Lisa Gawlas – Incoming Champagne Bubbles Expanding The Heart Of Infinity Thru You!! – 17 March 2015

lisagawlas2Thanks to daylight savings time, I have been sleeping later than usual and waking up too late to get a sharing out.  Now I am sitting here with days worth of information all jumbled up in my head.  (It’s crowded in there.)

Let’s start with the participation of the sun in this ginormous weekend spirit has been going on and on about (without a real single detail of, what does that really mean to us,) the activation of the center, conjoined energy of each other holding together the Shambhala/Christed energy in the world of matter.

For the better part of last week, the sun started spitting out CME’s that were causing radio blackouts daily, culminating with the X2 flare on the 11th which is still bouncing around our atmosphere.  Then on the 12th, the sun reversed it’s charge and sent out it’s own radio transmission.  The way i am feeling its participation, it spent days wiping out all the old energies in the upper atmosphere and when it felt it did its job (With that x2 class flare) it rehydrated the atmosphere with new, pure energy.  I am going to copy and paste what said about this radio burst:

SOLAR RADIO BURST: For much of the past week, space weather news has focused on how sunspot AR2297 is causing radio blackouts on Earth. On March 12th the sunspot did the opposite. It unleashed a shortwave radio burst. “It was super intense–one of the strongest bursts of the current solar cycle,” reports amateur radio astronomer Thomas Ashcraft. Click on the image below to play a recording of the sounds he heard issuing from the loudspeaker of his radio telescope in rural New Mexico:

“The recording starts a little rough for a few seconds in that there was a ham transmission in progress on one channel (22 MHz) and the other channel (23 MHz) had a tiny bit of buzz,” says Ashcraft. “But then the solar burst hit and the ham voices were entirely drowned out. For the next 3 minutes, the airwaves were dominated by solar static.”

These radio sounds are caused by beams of electrons–in this case, accelerated by an M4-flare. As the electrons slice through the sun’s atmosphere, they generate a ripple of plasma waves and radio emissions detectable on Earth 93 million miles away. Astronomers classify solar radio bursts into five types; Ashcraft’s recording captured a mixture of Type III and Type V.

The same morning, on the 12th, I woke up with a full spectrum image floating a few feet above my head.  It was the most stunning image I have seen and I quite inadequately tried to recreate the image for your view.  Keeping in mind, there was so much depth and detail to this image that I have no way of replicating (I am not art or paint savvy at all, in anyway.)

dream image

If we look at it the way spirit has been talking about our world, our “orb of life,” the outer circle (opened at the top) is what we would call the all the dimensions of earth, all the other versions of earth, now open to the higher christed energy coming directly in to affect all those incarnate.  The inner circle represents what I call the collective of those LIVING Shambhala.  Keeping in mind too, I use the spelling of Shambhala the way I do to reflect the sanskrit meaning of shambhala: Peace, Love, Harmony.   The green was the most amazing, vibrant, light infused neon green I had ever seen.  The light of spirit, of your and each of our souls, alive and living fully in matter thru the heart.  That red and blue thing in the middle, it was so stunning and so unlike what I barely put together to show it.  They were distinctly steps, there was depth to each one and the red and blue energy (new earth, soul expression) that made up each step and actually blended into each other on its way down.  If we looked at this image as a body itself, then these stairs would start at the throat and form an upside down Y at the pelvic area.  Two sets of steps, divine feminine (love) and divine masculine (light) blended and moving as one.  There was a distinct energy flow moving downwards…

We talk about ascension… a lot!!  There is also is a descending energy to it all.  Spirit, our soul MUST come down into the fields of matter thru the ascended biology.  Our role as living Beings creating and holding the Christed energy at the ground level, is to LIVE IT.  Not sit around and talk about it, not debate about it… but be the living expression of it as us.  Hence the moving to the feet area, which also forms a peace sign.

When I seen this image, I had to ask, what does it represent to us.  Immediately I was reminded of images and sharings that came thru the readings and many meditations back in 2012 of the mesa itself:


That doorway became part of our homework thru so many readings, opening the treasure chest within.  Opening not only the heart of the mesa, but the heart of each other as well.  January 15th, 2013… we accomplished that goal, as the mesa exploded and released 30 tousands tons of material from its top.

Jemez Rockslide





The explosion literally covered everything with this talc powder debris of its face.  We opened, together, the heart of the mesa and in this last 2 year adventure, we have been bringing it all into us, not as a storage space of things, but as a living expression of the treasures of heaven on earth.

WE thru ARE the descending staircase of Spirit Living thru us, as us, in the walk on earth.

