Lisa Gawlas – The Enormity of All You Do (And What You Think Your Not Doing.) – 18 March 2015

lisagawlas2Phew baby, what a weekend!!!  I love when a good conversation can give us a deeper look at what is happening in these grand events.  My first person on my agenda on the 15th didn’t get a reading, hell no one did this weekend, but man we had wonderful conversations, but this man in particular gave us some wonderful insight about the significance of this “activation” weekend.  And I do want to say, at least on the 15th, I could not see the field or do readings, but I was still able to see, just as long as I wasn’t looking directly into the Light of your Life.

I had been asking thru every reading prior, and many have asked the same question without any real reply “what is really happening with this two day activation period?”  Silence.  At least until the morning me and this precious, patient man got together.  Since I couldn’t do his reading, we were simply talking about what the weekend is really all about.  I could see it more clearly thru him than ever before, at least, the second half of this two day event.  I was given the analogy when I was closing out my last blog of the energy itself gathering into itself like the ocean does when it is pulling into itself to release a massive tsunami wave.  You would be the ocean, each one of us, gathering the new, fluid energy into the core of our Beings.  The 16th was the outward flow of all our new energy from our core, outwards.

With this whole visual now, I could see that oval representing all of us holding the Christed energy, Shambhala together on the created fields of earth, breaking apart as if reducing ourselves to particle energy and pulling together at the very center of the oval, rising upwards to form a cone of liquid energy, building and rising and then spewing outwards like a tsunami wave would in the ocean, only with us it is in a 360 degree radius.

I was so excited to see this thru him, I really am not sure how much you, each of you realize the extra puzzle pieces that snap into place are BECAUSE of you.  Particularly you.  As I excitedly thanked him for sharing that info with us, I also got another visual of what could look like a single puzzle piece finally finding its way into the opening of the building puzzle, snapped right into place at the exact moment it is needed for fuller understandings.  He may not have gotten a reading that day, but we all gained deeper understanding because he showed up.

With that thought in mind, I am seeing an even bigger scenario, of course I am going to relate it directly to my own experiences, but this does not just apply to me, but all of us doing what we do for the greater all.  Let me just explain what I am being shown right now…

For over three years now, we have been building that landscape thru each of our hearts, sharing it outwards with each other that I simply call Shambhala, Heaven on Earth.  We get information, use it, strip down, flood out, change it all, day after day, week after week.  When I look outside to see the “field” as it radiates thru your Soul energy, it literally does exist in a dimension a bit higher than the one we walk thru.  It is what causes the next frequency increase, when we as a collective hit the next octave of full on experience.  The new earth becomes more solid beneath our feet, our combined energy spreading far and wide as we become more fully online within ourselves and with each other.

With this information I get a flashback of the Harmonic Convergence of August 16–17, 1987, and all the other ones held since that date.  Solara’s activations of the 11:11 gateways and the many other group activities that have happened and are happening thru it all.  Everyone is key, everyone is affecting the ever evolving change we are knee-deep in at the ground level as well as the heart level.

However, we tend to only see the value of it all when we are actually doing readings, seeing what is unfolding, tweaking what needs to be tweaked, what we do not see is how important just the moment together is on the days the energies are too high for me to see, even if the conversation does not spark anything other than giggles and love thru each other, we are still very much pouring our soul light into the expanding field by our presence together.  Once intention is set, simply going right with my appointment calendar, it set with intention to see and share and build by the vertue of our connections… it happens even on the days I cannot see.  The pot of quantum soup is being added to.  I smile at this… somethings are way to quantum to understand and see as a visual, it’s just the knowing deep inside that something massive and spectacular is happening even still.

Then there are those days, the energy itself is so volatile, in such massive change, my team must put me down to the degree I cannot show up, or you cannot.  It is never a negative thing, its all-ways a safety thing, biologically speaking!!

Now yesterday, ohhh my dear lord, I swear I woke up with the blob embedded in my entire skull trying to find its way back out.  The bulging energy behind my eyes and forehead, the serious sinus leaking and it stayed that way all day long, to the point of having almost strange vertigo sensations.  Like the blob within decided to rotate around my pineal gland as quickly as blobs can spin, and the light shards sparking in my field of vision, the disorientation of my feet trying to walk.  It was weird and kinda kewl at the same time.  What was even more interesting, and now given what spirit shared today, makes more sense to me now, I had zero psychic vision but still talked to everyone, and sneezed and blew my nose thru it all, and each person really got the blob moving behind my skull bones.  Even tho we just appeared to talk, the energy exchange was still happening.

Ya know, its kinda weird, or maybe not lol.  The night-time is all about the energy moving into my chest, the heart, or hell moving out, I am not sure really, maybe both.  I have spent the last several night coughing, squirting that holy albuterol into my lungs so I can breathe and sleep again, yet in the days, its all head stuff.

I also want to share this tidbit as well.  A few weeks ago I was reading for a lady and suddenly I could see what spirit very specifically called “meteorite debris” falling all over her energy field.  I could see the chunks of the meteorite as they fell to the ground and her team kept making sure I used the word meteorite (as opposed to asteroid, which is what I kept wanting to call it.)  Her team also said this energy was very important to her, but very often in readings I have no clue what is being shown metaphorically or literally.  Well!!!  Yesterday… I will just share info:  BRIGHT FIREBALL, POSSIBLE METEORITE FALL: Last night, a meteor exploded over southern Germany. The shadow-casting fireball was brighter than the full Moon and it produced loud sonic booms – a sign that it penetrated deep in the atmosphere and may have dropped meteorites on the ground.

That meteorite ignited many things on the ground level of Shambhala.  It will be interesting to find out what exactly!!

I went to sleep last evening, wondering how today will reveal in the field itself.  Spirit has been more tight-lipped about ANYTHING between the 17th and the equinox, not a glimpse of anything thru any of the readings or ponderings.  I had a dream just before I woke up, strange really, I was seeing myself, my human self from I guess the ceiling, the above me view, as I was sitting in my reading chair trying to connect with someone (had no idea who) and I couldn’t see for them.  I watched as I went into bitch mode, which I do every time I cannot see lol.  It was funny to see it and feel it from that perspective.  The desire releases the intent, even if it appears the opposite.

On that note, I am hoping it was just a stress dream and not foretelling this day.  I wanna see what the hell we got ourselves into now!!

Happy Saint Patrick’s Day to everyone, may the green of your heart energy expand to touch and tickle everyone you see today!!  I love you!!!!!!  Tickle, tickle!!!

((((HUGZ)))) of wonder and well, more wonder!!!!

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