Sophia Love – Why Should I Continue To Pay? – 6 March 2015

SophiaLoveNew“I AM growing increasingly uncomfortable playing the game of life as it is organized today. Why should I continue to pay credit cards, taxes, etc., when I know this only continues our slavery? How do you deal with these tools designed against us?”

“Such a great question!!  Thank you, this is on my mind most days.”

Why should you continue to pay?”  This is a question we each must ask and answer individually, no?  Society is currently set up as a debt slave enterprise.  We bought into it, not understanding the true nature of the debt.  We know better now, yet the structure of this society has not changed.

I can only share with you my thinking and my own process.  In 2013, with the announcement of the One Peoples Public Trust, their related documents and UCC filings, I understood I had a choice to make. I had plenty of debt…  Knowing it was fraudulent and based on nothing did not do much to ease the fear that showed up when I considered the possibility of losing everything if I just stopped paying.  I had to give myself time to decide who I was and just what I was willing to do/create.  I have a partner, and we agreed to do nothing until everyone was on board 100%.

So, when the slavery embedded in the system was obvious to me, I had to decide how I would choose to live.  I have a family, others depending on my partner and me for home and sustenance. As well, I have a deep knowing of the impact of debt, not just on my wallet, but on my personal power base. There are several things to consider; of major import is my focus. That is where my life is created.  Just how much time am I willing to spend to “fight this slavery monetary system”? (What you spend any time on, whether fighting or supporting, just keeps going…)

What is my true work?  What are my responsibilities?  What matters to me? Who am I, really? What am I creating with my current intent and expectation?

It is frustrating to be awake and aware of the shackles we wear. There is so much truth in the quote from that final scene of the movie “War games”

“Strange Game.  The only winning move is not to play.”

This was a film about nuclear war games, yet the sentiment is the same.

This system, the one we live in, only works because we participate.

We participate because we see no other choices.  There are other choices, yet they seem designed to sit on the outside of comfort and things we have grown used to. Not all of us are willing to make such drastic changes. The game continues because there are so many willing participants.

The system will fail when there are no players.

I believe change is inevitable. Personally, I have made a choice.  Today, that choice means I do not do credit cards or any borrowing.

I once spoke to an employee at one of those credit consolidation places.  She told me that her boyfriend was VP at a Bank and he kept all of his money in a piggy bank at his home.  A different person, also from one of those credit consolidation places (which are unnecessary, in my opinion) told me that after 6 months of non-payment, the bank issuing the credit card can no longer charge you interest; also that each state in the US has its own laws about unsecured debt.

You’ve asked “how do you deal with these tools designed against us?”  What I did, was research every debt and make individual decisions about each one.  I insisted on dealing with only actual people, not statements from corporations.  I learned that after a certain period of time, which differs for each bank, the debt is sold for a fraction of what was owed. Then, the “new” bank or collection agency, attempts to get payment in full, making a nice profit.  If they can’t, it may get sold again, and the process repeats itself. Whatever decision you make will impact your “credit score”, and that’s about it.

I fought back in a way that was comfortable for me, yet not until I was unafraid, and sure of what was legal, lawful and within my rights.  I demanded proof of debt that was claimed.  No such proof has ever been produced.

You cannot make a change simply to “get rid of a bill”, and hope that nothing negative will happen.  Your fear, as a powerful emotion, will determine the outcome every time and you will get what you fear the most. Your expectation will determine your results. You have to proceed with what you KNOW, rather than what you hope. Every response you send out has your energy behind it. Energy is never destroyed, it just changes form.

The good news is that many are refusing to play.  The better news is what that signifies, that as a populace, we are waking up. Like the Computer in War Games, it may take many rounds before the final conclusion is fully understood.  No one wins this game.

I too am “growing uncomfortable” with the media and corporate controlled medical, education and monetary systems.  We are bombarded with billboards and warnings and a myriad of fear tactics.  I decided a while back to control what I could, which was my own energetic contribution.  I work towards community and collaboration at my jobs, I meditate and center and do not go anywhere without a clear intent of outcome.  If I cannot approach any subject, problem, person or institution from an inner state of peace and personal autonomy, then I don’t.  I wait.  Sometimes I wait a long time.

We’ve turned off the television, don’t read newspapers or listen to the radio.  I am selective on where I get my current news updates online.  I choose positive films and entertainment, mostly for humor.  Our garden is growing in size every year and we all eat differently now. I have changed since 2013, and just that has changed the world I rest in.

I think the fact that you asked the question means that things are shifting.  Many, many are working towards unraveling this matrix and this includes you and I.  Each effort matters.  We know now the fraudulent system at play.  We didn’t before.  Whatever steps you can take to live with sovereignty, take them.  We are not each called to do the same work.  You just don’t know the ripple effect your actions have.

This is such a long answer and yet it feels incomplete.  I think that’s because “continuing the slavery” is only possible if in fact you are still enslaved in your heart.  You no longer feel enslaved and there are many more of you/ of us… That is why you asked the question.

We were mistaken when we expected someone from the outside to show up and make everything suddenly better, enlightened and free.  That is not how things work with sovereign beings.  The seed opens from the inside and blossoms.  We have changed internally.  Now is not the time to give up on that change.  Now is the time to watch for the first signs of freedom. They are there, in your heart.


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