Sophia Love – Inquiring Minds Want To Know… – 15 March 2015

SophiaLoveNew“All this business about angels, guides, God – channellings from “ascended masters” – what to believe or not and i know most say go by how your heart feels – your thoughts on this? Come to the conclusion that “something” isn’t coming to “help” us. Also what of this talk of a “domed Earth” and fake moon and sun. Ashtar, Galactic Federation, Archons, Reptiles, etc. Is there anyone “up or out there” actually concerned about us citizens of Gaia? I know love and enough of a percentage of collective thought will help but so much information out there . Thanks Sophia inquiring minds want to know ;)”

Hi and thank you for the question.  There are so many facets to answering it, so bear with me!

I can only speak to what it is I understand.  I do not know for sure if what you have heard, read or seen from “angels, guides, God or ascended masters” is truth.  It may be.  It may not be.  What is disturbing for me about the listening with anticipation and dependence to these things is that there is an assumption of them having your best interests at heart when you do.  No one has your best interests at heart more so than you.  No One. The whole notion of someone with greater ability than you or I is what perpetuates the slavery mind set.

As long as the fairy tale ending is held in our hearts, we stagnate.  When I said “we are the ones we are waiting for”, I meant “STOP WAITING FOR ANYONE ELSE”. Waiting is a distraction, a time waster, and counter-productive.  Your conclusion of “something isn’t coming to save us” makes sense in my understanding of how this works.

I cannot speak with authority on the celestial bodies you asked about.

Ashtar, Galactic Federation, Archons, Reptiles, etc. Is there anyone “up or out there” actually concerned about us citizens of Gaia?”

offer this…

We as a collective of gods being human have incarnated now to participate in, witness and create this vibratory shift. It is something being witnessed by every group you have mentioned. They witness from their perspective places in the cosmos, speak from their point of view and act as they deem necessary – for their own benefit.  They are not human, or necessarily “higher evolved”. They are different beings with their own alternative reasons for participation.  They have cooler spaceships.

Realize that beneath every word or deed is intent, this blog post included.  No one does anything without expectations or reasons, whether stated or unstated. We cannot assume “concern for the citizens of Gaia” just because the technology is advanced and they seem to have a broader view.

Access to universal intelligence is there for the taking.  As we evolve, it is felt in that “inner knowing” or “hunch” or “feeling” that rings true in your heart more often than ever before.  I find lately it is easier to “tap in”; it only takes intent and focus.

I held onto your question for a week because I wanted to answer completely.  What I know is this.  This is a doing of mass consciousness.  It is not my doing, your doing, the Galactic Federation’s doing, or any individual god’s doing.  There is no individual.  WE ARE ONE. As soon as that is universally understood, the questions will stop.

;All questions are answered by the collective, with billions upon billions of contributory bits of energy and intent.  The intent of a butterfly has an effect, as does yours.  We are doing this as One.  What is unique about this moment is that we are inventing a new way of being; gods being human.  This has not been done before.

So, the voices and dictates of those from someplace else, while interesting, are not critical from where I am standing.  How much truth they hold I cannot say. We will shift with or without them.  We, in fact, are shifting as we speak.  Can’t you feel it? The speed of things is only accelerating this year.  Focus, intend your most cherished imaginings, hang on and enjoy the ride!  This is what you came to do, what we all came to do.  It is, and always has been, up to us.

There is unequalled beauty and wonder in humanity.  Willingly we took this ride and cheerfully we play our part – all the while wondering – “When will I be saved?” “How will I be rescued?” “Who will come to heal me?”

I tell you this – there is no other but you to save, rescue and heal you. As you have played all parts – villain and victim, evil and criminal, liar and thief – you have prepared yourself to play the role you are training for now.

You are the one who knows, the one who heals, the one who understands, and the one who gives.  You – who have asked, now answers.  All of this is within.  It is not reserved for a god or deity.  It is not held separate.

As life is given so is every capability.  You only need remember.  Know that there is no other.  Without separation all is One.  You are that One.

With love,


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