Méline Portia Lafont – Some Shared Revelations Concerning Light Body Activation – Dreams – New world – Current Stream – 8 March 2015

What a time! What a buzzzzzing time it is indeed. My body feels like a vibrating ball of light at times while I AM experiencing all my cells buzzing literally. It is as if my physical vehicle is electrified and ready to step into a whole new form. Light body actualization, beloveds!!! “This is it”, I was thinking! “This is the real deal here what many of us have been talking about for so long”. NOW I can feel it on my cellular level as never before. VERY physical thus.

I have been experiencing so much it feels as if I have been dragging the entire world with me. Sounds familiar?  Well we do in a sense. I have been down at least 1 week every month since October 2014: unable to perform any energy work. My goodness, this is intense and I hear intel coming in saying that we are only at the beginning of it. YAY, hooray! Let’s go! (read: okay lets find some strength  ).
The results of all these intense waves/ alignments/ shifts/ “shake-ups”/ releases / cleansings/ downloads/ and so forth, have been amazing in the sense of being in AWE at times but also feeling upset. Upset in the sense that you have this feeling of: “I don’t want this anymore! Not like this! This has to stop, NOW !” So you decree out loud what it is that you do not partake in anymore and what you stop creating. Nah! so it is, so it has been said! This supports the “decreation” of your old values and realities.
On the other hand , new energies are coming in and new generations of Light enter the conscious mind. Images of Stellar Galaxies and codes from the Cosmos enter while receiving the light language message: “Be welcome and I invite you to partake in my eternal reality”. Happily I accepted this without the slightest form of doubt or fear. Just relaxed, confident and curious.
So I got a few “insights”, “visions”, and messages to share with you. I am keen on sharing these all with you, although I AM advised to not share everything just yet. So what came into my awareness very strongly is that we, as a human vehicle, are now vibrating on a whole new level of consciousness that makes it almost unbearable to continue to function in this “old program” reality. This holodeck is closing and I got the sense to get the hell out of it!
So as you do this, you follow that inner feeling.. you might stumble upon some facets that you might have overlooked or have forgotten about; so you are being reminded of this! The overall message is to release the old (read: get the hell out of it or get it the hell out of you), and to look at everything that points to you as you are the direction and the Source to follow. That is you as in the NEW you, as in the NEW world.
You are all creating the new world, all together, thus it is you that marks the beginning of the New as well as the end of the old.
I got glimpses of this new world (read: my personal perception and creation of it) and it appears as a more fluid colorful world where I saw the pyramids of Atlantis: clear crystalline pyramids where you can look through. These pyramids were simple but powerful vortexes that held the vibration of this New world and which sustained this all. I saw mermaids, unicorns, dolphins: all the beautiful refined energy consciousness being present: all co-creating and co-existing together as one, yet still in separate forms of consciousness.
Next to me appeared a Goddess light being, having the same shape as our physical vessel, yet it was more fluid and of light. She wore an amulet of Light and she wore long linen clothes. I now understand why the image has been given to me to wear my own amulet. She nodded to me and continued her path along with a unicorn.
Suddenly I got a glimpse of what I looked like and what I could see is that 2/3 of my body was also fluid Light and 1/3 was still a physical form but it consisted of purple Light. So I understood that I walk these planes, yet not for the full 100% as I am still partaking in the physicality as well, still re-creating and re-shaping myself into a light body.
I have friends and family having the same dreams and images of them becoming a Light body, even having vivid experiences of it. This all at the same time as I did and we were dreaming about each other transforming into Light. I can only say that it is clear, intense and that I AM delighted over this!
There are codes coming in, my friends! Not so much the usual codes but Cosmic codes from far, far away. These have taken on a long journey to reach our shores in this Now. Not a coincidence since we come closer to a few crucial energetic shifts in the upcoming weeks! Behold that gift which is upon us and which assists us in the freeing of ourselves out of this duality mess.
You either will sink deeper into this duality mess whereby it will become clearer to you OR you grow out of it. Either way, things will become crystal clear to you and you will have to go from that point on. Some may find themselves sinking deeper into the paradigm Matrix of confusion and feeling stuck: This is than an opportunity for those to see that this does not work anymore and that they have to make their own movement out of it! To change is to start this from within and so you create your own flow and movement to get forward to where your goals are and where your heart wants you to BE.
Things are clear to many of us: this is not how we want to live nor is it the world we want to live in! So we change and shift things from within our own plane of Being. We come to see things differently and we change even our perceptions of values and that which we have found important in the past. What thrives us, changes and it are all new directions to the new foundations that are placed and build by us individually and collectively.
Most common thing is that collectively we do not move so fast and so profound as we want to because many visualizations are crossing each other and building new complexities because visions appear to differ so much. Unity must be created and handled so this means: holding the same vision and holding the grip on this.
Talking about this being challenging for sure! How can we hold that same vision and visualize all the same things if we are all Gods coming from the same Source, but existing in different realities playing out different games and roles under the reign of different levels of consciousness?! Good question and if I had the answer to that I would say it. But isn’t that the game we have to play and find out for ourselves? Isn’t that one of the things we need to be reminded of and find out how we can experience God consciousness through Unity as individuals.  Growing back to Unity as One!
The only thing I can say is that it starts by releasing your individuality and what you think you are as a human person. Thus releasing your self image, your name (label) and every thought you have about yourself which is determining you and limiting you. Realizing that you are all creating your own world through the perception of your Human mind and what you want to built from it is a start of realizing the Self and what you are capable of as a Source.
Now realizing that we can all hold the same vision, is empowering creation. I feel that we do not have to see things the same way, but holding that intention and vision of having the same end result is what binds us all. Nevertheless what color or form it might have, which will differ for all, the way out on a collective level is in my humble feeling to create a solution and world that has the same vision and intention: LOVE, Peace and unity. It will not matter how it looks than, it will be based on these strong bricks that form the foundation of this new Empire. In the meanwhile good to know is that you can travel to your own created vibrational world as you wish so at any given time.
We all travel back and forth anyway and this has been amplifying tangibly lately! How about your dreams? Do you recall those in any way? Maybe best as what we are doing is releasing former lives on a fast rate. My dreams have been anything but comfortable and I feel I have lived many lives in one single dream time.
We seem to forget A LOT. Best to do so as we cannot take these Earth Dimensional things with us anyway. The borders of Heaven say: “No trespassing with garbage, only light and feathers are allowed”. LOL But what about our dreams when we travel to Higher consciousness? Why do these not stick with us and if they do: immediately fade away?! I have found the answer of this after MANY frustrating outbursts of me and complaints to my team. (And I had a few of those, you must know). The answer is simple and given to me through various Sources: “you cannot convey what you have seen and been in these Alter Dimensions, for your form and your brain cannot understand this nor translate this in a single mind thought.”
We seem to travel a lot through black holes and having the awareness of their MAGNITUDE makes it easier for us to understand that we cannot take in this gigantic consciousness, let alone within our little brain. The concept given to me about what a Black Hole is, has been felt and seen by me in a split second yet even I cannot bring this down. It is the same for many of our travels and if we do have remembrances of these, even these will be fragmented versions of what we can understand of it and our brain will make it easier to perceive. YET it is not the entire experience as we have experienced it.
Well, so much to learn to understand or yet not to understand ! As that is what we always tend to do: understand with the logic and the brain! It is to know and to feel through embodying this aka merging.
Happy Merging time with all that is YOU on a Stellar level!
Méline Portia Lafont ❤
(Gratitude to Karl Morfett for these pictures)
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