Ann Albers – Messages From Ann And The Angels – 7 March 2015


My dear friends, we love you so very much,

As you move into greater light, be kind to yourselves and one another, dear ones, for just as when you take the flashlight into the darkened room and see all the dirt and dust, so too when you increase your light – you will see all the areas in life where you have settled for less than the love you truly desire. You will find yourself sometimes getting irritable, uncharacteristically down, or resisting things that no longer suit you. While this is a normal and natural phase, the trick to happiness is to simply acknowledge these feelings and get on with creating a life that matches your new vibration.

Suppose for example, you have been putting up with less than loving behaviors from another. You learn, grow, and increase your light. Although the desire would be to love the world and yourself more, at first you may suddenly find yourself upset, intolerant, and irritable at these behaviors that once seemed “tolerable.”

Celebrate if you feel this, but by all means, try not to take out your upset on the other person involved, for in reality, it was you that stayed in the situation, you that did not speak up, or you that gave up on finding a way to communicate. We are not, at all, suggesting that you “best yourself up,” but rather that you remind yourself… “I had the power to stay in this situation and now I have the power to make different choices.”

What is the most loving thing you can do? Vent in private? Burn off some steam? Have a loving conversation or maybe set some firm boundaries? Ask yourself dear ones, then make change. Your upset occurs simply because you have brought the flashlight into a darkened room and now you want to “tidy up!” You want to increase the light in your life and stop allowing the darkness to dim your light.

If you allow yourself a bit of healthy outlet, and then decide upon a loving course of action or change, the upset will diminish. The love will once again begin to flow. And you will see that you need never give your power away to another or to a situation, but rather must simply own your power to make loving choice.

God Bless You! We love you so very much.
— The Angels

Hi Everyone,

I once had a friend who was severely abused during her childhood. As she worked through the wounds, she became incredibly empowered and incredibly angry at anything less than loving treatment. Those closest cheered for her because we knew that she was learning to take care of herself and set healthy boundaries for the first time, and we knew the anger would pass, as it always does when she got comfortable with her new boundaries.

At first she felt terribly guilty feeling this way. She had learned, as a coping skill, to be “nice” all the time even when things or people weren’t “nice.” Wanting to support her we played a little joke and got her a big green plastic baseball bat. We labeled it “the boundary bat” and encouraged her to take an imaginary swing at whatever wasn’t right in her life. We laughed ourselves silly and she burnt off some steam.

Those of us who want to be loving often do feel terribly uncomfortable when we have to set a healthy boundary, release someone from our lives, or say “no” when someone else really wants you to say “yes.” And yet, to do anything less is inauthentic, dishonest, and actually not so loving after all. So often, I see this in others, and have seen it in my past, anger and upset do come up when we find ourselves uncomfortable in such situations. As we become more comfortable saying no, setting healthy boundaries, and walking away from darkness, things feel better.

For example, say you’ve listened politely to a friend complaining for months. Suddenly you grow and realize that these complaints aren’t serving either one of you. You now have new choices to make if you are to be in integrity with yourself… speak up kindly, spend less time with the friend, or figure out another way to handle the situation in a different way. If you are not comfortable with these, chances are you’ll get angry with the friend. And while all feelings are valid, the angels implore us to look at them before we take them out on another and see what they are trying to tell us. Are we really angry with the friend, or are we just frustrated because we don’t know how to handle the situation in a loving way? If we’re honest, it is likely the second. We all want to be more loving, and it is frustrating when we don’t know how. That’s when we pray “God show me the way to honor myself, and the light in the other?” Notice I am not saying honor the “other’s ego!” When we choose to honor the light in another, sometimes we turn away and do not dignify the darkness.

So this week, take an honest look at your life and see if there’s anything upsetting you. Do you need to set a boundary, turn away from something, or maybe just change an attitude? Pray over it and the answer will be revealed…guiding you back to grace and peace.

Love you all! Have a blessed week.
Ann / link to original article


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