Ute Posegga-Rudel – Update And A Divine Vision – 14 March 2015

Mijn fotoDear friends,

I am writing from my smartphone – still waiting to own again a laptop. Managing my internet life from a smartphone is a real unpleasant ordeal though, which I try to avoid as much as possible. And formatting is almost impossible.

It is an interesting experience to have lost everything and not being able yet to replace it. Whereby my lost artwork and writings,  that I created over many years, cannot be replaced of course, with all the money of the world.

This total loss makes
me wonder whether I was really of service to humanity – or perhaps the opposite: whether my work was not pleasing the common mind of the esoteric scene, or even those who would like to suffocate the light.

Given the numbers of my subscribers and the visits to my blog, I received almost zero feedback, besides  3 beautiful souls who expressed their support and feeling heart to me.

My joyful gratitude and love to you!

But otherwise it seems that my work did not really make a difference in this world and it doesn’t really matter whether I continue.

Nevertheless, it always has been my deepest heart’s intention to inspire, to bring clarity and truth to my beloved brothers and sisters. This will always be so.

But I might perhaps in the near future change a bit the subject and bring a slightly different perspective onto the equation of this vulnerable world.

We have learned much about the difficulty to move deeply enough the human heart, to inspire with radiant visions to truly world changing actions on the personal and more public level. Otherwise our planetary situation would have changed already in a significant way for the better.

Perhaps it is not sufficiently enough understood by many that change must start with ourselves and cannot be expected to be brought to us from “outside”.

The mind plays thereby a significant role, to begin with. But we must understand that it is the frequency of our being, the incarnated light together with a rising consciousness, or rather a Divine Consciousness, that brings the real change about.

The change I am talking about cannot be a change that moves a bit the figures on the chess board. Rather we must relinquish the whole chess board! There must be a radical change altogether, that lifts our whole being out of the present situation into a completely new paradigm that transcends the dilemma we are in.

To trigger this profound transformation we need the power of the heart and the inspiration of our higher intelligence that is carried by the Radiance of our True Native State: the Reality of the love-blissful Divinity, based at the root of our Eternal and very Existence, prior to the soul.

It transcends mind, even the higher mind. It is the Root of everything we experience, know and create. It is our true Home. It Is Us.

Why not allow to be drawn to the Ultimate Root of our existence. No more trying to change color and shape. But to return to that which we inherently Are. From there only a truly Divine World can arise. It resolves our dilemma. It is the answer to the riddle. It turns our chaotic world that hangs upside down, upside and upright again. It puts everything into place. It puts all things right.

Don’t we all have enough from the fruitless and unsubstantial juggle of the lower mind in the illusionary realms of intense duality? Are we exhausted, phlegmatic and full of doubt?

We can Now do better. We can wake up to what we Really – and I mean REALLY – Are. THIS changes the world.

To awaken to the facts of how our world has been managed in the last Thousands of years, is not enough! We must do the Inside job, not the political one, but the subjective, individual one.

It starts with us. We must all visit our own underworld and make it conscious. What’s out there is a mere reflection of that. When we dig deep enough and thoroughly enough,we find the Treasure that is burried underneath all the rotten garbage: our True Radiant Divine Self. Not just a chacra, by the way. But the Divine Itself.

Self-Radiant, it doesn’t even need a body-mind.

With love and blessings,


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