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$1 Million Of Secret CIA Cash Intended For Afghanistan Ended Up With Al-Qaeda – Report – 17 March 2015

RT logoAround $1 million of CIA money given to Afghanistan via a secret fund was reportedly used in 2010 to pay the ransom for an Afghan diplomat held by Al-Qaeda.

Abdul Khaliq Farahi was kidnapped in 2008 while he was the Afghan consul general in Peshawar, Pakistan, just weeks before he was due to begin his new post as Kabul’s ambassador in Pakistan, the New York Times reported. He was eventually handed to Al-Qaeda.

His release came two years later once Afghanistan paid Al-Qaeda $5 million in ransom. A fifth of that ransom came from a monthly-cash fund set up by the CIA, NYT reported.

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John Ward – The Syriza Experiment : Wolfie The Werewolf Goes Greece-Impaling – 17 March 2015

JohnWThe German finance minister has been talking at a CDU conference about how the Greek Syriza experiment is doomed to fail. He’s been talking to most of the press as well, and apparently at one point buttonholed a startled security guard. Later he was seen accosting passing strangers and saying, “I have been talking viz all my friends who helped create zis perfect currency zone und none of them can tell me vot zis crazy Syrisa plan is about, zose cheeky little Greekies eh, hohohohoh.” Poor Wolfie gets bored very easily.

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‘Put Mustard On It’: McDonald’s Workers Sue Over Workplace Burns – 17 March 2015

RT logoMcDonald’s workers have filed 28 complaints to OSHA about workplace safety, alleging that staff shortages and pressure to work faster have resulted in burns, which their managers often told them to treat with condiments.

Lack of protective equipment, empty first-aid kits and horrific grease burns are just some of the complaints from the McDonald’s workers in 19 US cities, made public Monday by the labor campaign “Fight for 15,” led by the Service Employees International Union. The US Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) has already investigated six claims, with more inspections pending.

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Pentagon Blocks UN Torture Investigator From Meeting Gitmo Detainees – Report – 17 March 2015

RT logoThe Pentagon said it will refuse the United Nations special rapporteur on torture from interviewing or even meeting detainees held at the US military prison at Guantanamo Bay. The UN’s Juan E. Mendez called for increased access to the prison last week.

The Guardian reported Sunday that the Obama administration had reaffirmed its commitment to secrecy at the notorious detention center following a visit to Gitmo by a handful of new US senators who are supportive of the prison.

Méndez, the UN’s special rapporteur on torture, “has been invited to visit Guantánamo; however, he will not be permitted to interview detainees,” Army Lieutenant Colonel Myles Caggins, a Pentagon spokesman, told the Guardian.

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John Ward – Analysis : Why The Power-Merchants Are Wordsworths, Not Wordsmiths – 17 March 2015

JohnWWordplay is a parlour game, but it leads to only to parlous shame in politics.

Ed Miliband is being so specific about there being no possibility of a Labour Coalition with the SNP, I’m almost tempted to believe that, finally, Mr Ed has discovered a principle hidden somewhere up his sleeve.

But no – of course, it’s just words again, isn’t it? Those words that are emitted from lips, after which we’re all invited to watch those lips: “Watch my lips…we will reduce immigration to the tens of thousands”; “Watch my lips….there will be no cover-up at Elm House”. “Watch my lips – and when they move, you know I’m lying”. Continue reading

ACLU Sues Obama Administration Over ‘Kill List’ Documents – 17 March 2015

RT logoThe American Civil Liberties Union is suing the US government in an effort to compel a court to release documents detailing the Obama administration’s use of a secret, so-called “kill list” containing potential drone strike targets.

Filed Monday in US District Court in Manhattan, the lawsuit asks the Southern District of New York to order four government agencies, including the Departments of Justice, Defense and State, to heed Freedom of Information Act requests filed by the ACLU in 2013 concerning the administration’s “targeted killing” program.

Although the US has relied on unmanned weaponized aircraft, or drones, to conduct strikes in counterterrorism and military operations for over a decade, the ACLU says the Obama administration has been far from forthcoming when it comes to releasing details on to how those operations are carried out.

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Police Corruption: Scotland Yard ‘Cover-Up’ Of Historical Child Abuse Investigated By Watchdog – 17 March 2015

RT logoGrave allegations of “high-level” Met corruption relating to child abuse are being investigated by Britain’s police watchdog. Among charges leveled at the force is the claim that Met officers colluded in covering up a pedophile ring in the 1970s.

Allegations that Scotland Yard suppressed evidence, hindered police investigations and covered up child sex offences in the 1970s to protect the identity of MPs and Met officers have been brought to the attention of the Independent Police Complaints Commission (IPCC).

In a formal statement, the IPCC’s deputy chair, Sarah Green, said the watchdog would monitor investigations into the matter, and ensure they comply with special “terms of reference” set out by the body.

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John Ward – Election 2015: Grant Shapps, Jeremy Hunt, David Cameron, Ed Miliband, Nigel Farage, & Six Other Reasons Why Not To Vote – 17 March 2015

JohnWOver the last few days, a dozen or more of us have been enjoying a spirited Twitter debate about ‘to vote or not to vote’. For me, the answer will always depend on the political choice, the voting system, and the issues involved.

On the contemporary UK landscape, I have been disenfranchised for many years now. That’s because:

1. A ridiculously unrepresentative voting system dooms the entry of new players into the market. The denial of my right to tick a box called ‘None of the above’ is an obvious ploy by the Establishment to retain their oligarchic privilege in perpetuity.

2. Of the two ‘major’ Parties, one advocates a laissez-faire economic system that has failed wherever it’s been tried. The other fails to oppose many of the elements of that system, while at the same time offering a set of unaffordable and opportunistic policies that were tried and failed before. Both accept globalism, and neither are avowedly mutualist communitarian. Both have paymasters that do not represent the electoral mainstream. Continue reading

West Losing Up To €40Bn From Sanctions War– Leading Russian MP – 17 March 2015

RT logoWestern countries are experiencing loses of up to €40 billion as the sanctions imposed by them on Russia impede productive cooperation, claims Aleksey Pushkov, Chairman of Russian State Duma Committee on Foreign Affairs.

The EU has lost €21 billion from the sanctions, said Pushkov at parliamentary hearings on Monday citing the Spanish foreign minister. According to Japanese economists’ estimates the figure could be as much as €30 billion, he added.

“The estimates of a number of European experts show that it’s €40 billion,” he added. “The overall loss of European farmers from the Russian food embargo was €12 billion in 2014.”

The purchase of industrial products and transport equipment fell drastically, said Pushkov. According to him Germany has suffered the most, losing 8.6 percent in sales, which is around $850 million. He added that serious damage was been caused to the Spanish economy with 40 percent reduction in Russian tourists.

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EU Ministers Balk On Soldiers To Libya Amid ISIS Attacks, Political Crisis – 17 March 2015

RT logoThe European Union’s foreign policy chief received a lukewarm response over a proposal to send EU troops to Libya amid political turmoil and terror threats – despite EU members having participated in bombing the country in 2011.

Four years after a largely Western coalition unleashed an aerial offensive against Libya, at the time experiencing political upheaval, the African nation is struggling in the wake of social breakdown and political crisis. Not to mention the arrival of members from the radical fundamentalist group, Islamic State (IS, formerly ISIS).

But now it seems the European Union has better things to do than get itself involved in Libya this time around.

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