NaturalNews – Mike Adams – Infographic: How To transform A Corporate Lie Into A Science “Fact” – 20 March 2015

NaturalNewss Logo-April-2014(NaturalNews) Whether it’s Big Tobacco, Big Food, Big Pharma or Big Biotech, the process of transforming a corporate lie into a science “fact” is always the same.

The infographic shown below describes the process we see over and over again as poison-pushing corporations infiltrate the media, science journals, medical schools and legislative agendas to twist the truth and harm the public.

This exact technique is what has been used to push a long list of poisons onto the public, including:

• Aspartame
• Glyphosate
• GMOs
• Mercury in vaccines
• Psychiatric drugs for children
• Mind-altering SSRI drugs
• Statin drugs
• Fluoride in public water
• Sodium nitrate in processed meats
• Atrazine

Here’s how it works: (please share) link to original article


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