Méline Portia Lafont – My Solar Eclipse Experience – 22 March 2015

The Solar eclipse was a Breathtaking event !! The energies that are accompanied with this beautiful moment is just amazing and profound.  It really enters your heart and it has touched so many souls!  I woke up with a huge headache the same morning, finding myself trying to come back into this body and reality.  I went to see outside and saw nothing but clouds.  The Eclipse would start at 9.30 AM my time (CET) and would be at the fullest around 10.35 AM.  Yet, no sun was there to see because of the clouds!

I got this strong message to not only meditate but too that it is extremely important to go outside and look at it!  I was told that the codes of this massive energetic event would then be integrated through the third eye to enter the pineal gland.  So I was guided to go outside and look at it. Since we could not see anything here due to the clouds, I picked up my friend and we drove until we could see the sun.  I asked Spirit to guide us to the right spot!  So after driving 30 minutes East we finally could see the Sun taking a peek behind that endless cloudy deck.  We drove off the Highway and placed ourselves at a parking space next to the highway between some trees.

What made this experience even more beautiful was that we saw a few people doing the same, and we were gathered there together with a small group of complete strangers to each other and sharing this precious moment heart by heart.  There was even a family with their children, as they have kept them home from school to see this event, whom had to drive a long end to be able and see this.  We were fortuned to see this Eclipse behind the clouds and we shared our joy all together.  The Eclipse glasses that I have bought for this event was not really needed as the clouds were breaking down the brightness of the sun so we could look at it with our physical eyes.  Yet at times the sun could break through and then we could use the eclipse glasses to see the magnitude of its power! Nobody had eclipse glasses as these were sold out in our country, so we passed on my eclipse glasses from individual to individual so all could take in this beautiful event.

To see this was AMAZING and I felt so much serenity and inner peace the whole time!  We in Belgium, could only see the eclipse going to its maximum of 83%, leaving the Sun with a smiley, nevertheless it was beautiful!  I tell you: the energy behind it was powerful!

We ended with sharing this precious moment with a bunch of “strangers” all standing next to each other and sharing this unique event.  What has touched me the most is how much it opened peoples heart and the fact that these were willing to take a moment out of their “busy” schedule to see this and connect with others.  That’s the Spirit! It melts my heart.  People are way too lost in their “busy” schedules.  I especially enjoyed the smiles and the bright eyes of the children as their eyes went even brighter looking at this event with AWE.  Precious moments indeed.

We ended up sharing a beautiful moment, connecting with new people and exchanging pictures with each other.  The pictures that I share in this post with you all, were taken by one of these people that was there with us and this man was so kind to ask my e-mail and send these to me.  He was taking these pictures to share with his grandchildren.  He too felt the beauty of this shared moment together as he send me a note to say: “Dear Méline, what a lovely experience this morning to share this Unique natural phenomenon with complete strangers, yet very enjoyable people”.  And so it was! I treasure such moments.

After the Eclipse was over, my headache was completely gone and I felt energized!  Soon after that my body became tired and I had to lay down after my meditation to absorb this all.  Still am absorbing it! I AM grateful !!

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