One I knew was moving literally out of her life and into a new one, her light body was actually walking on top of the scalloped border.  The other two, outside of it, I have a feeling representing new people and relationships to open, enhance and use this new energy.  One is actually coming here to my physical world for the equinox.  Let me tell ya, my body explodes in fireworks just thinking about these amazing women (and one man) who will grace my world with their hearts, physically!!

Two had deeper colors of blue, red and white.  Energy they are already employing in their lives.  Interestingly enough, the two with this deeper colored energy, both had something, hmmmm, not really sure what to call it.  My first one had this silver pole stuck thru her body and I all I could feel was a needle on a compass.  Her body being the needle, the pole tuned to the new, intensely emerging magnetic grid aligning in the oval of Shambhala.  With it, her just at this moment is assisting others to find their new magnetic north and point the way to heaven on earth.  (Doing energy work of course.)

The other, thank god my last appointment on this most challenging day (to understand things) had something familiar in her reading… stilts!!  I know stilts!!!  She was standing directly at the front of the oval, on her stilts (tools of Love) looking out into the center of this oval.  There was no movement from her, just this stare off into the center.  Altho yesterday, the center was completely hidden from my view, I remember the readings as March started, huge activation of entangled energies (ours to each other) in the middle of march (15-16th.)  She was also the lady I wrote about who came out of the floating energies in march, holding infinity flowing oo style the hands of her divine counterpart (which is not knowingly in her life yet) and created the synergy.  Now what all this means to her.. I still have no flipping clue!!

The yellow circle in my humble picture denotes the equinox itself.

The one thing I do understand, not so much in application yet, but just given the inflow of energy yesterday… the field of Shambhala, created, held together by the humans that stripped themselves bare and did all the inner work (yeah, that’s us lol) is being held together at the biological level of earth, by us and is contracting into the vibration of full on creative living.  Our lightbodies, now fully merged with the biology (hence it looking so human like) expanding and seeking its perfect placement in the field of creation creatively creating!!

I think the toddler I was yesterday just entered first grade today!! lol  For those on my dance card, forgive me if it takes me a full day (good nights sleep) to really understand what I am seeing and understanding thru you.  This is beyond new…

I love you all so much.  Ohhh, on a side note, the wires that ran my phone and internet was rotted.  It was buried underground and the tech said the wiring was not graded to be buried.  Hence all my outages with storms.  He ran new wiring up on the top of my house… we are now hung high and dry and should never be affected by the weather again!!  Again, thank you so much for enduring me and my outages.

(((((HUGZ))))) of new energy, new love, new powers of creation, lived out loud as the way of Life!!!!

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