Larry Larson – Twelve – Twelve Insight Journal – God Wil Never Give You More Than You Believe – 8 March 2015

LarryLarsonTalk to us about how trying to figure things out, trying to make sense, limits the power of the Universe – boxes it in.

Your question is about how things work rather than why things work. Why things work is because they have been intelligently designed from the very beginning. Intelligence is built into your universe literally from the ground up. Law of Attraction and other forces keep it in a state of continuous harmony. From your human perspective when you try to figure out how things work you are imagining all of these tremendous forces at play, pushing this piece over there, pushing that piece over here. And sometimes it can seem quite overwhelming to you.

But you are part of that intelligent design. And when you relax into that position of great power that is available to you, you are in harmony with that divine intelligence. And it is a power much greater than yourself. But when you try to figure out how things work you are almost always doing so from your limited human physical perspective. And indeed your thoughts and beliefs then act like a box. God will never give you more than you believe.

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~ Twelve / via newsletter 8 March 2015

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