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Hyper Report – 150315 – CDC Perjury – 16 March 2015

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Cyclone Pam Hits New Zealand After Devastating Vanuatu – 16 March 2015

RT logoNew Zealand is bracing for Cyclone Pam, with flooding and power outages already underway. Some areas declared a state of emergency and locals are being evacuated. Strong winds are reported, as devastation in Vanuatu is fresh on everyone’s minds.

One of the first areas to declare a state of emergency was the Chatham Islands, southeast of the two main islands of New Zealand.

Over 40 people have already been evacuated from the Gisborne region in the northeastern New Zealand. The area has been getting hit with heavy rainfall on Monday, with wind speeds reaching 145km/h.

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Massive Military Drills In Venezuela As Govt Stands Up To Perceived US Threat – 16 March 2015

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Nearly 100,000 soldiers are taking part in massive 10-day military exercises across Venezuela, which were staged to counter an alleged US threat. It follows Washington’s decision to impose new sanctions against Venezuelan officials last week.

Venezuelan Defense Minister General Vladimir Padrino Lopez announced that the military exercises began on Saturday and were designed to get the troops ready for “their mission, their goal, and with the will to be victorious.”Lopez added that the US sanctions are an “imminent danger for us,” which is why the nation’s army must be ready to fight for its independence.

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Jon Rappoport – Not Everything Is “Predictive Programming” – 16 March 2015

jon7The term “predictive programming” is used to describe film and literature that portray dystopian futures, predict these futures…but are covertly aimed at preparing audiences to accept those futures.

Under that definition, any science fiction novel or film could be casually classified as mind control programming.

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Netanyahu Tried To Cancel Mossad Briefing For US Senators On Iran Sanctions – Report – 16 March 2015

RT logoIsrael’s Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu unsuccessfully tried to block a Mossad briefing for US senators, which was aimed at warning the lawmakers that the new Iran sanctions bill could cause a collapse of nuclear talks, Time magazine revealed.

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The briefing, which took place on January 19, included six US officials traveling to Jerusalem for a meeting with Israeli intelligence agency Mossad on the new Iran sanctions bill. Mossad was to warn US lawmakers, among them Republican Senator John McCain, that new sanctions could falter nuclear talks with Tehran.

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Moscow’s Landmark 16th Century Novodevichy Convent On Fire – 16 March 2015

RT logoThe bell tower of Novodevichy (New Maiden) Convent in Moscow, one of the city’s main tourist attractions, is on fire. The blaze is concentrated on scaffolds surrounding the tower, which is under reconstruction. Firemen are working at the scene.

The fire was reported at 22:41 local time. Firefighters arrived four minutes after receiving the emergency call.

Witnesses say the fire can be seen above the walls of the monastery, though authorities have not provided any information on the size of the blaze. However, some sources say the surface area of the fire is about 100 square meters. The cause of the blaze is currently unknown.

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James Corbett – The Corbett Report – Episode 302 – How To Free Your Tax Cattle – 16 March 2015

Good morning, Mrs. President. I’m a representative of the shadow government that put you into power. I have some bad news; a resistance movement has sprung up to challenge the existing power structure. Allow me to explain…

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