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Hello, Beloved! As You see, this post has our Judith’s name on it, and so it should– she IS the one who wrote it! That said, Beloved, we invite You to feel the frequencies that are carried through the words… You will feel her earthly ones, and ours as well. Take them all in as one transmission. There is no point in trying to separate one from the other anymore. The bounty before You NOW is to accept all of us–including You–as aspects of one another.
We love You! You are in us as we are in You.
Always and in All Ways — the celestial team

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Do not be afraid of CHANGE.
Do not fear the NEW because you assume it will NOT be NEW.
The NEW can never be OLD.
It can only appear to be old if one is afraid of CHANGE.

Those who fear CHANGE have forgotten that NEW is possible.
For them, CHANGE only means getting more of what they are already tired of.
Of course they cling to what they already know, rather than risk going though it all again… and again… and again.
Which IS of course, exactly what happens to those who are afraid of CHANGE.

sunsetThere is a little of “those who are afraid of change” in all of us. Wake them up, these discouraged parts of YOU. Don’t let them miss the sunrise!


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