Lisa Gawlas – Superman, Kryptonite And The Amazing Merger Underway!!! – 7 March 2015

lisagawlas2I think, for a change, I am actually understanding something.  Something that probably should have been obvious, but until this moment, wasn’t at all, at least not as obvious as it is now.

I was startled into my awake state by superman this morning.  He was flying parallel to me, fists balled up and the closer he got, I swear he was going to smash into me.  As I realized I was sleeping and suddenly woke up to avoid a crash, I felt this clear release of information that as I started to fix my coffee… faded into the background of my consciousness.

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As I sit here and stare at my computer, trying to figure out where to start my sharing today and at the same time, trying to recall what was released to my consciousness as I moved from sleep to awake.  So I googled the basis of superman himself:  Superman is the most powerful being on planet Earth, an alien immigrant named Kal-El from the planet Krypton who was raised in Smallville, Kansas, to become an American superhero. Raised with high moral ideals, he uses his incredible strength, speed, flight and various other superpowers to fight evil and protect the innocent.

Now let me put that on pause for a moment and get back to my computer staring/pondering lol.  As I am internally wondering things, I could see puzzle pieces floating around, some from the bedroom superman arrived in, all heading towards me.  With that all, I became aware of the magnetic pole of energy that attracts things to you, in this visual, I was the magnetic pole itself, bringing the bits and pieces needed for further understanding.

Over the last few years, every time we had a solstice or equinox time, a magnetic pole was always present.  Except this year, I do not see it (yet) for this particular equinox coming up, we are still in a vast oval reading field.  I realized WE are the magnetic center of all creation… at least, all of our own creation.  And at the end of the day, there is only us, right?

The energy of creation we are pulling into our magnetic center has everything to do with emotional output.  This became so clear to me this week, twice this week I have become so frustrated, to the verge of tears frustrated.  As I also learned, frustration has its own dualistic nature to it, it will work for the greater good or the depletion of the energy field itself.

March 4th, thru 6 readings, I became so frustrated, desperate inside to understand what I am seeing.  I was seeing clearly, but had no flipping clue what it all meant to each person, individually.  Of course, each reading added a little to the understanding, but by the last connection, my frustration turned into demanding.  This energy allowed a lot more understanding to be magnetically pulled to me (us) and so the energy of frustration was a catalyst… a good thing.

Yesterday, I finally received my new cooling fan for my laptop and the tiny little tools I need to be a computer doctor.  I had replaced a cooling fan back in the day when I had a PC, I anticipated it to be easy.  My laptop melts down when I do skype readings, completely shuts off and I have got to wait for it to cool down before I can reboot.  I had a skype session set, UPS delivered my new equipment with 30 minutes to spare.  I couldn’t even get all the screws under the computer out in 30 minutes, I was getting a little frustrated.  I resumed my computer doctor hat after my session and holy crazy batman, I couldn’t get the case to release itself.  So I googled how to take apart an HP Pavillion g7 laptop.  OHHH my dear god, not only do you have to unscrew energy conceivable screw in this laptop, you must completely dismantle everything too, just to get to the cooling fan.  My frustration hit a new level of energy, boarding on pissed off.  I still had one ET session to go before my day was done.  My poor lady called me 6 different times, 5 times when I answered I got either a dial tone or a disconnected tone.  What the hell?  Finally, on her 6th attempt, we got to talk to each other, but my ability to see was elsewhere.  I was so frustrated that it cut off my power source to source, to anything!!  My frustration is the same as superman’s kryptonite.

Our emotional quality is so important… the consistency of that quality too!!

Add this to one of my beautiful ladies yesterday.  She too, is one of those blessed patient Beings that hits my reschedule zone, a lot!!  I was actually stunned at the visual showing up for her.  There she was, just at the front side of this oval thingie representing Shambhala.  She was on something that looked like an exercise bike within only one large wheel, pedals and handlebars.  She was peddling her heart out, I could see the wheel spinning around and around and even turning into silver energy in its rotation, but like stationary bikes, she wasn’t going anywhere, but man oh man putting tremendous energy into her desires.

