Méline Portia – Master Merlin – Flow And Abundance: A Different Approach To Work With – 13 March 2015



Merlin speaks:

And how about your flow of abundance? Hmm?! Isn’t this what the entire Human race is concerned about at this time? Yes it is, and do you know why? I will tell you why. It is because money is part of the old fabric, of the old programs that humans have set up and participated in along with its creation. So now that you feel stuck and dependent on it, it gives you an overall feeling of restriction and being imprisoned like a slave, isn’t it so?! Well in truth that is not far from the truth.

The truth is that as Humanity comes to understand its needs and those needs that have been made up for themselves in order to rely on something that is outside of them, there is a crack appearing in this belief system and in these creations. It is showing that this is not the way it should have been. So all outside resources will come to fall away and cease to exist. And as these do, what now? What to rely on now and what to do?

Oh my, Merlin, where to go to now and what must we rely on now. We are lost! Well that is the point in this, isn’t it?! You must stop to rely on all that is outside of you. That is the key and that is why cracks are showing up in systems such as those of money. Humans have given all their power away to this resource that is created outside of them.

So now you come to see that you cannot rely on this as it goes its own way and nurtures itself from you, for it is a conviction on its own. As soon as humans stop depending on money, it will not be able to sustain itself anymore.

How to create flow? It is to know and to understand that YOU are the SOURCE and the POWER behind ABUNDANCE. That you ARE abundance in itself. From the vibration of abundance comes forth creation, life, consciousness and flow of all where you put your intention to.

It is fact that if you are not experiencing abundance, it is because you yourself stand in its way. Not believing in your own creative powers and not embodying the unity of Being abundance within you, prohibits you from all you wish to experience. There is truly no other way to find it and to bring it into your life than in and through your SELF.

You could go to work as much as you want, you will never have enough to save or to pursuit your dreams. It is called enslavement and you are trapped in this when you believe that you must rely on money. You do not. Shift that perception and come to see another reality which brings forth a flow where you can sustain yourself because you simply can and create it for yourself.

Do it because you can, because you are capable of it and because you want it. Not because you need it. Needs are not met through the “must have” intentions. Needs are only met when you allow yourself to create this by yourself as a sort of experience and expansion of your vibration. The willingness to experience yourself through all the needs and creations that are you.

That is the Alchemical key, my dear and that is all there is to it. The key lies within you and nowhere else.

My blessings upon this journey of life,


Méline: This is an excerpt from one of the Merlin readings I provide as a service.  As I was doing this reading, I have found this part very interesting and enlightened as this is a 5th Dimensional way of working with money as well.  Merlin has provided excellent wisdom that I wanted to share with you all.  May it benefit you!  A big thank you to C. for allowing me to share this part of her reading!

Many blessings,

Méline Portia ❤

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