Lisa Gawlas – The Consciousness Of Biology And Our Responsibility! – 12 March 2015

lisagawlas2Did your socks get knocked off by that X2 class solar flare yesterday?  My whole morning was affected by it, even before it blasted its energy towards earth.  I could not webex, it looped and looped, it took me 5 minutes to load skype, I rebooted my computer, and hour later it finally booted back up.  I was in a reading and my head just exploded with pain… holy headache batman.  I swear someone put a corkscrew of light directly into my forehead full speed in.  Since I was knee-deep in intense readings, I just assumed it was coming from that, and then I get the text message from about the flare and it was at its exact moment of release my head felt the pain.  Once again I say, thank god for Ibuprofen.  I’ll deal with the leaky fluids, the nausea, the vertigo, but I have a zero pain policy, we do have to have our boundaries!!

From  “The X-flare scrambled the ionosphere thoroughly so that no decametric radio signals were supported in my part of the world,” says Ashcraft. “The ionosphere started to reform after about fifteen minutes when stations began to reappear.

I want to tie this in with a bit of information that came thru an ET session the other.  I am so humbled at the things I do not know but feel like I should have!!  The moment new information is presented, its like… but of course, how did I not see that before.

The pineal gland, which is also the incoming and outgoing flow of our crown chakra and the heart chakra are linked together as one energy system.  As he was doing his adjusting his frequency to hers, directed simultaneously at the third eye and heart, for the first time ever, I could see it, like a white filament that connects one to the other.  What happens to the pineal, affects the heart and vise versa.

Of course, the pineal is the “light center” of the body, also known as the seat of the soul.  The more we expand our heart, the higher the light quotient we allow in, and the more we allow the light in (can I give a shout out for meditation here) the more we expand our heart.

Of course, this connection passes straight thru the throat chakra.  If we are holding back our Soul Expression, it can and does create a kink in the flow of relayed information from pineal to heart.  Kinda like having a clog in the plumbing.  For what we are about to do, all three must be open and flowing.

Now with that said, there is something else we must also consider in a way we may not have considered before.  How incredibly conscious our very own biology is.  It really is the housing for all we are doing and about to do and it has desires and needs of its own.  The true engine of creation in matter.  I gotta tell you my own little story to really get this message home in the way it needs to be.

I have entered the 6th month of my body reformatting (smile.)  I am still eating fewer calories that I put out in any given day and yet, for this last week and a half, my scale has not budged downwards.  It’s gone upwards a pound or two, then back to loosing that pound or two, but no more weight loss, dammit.  Of course, I made an agreement with my body as the cold weather set in, I truly do hibernate in the winter, I slow down to a near stop, so my body fully agreed to suspend my daily workouts until spring and it agreed to continue the weight loss.  My body kept its promise, but I didn’t.  Our days started to warm up close to two weeks ago and I have not gotten my ass up to do anything different.  Even tho my body was sending me mental signals (images) of what it desired, I was still very much telling it my old story.  This point here is key for everyone.

My old story is, I’m tired, I just did 6 (this week  freakin 7) readings, I’m fried.  Tomorrow… maybe tomorrow.  This old story has been a very true one… until recently.  This week, I am amazed at the vital energy I still have even after a day of new imagery and understandings coming thru.  But I am/was in such an old habit of reliving, believing (on a mental level) my old programming, the way it has been.  So my body seized the weight loss, completely stopped it and even went in the other direction to get my attention.

Let me assure you, your body, your biology has complete control over how it chooses to be in any given day.  If you are not addressing its biological (and dare I even say, spiritual) needs, it will make sure it gets your attention one way or the other.  Having as an intimate relationship with your body at this juncture of our evolution is as crucial to having one with your spirit/soul/team.

I couldn’t take the images being sent to my brain any more, I finally got up off the couch, begrudgingly yesterday (my body was still rocking that X flare) and popped in Sweating to the Oldies II for the first time since October.  I guess I had to smile when all my workout clothes now fit very loosely, even my cardio belt had to be adjusted inwards to fit my smaller body.  I was able to effortlessly keep up with the entire 1 hour workout and after a winter of couch surfing, that alone surprised me.  But it is what happened after, thru the rest of the evening… I could feel waves of love and gratitude fill me, spread thru me as I could feel my blood itself carry this energy, this feeling.  Our blood circulates thru our heart and up to our brain (the pineal gland) and has the amazing capacity to feel and respond to our actions (or inactions.)

So truly, when it comes to the biology, there are three energies always interplaying with each other.  The lower mind, the soul mind and the biology itself.  If any part of you is still listening to the old story, the old programming (which is all the lower mind knows) you may be missing some very important needs from the biology itself.

One of my clients the other day, while she was feeling a bit run down, thru her reading, her body said it needed protein and starch to accommodate the energies within her.  These incoming energies need a lot of fuel to assimilate within our structure.

But equally, lets look at the more adverse affects of not being in alignment with the ALL of your/our self.  Speaking of old programming, I have 3 words I say when in readings “if, kinda and like,”  and for 13 years, I have been able to get away with saying them to the degree they just come out of my mouth without even thinking about them.  For the last few months, my team has been working really hard thru the readings to get me to drop these words, because nothing that is coming thru is kind life or if’s any longer… it IS.  Old habits die-hard.  March they upped the game even more, and I could literally feel these words before they came out of my throat being repressed, by March 3rd, I was about to say the word “Kinda” and I felt my throat being choked out and all I got was the k sound out and instantly my center throat swelled up to the size of a grape… and I was still spitting out these words, days later, the grape turned into a golf ball size.

I wish I could plead ignorance, but sadly, I cannot.  Even tho I heard my biology say this is here to remind you NOT to use these energy breaking words again, I decided to take my ass to the doctors.  What’s crazy is, right there in the docs office, as she was checking me out, that golf ball sized thingie in my throat deflated, went away.  We both witnessed together.  This is not a medical issue but a spiritual one.  I knew that… but still…

So I say all this, with important prompting from my team, our teams.  Yes, the biology is going to be affected by the incoming energies, but should last no more than a day or a few days.  There are also times when the biology is directly communicating to us personally.  Like my trapped words in my throat.  Our personal responsibility has gone thru the roof and spirit has been saying that for the last year.

To fully participate in our full version of Shambhala, Spirit alive in the field of matter, our alignment must be wholly.  If your body is sending you signals, listen, follow thru, ACT!!!  If you are trying to do something and your body is creating pain or adversity, listen, retreat!!  We MUST reprogram the habitual lower mind and all that it did, thought and thought it knew and experienced, from here forward.

Co-creative meditation (the place beyond breathing and waiting or listening to music or doing mantras) is the greatest way in to full participation with awareness and communication that I know of.  Seeking this innate connection outside of yourself, well, it will always keep you outside of yourself and your body demanding your attention.

I have a meditation webpage that has three podcasts on it, all interactive meditations.  If you are new to meditation, the meditation for beginners will help you establish control of the lower, chatty mind that you will find not only will assist you in meditation, but in your life as well.  The City of Light will hook you directly up with your Soul Center and your spirit guides.

I have a feeling, the activations spirit has been threatening, I mean talking about on the 15th and 16th has already started with yesterdays X2 flare.  Movement, responsibility and full on participation is required and dare I say, demanded now.

Know thyself and thy inner workings… and watch the magic unfold at your feet.

Big big (((HUGZ)))) of inner listening and clear sailing to ALL!!

Lisa Gawlas / link to original article


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