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Jon Rappoport – My Legal Brief On Human Experimentation – 17 March 2015

jon7“It doesn’t take a genius to realize you don’t necessarily win a court case on the merits. But it’s a stomping ground, a place where challenges can be issued and Constitutional principles can be dusted off and exposed. It’s a venue where new arguments can, from time to time, gain traction. The courts are places where truthful PR operations can be initiated. Of course the game is rigged. Of course the system is corrupt. But hammering at the foundations of the corruption—if enough legal players catch on and join in—can have an effect. A court can function as a tabloid scandal sheet: here, have a look at the criminals who pose as guardians of Justice…” (The Underground, Jon Rappoport) Continue reading

Japan Scraps 3 Nuclear Reactors, With 2 More To Follow – 17 March 2015

RT logoJapan is to decommission three nuclear reactors, which have outlived the government’s recommended 40-year service life. It will also be the first time a reactor is permanently shut down since the Fukushima nuclear accident in 2011.

The decision was made to shut the reactors due to high upgrade costs. Following the Fukushima nuclear disaster, tough regulations were introduced to prevent any repeats, which would mean reactors would be forced to close after 40 years. However, their service life could be extended for a further 20 years, if they underwent stringent Nuclear Regulation Authority tests.

The three reactors are in the Fukui Province on Japan’s west coast, where the Mihama No.1 and No.2 reactors and the Tsuruga No.1 reactor are set to go offline permanently. Local media reports in Japan say another two reactors are also likely to be scrapped, with an announcement expected later this week.

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ActivistPost – CS Monitor Compares Activist Post’s Chemtrail Pundit Peter Kirby To Violent Anti-Government Extremism – 17 March 2015

Logo_activistpost-comActivist Post

How do you know when you’re over the target? When they fire at you. Peter Kirby is successfully exposing today’s chemtrail spray operations.

In a March 14, 2015 disinformation piece, Brad Knickerbocker and the Christian Science Monitor compare Activist Post’s own Peter Kirby to violent anti-government extremists.

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Anti-Terror Censorship: France Blocks 5 Sites Without Court Order – 17 March 2015

RT logoFrance has blocked five websites suspected of condoning terrorism and spreading hate speech, marking the first usage of new anti-terrorism powers approved by parliament last year that allow such bans without court orders.

“I do not want to see sites that could lead people to take up arms on the Internet,” French Interior Minister Bernard Cazeneuve said at a public meeting Monday.

“I make a distinction between freedom of expression and the spread of messages that serve to glorify terrorism. These hate messages are a crime,” he added. Internet service providers were given 24 hours to comply.

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Venezuela’s Maduro Gets Decree Rule Powers To Confront ‘US Imperialism’ – 17 March 2015

RT logoVenezuelan President Nicolás Maduro has been granted the right to rule by decree till the end of the year to defend the country’s integrity and sovereignty against “imperialist threats” from the US government.

The so-called “Anti-Imperialist Enabling Law for Peace,” passed by the National Assembly over the weekend came into force on Monday. The new legislature empowers Maduro with tools to circumvent Congress in issuing security and defense legislation until the end of 2015.

The power granted by parliament is designed to defend “integrity…[and] sovereignty, in the face of any circumstances that could arise with this imperialist aggression.”

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ActivistPost – California’s SB277 Eliminates Vaccine Exemptions & Destroys Personal Beliefs – 17 March 2015

Logo_activistpost-comBy Experimental Vaccines

California, along with many other states, is attempting to remove parents’ ability to opt out of or adjust the schedule of recommended vaccines. New legislation explained in the video below.

Visit ExperimentalVaccines.org

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Coca-Cola Pays Health Experts To Suggest Soda As A Healthy Snack – 17 March 2015

RT logoCoca-Cola is courting controversy again after a new report found that the company pays fitness and nutrition experts to recommend drinking its soda as a healthy snack.

Several nutritionists and fitness experts suggested that sipping on a mini can of Coke could be part of a healthy diet during American Heart Month in February, but the Associated Press reported Monday that Coca-Cola is working with health experts in an attempt to promote its sugary beverage – one that’s otherwise being criticized for contributing to America’s obesity problem.

The company would not reveal how much it paid those who plugged its product, but it dismissed the behavior as something all major brands do. Some, like Kellogg’s, put money behind studies that highlight the healthy nature of their products, while others like PepsiCo also pay dietitians to recommend Frito-Lay and Tostito chips.

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1 In 3 US Families Classified As ‘Working Poor,’ Higher For Minorities – 17 March 2015

RT logoAlmost a third of American families are low-income, with racial and ethnic minorities far more likely to be poor, according to a new report. Activists advise more education, training, health and child care to close the gap.

US Census bureau data for 2013 shows that 10.6 million out of 32.6 million US working families have incomes under 200 percent of the official poverty level, according to the new report by the Working Poor Families Project (WPFP). Black, Latino and Native American working families make up 58 percent of these working poor, although their share of the overall workforce is 40 percent.

With more than 10 million working families in the United States not making enough money to cover basic household expenses, states can and should take action,” the report urged.

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ActivistPost – Barney Miller: NWO And Trilateral Commission Explained In 2 Minutes By Jeffrey Tambor – 17 March 2015

Logo_activistpost-comAmanda Warren
Activist Post

In what some may call a deliberate sequence of predictive programming, there is a little-remembered scene in the show Barney Miller, where an arrested man is trying to warn people of the true nature of the Trilateral Commission – founded in 1973 by David Rockefeller ostensibly to “foster” global political cooperation. (Ironically, the arrested man who broke into the Trilateral Commission office is played by Jeffrey Tambor who is more recently known for his role in Arrested Development.)

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US Senate Probes Obama Funding For Anti-Netanyahu Campaign – Report – 17 March 2015

RT logoThe US Senate has launched a bipartisan probe into the White House’s alleged funding of an NGO pushing for the ouster of Israel’s prime minister, Benjamin Netanyahu, a source told Fox News.

According to the source, the US State Department apparently handed taxpayer-funded grants, worth $350,000, to the OneVoice Movement.

OneVoice allegedly forwarded the money to its subsidiary in Israel called Victory 15 (V15), which is committed to ousting Netanyahu due to the PM being an obstacle to the two-state solution to the Israeli-Palestinian dispute, brokered by the US.

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