When we live in the environment of other people’s issues, their negative thoughts or energies, we are living knee-deep in kryptonite.  Let’s take this whole kryptonite thing a little further, as I googled it and never realized there were many colors of kryptonite.  Lets us this one:

Green Kryptonite – By far the most common variation. Green Kryptonite can weaken those of Kryptonian descent (weakening powers and abilities as well as strength), and in large enough doses or for long enough time it is lethal.

Green in my world, is the heart center.  How often do we feel obligated to be in someones funk.  Children, parents, spouses, siblings… whatever.  We can feel our own energy drain but somehow feel obligated to allow that.

As we talked about her immediate relationships, including spousal and parental, she asked me how to do you stay out of their issues.  MOVE.  Thats what I did.  I left the greatest loves of my world because it was down right stinky around them.  (energy wise)

But even as you build up to that, there is something so incredibly important about surrounding yourself with vibrant people.  People who see and understand the world like you do.  To align in physicality with others.  Not just online, but in all areas of your life.  The amplification of love, of magnetic flow is Heaven.

Among the puzzle pieces flying into me, this one is key.  Surround yourself with what you yourself desire.  If you’re not willing to do that, well… you cannot complain you are not getting any lift off!!  Just sayin…

If you do what you have always done, you’re gonna get what you have always got.  Change the environment in which you breathe, the world around you changes with you… BECAUSE of you!!  That is creator, creating and recreating!!

So lets take this to another level of understanding that was gifted to us by my first appointment yesterday.

My beautiful lady who a couple of weeks ago, thru her desire to connect with her ET family, gave us all that healing pipe thing out in ET-ville.  Well, she once again gave us all an amazing gift, even if she didn’t get what she showed up to receive.  ET-ville was closed off from my eyes.  Nuttin happening out there.  Since she was my first appointment for the day, I woulda been quite pissed off if my vision was down after having 5 days of storm outages offline.  So she humored me and let me look in reading land to see if I could see.  OMG, I am so grateful for her willingness to zig instead of zag.

She showed up in a way spirit would make sure I would understand.  This amazing luminescent yellow blob of moving light. I say blog because it was (excuse me, she was) totally formless, except I could see this energy taking on an egg shape.  I realized she was also directly in front of the egg-shaped Shambhala field too.  I am going to make a long story (my struggle to understand what was happening) and simply get to the point (imagine that!! lol)

I created a very simple image yesterday and placed it on facebook, it was too huge a revelation not to share immediately!!



The Luminescent yellow energy was her soul aligning vibrationally with the energy field I call Shambhala, a complete merger within the physicality of her Body.  Her team used so many analogies to try to get me to understand what they were showing us… right down to a U Haul being unpacked and moved into a new House.  They even called it “Moving Day.”  This image I used is where the Pacific ocean merges with the Atlantic, where soul and Shambhala set up home in the Human ready for its merger.  OMG, Heaven and Earth can only be housed in the (clearm unobstructed) Human incarnate.  But of course, why am I so surprised to suddenly hear that!! lol

Now lets bring this all back to superman and his super powers.  He knows how he works, he choose earth to be of full service to those feeling and living unempowered.  Us too!!  He also knows what weakens him and stays away from it.  We need to too!!  I look at the position of his fists in his flight, which that image is exactly how I woke up this morning.  He puts all his energy into flying, concentrates on his movement… we must too.

Using our emotional field as Source energy, without any bits of kryptonite embedded within… is crucial for where we are at Now.  If your desire is to fly and not pedal in place.

This expansion of energy, of magnetics is something we really need to be aware of.  I say this from my own personal experience yesterday.  I had a really challenging time releasing that frustration.  It was all over me like mud and my usual techniques took more effort than ever before.  What we put out, we are amplifying.  Keeping in mind, the universal energy of Life is not biased in any way.

This is truly going to be a very interesting month!!  YOU are the equinox energy in body.  Just sayin….!!!

I love you so much and again, I cannot say this enough, thank you for enduring me, zigging when we thought we were zagging and going with the every changing flow of Life itself!!

((((((((((((HUGZ)))))))))))))) of magic!!

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