Pancake Printer Serves Up Your Imagination As Morning Meal – 21 March 2015

RT logoFood enthusiasts that love to focus on plate presentation are in for a yummy pancake-based treat. A new 3D printer can craft your imagination’s images into a hot griddled snack.

The possibilities of the new technology are endless, all you need is a computer, an original design and a few hungry mouths to feed. The printer will endure any of your wild imagination’s demands.

Once the design is traced on your computer, the so-called PancakeBot “prints” the image onto the griddle. The device consists of a bottle with batter, and a system that moves and squeezes it according to the design.

The pancake dream machine is an invention of an American entrepreneur who loves his breakfast. Instead of developing a money printer, he opted to print one of America’s top breakfast choices – the pancake.

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