Sophia Love – The LightHouse – 7 March 2015

A recent conversation…

She: “It feels so lonely now…”

He: “Lonely?”

She: “Well, not lonely I guess.  I’m surrounded by people most of the days.”

He: “Me too.  Yet even with that, it is isolating.  It’s like I know something they aren’t aware of and I’m the only one in the room who knows it. There is no one I can talk to.”

She: “Mm Hmmm… I know what you mean. I don’t feel isolated really, just solitary.  Sort of like a light house keeper.”

He: “That’s it.  That’s brilliant.  Write that.”

Light house keepers have a job to do.  Their job is to be sure the light stays lit; that the lens is clean and clear of debris so that nothing interferes with the projection of the beam.

This human shell you wear is here now to tend to the light; the light that is you.  You are a keeper of the light. If you stand quietly and watch and listen, you will see and sense other lighthouses with keepers.  They are illuminating the landscape as well.  They may be far away.  They might be obscured by systems and storms – but keep watching.  Keep your light bright and you will encourage them.

You are not alone.  We have found each other on this screen and there are more of us.  The rush and giddiness of instant ascension is long gone.  We are all still here, living and loving, laughing and struggling; trying to make sense of a world that operates beneath senseless systems.  Within all the seeming darkness we keep our lights blazing and clear – shining out on what looks like black wilderness.

It can feel like a solitary life yet the light you emit reaches further than you know.  There are no wasted efforts.  There is no truth in pointless.  You are a keeper of the light.  Everything you do points to enlightenment – oneness, collaboration and love.

Light reaches every dark corner and into the tiniest of openings. Your light is no exception.

The thing about your job is that you never talk to anybody while you do it.  It’s just you and the light.  Light doesn’t need conversation or even agreement.  Its whole point is to illuminate the landscape.  Wherever it falls, the inhabitants can’t help but see a bit more clearly.  You do that.

“Keeper” is perhaps a misrepresentation of your work.  You understand the light and know how to insure it stays lit.  You do not “keep” the light for yourself or for a few friends who understand you and are your favorites.  You illuminate everyone within reach – indiscriminately.

You don’t have to be understood or popular to be effective.  You only have to shine. This, you can do all by yourself.

We are all light houses – it is the keeper who keeps the lights on, illuminating the way home.  Shine On, Light House Keeper, Shine on.

She: “Okay, it is written.”

He: “Thanks.  That’s it. Perfect.”

Shine on,

~Sophia / link to original article


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