Nearly 60 Fead, Over 130 Wounded In Several Blasts In N.E. Nigeria – 8 March 2015

RT logoMore than 50 people have been killed and over 130 wounded in as many as five bombings in the northeastern Nigerian city of Maiduguri. No group has yet claimed responsibility, but suspicion falls on Boko Haram as they have previously targeted the area.

“We’ve received 50 dead bodies from the blast scenes and 36 injured people,” Salisu Kwaya Bura, Chief Medical Officer of Borno Specialists Hospital, told reporters as cited Reuters. “The state government has directed the treatment for the injured persons to be free.”

However, no exact figures for the number of people killed and injured have so far been confirmed.

According to the latest updates from police, a total of 58 people died and about 139, including many children, sustained injuries, AP reported. At the same time, other sources have put the death toll at 54 and a number of wounded at 143.

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