This morning, I was woken up again with yet another powerful image.  For a girl whose sleep/dream time has been uneventful most of my life, things radically changed since February!!  I had a really hard time going to sleep last night, my lungs were wheezy and having the hardest time breathing, again.  I was reminded of the activations underway and of course, it would be targeted into my chest area… dammit… bless it.  But this mornings amazing vision gave clear insight to what that activation, these activations are all about.

I could see a body (not mine or anyones really, just a body… which I know is ALL of us in this collective) with this bubbly stream of energy being purposely poured into the crown itself, and it just reminded me of champagne, ohh man, I gotta laugh at that… let me explain (cuz its really important to you too.)

For two years, in my “beginnings,” in my bathtub romps, I was trained by Sananda and Franklyn (my main man from the Pleiades) on how to do energy work on the body itself.  They would take me to a place beyond my tub, an energy surgical room of you will, and taught me how energy works within the body, how to understand its communication, how to change its density and the responsibility of the person themselves to keep it in place.  Two years of this training… three years into this path, one of my wonderful clients gave me the gift of a reiki one and two attunement (I declined the third, I refuse to put master anywhere near my abilities, personal choice there.)  To me, Reiki felt like water, abundant, everywhere on earth and easily accessible and used.  So years later when I started to do energy massages and folks on my table asked me what kind of energy I used… reiki??  I had to think about a way to reply… no not reiki.  To me reiki is like water, the energy I use is like a fine bottle of Dom Perignon champagne.  No one can attune you to this energy, you must be clear inside to use it.

So we are all being directly infused with this high potency Dom Perignon Champagne. There was actually someone explaining it as I was witnessing this… the bubbles are aligning within the energy stream of the human and turning on new programming within them.  As I watched this fine bubbly pour in and circulate into the heart itself, suddenly and quite unexpectedly, the most beautiful…. wait…. BEAUTIFUL large yellow bubble started to come out of the heart area itself.  Then they showed me the profile view, it was an infinity symbol, expanding!!  A pure energy generator coming thru you directly from Source to use in this new world of each other living Shambhala.  Emphasis on NEW!!

We have a brand new body system that works in a whole new way.  You must be clear on which body you occupy (old or new) and work it accordingly.  The old body is biologically dependant, the new one, pure energy baby.

Lets put this into a clearer context, which actually comes from a conversation I had with a lady in a reading the other day.  She was asking something like aligning our bodies with the food or medicines we take, the reply from spirit out my crazy lips took me by surprise… again, one of those things that surprises me by being surprising!!  lol  I will ad-lib here, or rephrase it as I hear spirit jumping up and down to express it again.

WE ARE energy masters, vibrational beings in a body of matter.  All we take in, consumption wise, we should bring up to our vibratory rate and not the other way around.  Which means, your food can be as vibrationally vibrant as you, no matter what its contents are.  Your medicines can equally be as vibrationally wonderful as you, partnered for the greater good.  The only harmful thing is your mind and your perception of anything and your perceptions affect your own energy field as it intensely affects the energy field of whatever you are in the presence of.  However, this is only true for those living as an application, Christ alive in body thru you, as you (cuz it IS YOU.)  Old body constructs are still developing relationships and putting aside bias and learning to fully communicate with their bodies.  This is why it is so crucial for you, individually, to be aware of which body you currently occupy.  Know ThySelf!!

With that thought in mind, equally know others energy system too.  Conscious participation is crucial now more than ever.  if you get “work” done by someone still moving thru the old body system and you reside in a new body system, its like cat claws on your energy body that you yourself will have to repair.  Yes, there is still causality in even in heaven on earth!!  Especially Here!!

There are actually several different, exciting exercises that have come thru the last several days that I want to share today, but my team is holding my hand back until we move beyond this weekend.  What is pouring in needs to just be allowed without interference.  WOW, even with that sentence, they gave me a quick (and first time) view of the field, the oval of Shambhala… weird, I am not even sure how to explain it, except maybe everything being pulled together at the center point, reminds me kind of like an ocean retreating into itself as it gathers the energy to create a tsunami wave.  Even the scalloped border (the humans) have moved into this center pulling energy and its all a mish-mash of particles recreating themselves.

I have been wondering how this “activation weekend” is going to affect the readings themselves… I think we just got a preview.  Massive change, reassembly even, underway.  I have a feeling actually, this must have started yesterday.  I had 7 readings on my dance card, I got thru 5 and by the 6th, I could only see my floor, by the 7th, I was so completely disassembled and I could feel it, I was not surprised to not be able to see.  But I am gonna try anywayz!!

On that note… I pray my day of readings is about to begin, as opposed to my day of rescheduling!!!

Big big ((((HUGZ)))) of massive peace, love and harmony thru ALL!!!  Tune into the new frequency being emitted from the sun.  ❤

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