Laura Bruno – Astrologer Jessica Murray: How To View, And Be Present With, The Climactic Energies Of March, 2015 – 14 March 2015


Intense times right now. Do you feel it? Intense need not mean “bad,” but if you’re alive and at all in touch with your feelings, you’re probably noticing some, shall we say, inner volcanic activity. This post shares how to flow with that lava instead of erupting into a huffing, puffing cloud of ash. In my own life and in sessions, I find people are really finding their core — that true underground fire of passion in their lives. If you’re feeling manic from the solar flares, do your best to ground, too. I know it’s difficult with all that molten energy, but we’ve all grown over the past Uranus-Pluto cycle. Let’s surprise ourselves and make zany Uranus proud. 🙂

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In concert with other recent posts that feature “death” breathing heavily just over our left shoulder, this one is spot on. YES! Grab hold of the upcoming final Uranus/Pluto square — and its attendant Equinox/Eclipse energies — embrace its explosive fury, direct it to shatter all the stuck fragments of ego that have been sticking in our hearts for years, generations, centuries. Then . . .

“Get ready for the rush of power when you do.”

Looking Death in the Eye

March 9, 2015

by Jessica Murray



It’s the perfect time to look death in the eye.Right now, Pluto and Uranus are leaning in so close we can practically feel their breath.1Sparks from the Aries and Leo transits are practically singeing our eyebrows2.

If we’re feeling bold enough to look death in the eye, first of all we  get ourselves centered. Then we identify our most deeply entrenched fears — the ones that make our innards…

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