Michael Brown’s Family Officially Confirms Lawsuit Against Darren Wilson – 5 March 2015

RT logoThe family of Michael Brown ‒ the unarmed teenager shot by a police officer in Ferguson, Missouri in August ‒ will file suit against Darren Wilson, their lawyers announced. They wanted to wait until after the federal and state investigations concluded.

“We are officially in the process of formulating a civil case that we anticipate will be filed very shortly on behalf of the family,” Anthony Gray, a St. Louis attorney representing the Brown family, told reporters at a Thursday press conference. “In our case, we plan to show and outline pretty much the same evidence; however, you will get a more clearer, a more accurate of what took place that day.”

“We feel and we’ve always felt from the very beginning that Officer Darren Wilson did not have to shoot and kill Mike Brown, Jr. in broad daylight in the manner that he did, that he had other options available to him,” Gray continued.

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