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Steve Lendman – Proposed European Army: Good Idea Or Bad? – 9 March 2015

StevelendmanFor sure what the world needs now is less militarism, not more. World peace depends on demilitarization – especially eliminating all radiological, chemical, biological and other banned weapons.
The only positive argument for militarizing Europe more than already would be if doing so dented US-dominated NATO, – if it meant breaking with the Alliance aimed at eliminating it altogether.
Not for reasons EU Commission head Jean-Claude Junker cites. He’s a former Luxembourg prime minister. His proposal is polar opposite what’s needed. It’s lunacy.

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ZeroHedge – New Yorkers Consider Secession After Cuomo’s Permanent Ban On Fracking – 9 March 2015

ZeroHedgeSubmitted by Thomas Miller via Oilprice.com,

One could argue America was conceived from intense frustration that ultimately led to separation. Fed up with what they perceived as excessive control by the Crown, colonists to the “New England”, in essence, seceded in 1776, and thus the United States was born.

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ActivistPost – SC National Guard Drills Door-to-Door ”Wellness Checks” – 9 March 2015

Logo_activistpost-comBrandon Turbeville
Activist Post

In yet another example of the growing trend of the process of acclimatization of the general public to an open military presence on American streets as well as greater cooperation between the US Military and civilian law enforcement, South Carolina was recently the scene of a statewide “emergency preparedness” drill that incorporated both of these aspects in a visible form.

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EU Migrants Must Work In The UK Before Claiming Benefits – 9 March 2015

RT logoEuropean Union migrants who have never worked in the UK will be banned from claiming benefits under new regulations introduced on Monday.

The Department for Work and Pensions (DWP) has launched tough new rules under its welfare reform Universal Credit to stop migrants from EU countries claiming benefits before they have worked in the UK.

From Monday, foreign jobseekers will be banned from claiming housing benefits. This comes as new rules have also halved the length of time in which unemployed migrants can claim Jobseeker’s Allowance, Child Benefit and Child Tax Credit.

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Over 100 US Armored Vehicles Roll Into Latvia, NATO Flexes Muscles In Europe – 9 March 2015

RT logoLatvia has confirmed more than 120 armored units, including tanks, have been delivered by the US. According to the Latvian Ministry of Defense, these include M1A2 Abrams tanks and M2A3 Bradley armored vehicles.

The move to deploy yet more tanks and armored vehicles was welcomed by Latvian Minister of Defense Raymond Vejonis.“The presence of our allies (US and NATO) in Latvia is a confirmation of solidarity and security in the region,” Vejonis said in a statement on Twitter.

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‘Close, Aggressive Surveillance’: UK Special Forces Back In Northern Ireland – 9 March 2015

RT logoBritish Special Forces soldiers are once again operating in Northern Ireland, allegedly, to counter violent Republican groups including the Real IRA, according to intelligence sources.

Quoted in the Daily Star newspaper, they said up to 60 members of the Special Reconnaissance Regiment (SRR) are in the region.

One source told the paper that heightened dissident activity and the increased terror threat were linked to the approaching 100-year anniversary of the 1916 Easter Rising – a period of Irish history which remains highly emotive.

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ActivistPost – The Age Of Cartels – 9 March 2015

Logo_activistpost-comBy Jim White

Liberty Movement Pioneer, G. Edward Griffin on “The Liberty Brothers Radio Show.”

These days, it is painfully obvious to most anyone that America has been taken over by Corporations. From food, energy, medicine, entertainment, banking and so on, we are truly, as our guest G. Edward Griffin stated during his interview on The Liberty Brothers Radio Show, living in The Age of Cartels.

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India Ready To Spend $25Bn On Russian 5G Fighter Jets – 9 March 2015

RT logoThe stalemate over the 4th-gen Rafale fighter jets deal with France has forced the Indian military to accelerate an even larger project with Russia on the joint development and purchase of an equal quantity of 5th-gen fighters.

India is now ready to invest $25 billion in the development and purchase of 127 fifth-generation stealth fighter aircraft (FGFA). It will also make concessions to speed up the delivery of fighters and have the first ones available in 36 months instead of the previously envisaged 94 months, sources told The Times of India.

READ MORE: ‘Effectively dead’: Media speculate on India’s purchase of $20bn French Rafale jets

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Better Late Than Never! UK Finally Repays Its First World War Debts – 9 March 2015

RT logoBritain’s outstanding First World War debt has been repaid after the chancellor redeemed £1.9 billion from an outstanding bond – almost 100 years after the war ended.

The Treasury redeemed the outstanding £1.9 billion ($2.9bn) of debt from the 3.5 percent War Loan on Monday.

The loan was the most widely held of any UK government bond. More than 120,000 people were registered, with 97,000 of these investors holding less than £1,000 and almost 38,000 holding less than £100, according to the Treasury.

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Jon Rappoport – Alternative News Project – 9 March 2015

jon7“We live in an era where the rulers fight to control what you believe, using technology that would have made Goebbels drool. We live in an era where independent thought is now a radical act in itself.” –Duncan Roads, NEXUS Magazine, 2014

Duncan Roads has created a new online venture: the Alternative News Project. I encourage you to check it out.

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