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ActivistPost – DEEP WEB – Dark Net & Silk Road Documentary With Dir. Alex Winter & Lyn Ulbricht – 22 March 2015

Logo_activistpost-comBy TheLipTV

DEEP WEB is the documentary that explores the Dark Net, Silk Road, and the arrest of Ross Ulbricht. We look at the film trailer and hear from director Alex Winter and Ulbricht’s mother, Lyn Ulbricht, about the miscarriage of justice going on against the advocates of the dark net. How the Prison Industrial Complex, the War on Drugs, and the vanquishing of online privacy is colliding to imprison Ross Ulbricht, plus the future of the Dark Net, and the human face of the struggle for internet freedom is explored in this BYOD interview, hosted by Ondi Timoner at the 2015 SXSW Festival.

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Steve Lendman – US Provocations On Russia’s Borders – 22 March 2015

StevelendmanMadness drives US policy. Its provocative actions head things perilously closer to direct military confrontation with Russia.
Obama represents imperial lawlessness on steroids. He deplores peace and stability. He’s waged multiple direct and proxy wars throughout his tenure.
He supports Israel’s war machine and Palestinian persecution whatever regime holds power.
He risks the unthinkable – possible US initiated nuclear war with Russia.

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Anti-War Activists Stage Protest In Washington DC, Los Angeles – 22 March 2015

RT logoA series of anti-war protests rolled through the US on Saturday, condemning Washington’s involvement in past and ongoing conflicts in the wider Middle East.

In Los Angeles about a hundred anti-war activists took to the streets marching on Hollywood Boulevard with coffins. Rallying against US involvement in Iraq, Syria, Afghanistan and Palestine, protesters carried signs reading “Hands off Syria” and “Wanted for the destruction of Iraq.”

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Obama Confirms ‘Evaluating Options’ After Netanyahu’s ‘No Palestinian State’ Pledge – 22 March 2015

RT logoSince Netanyahu apparently meant what he said in announcing that there would be no Palestinian state on his watch, the White House is re-evaluating its policy towards Israel and seeking other option to avoid chaos in the region, the US President has said.

Commenting on the Israeli elections for the first time after PM Netanyahu’s victory, US president Barack Obama made it clear that the US supports the two-state solution in the Israeli conflict despite the PM’s strong pre-election rhetoric.

The two-state solution is “the only way for the long-term security of Israel, if it wants to stay both a Jewish state and democratic,” US President said in his interview with Huntington Post.

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‘Nature’s Revenge’: Dead Sea Surrounded By 3,000+ Sinkholes Growing At Alarming Rate – 22 March 2015

RT logoHundreds of sinkholes are forming each year around the drying Dead Sea that could face being completely parched by 2050. Its basin shrinks by a meter per year due to severe water mismanagement.

“It’s nature’s revenge,” Gidon Bromberg, the Israeli Director at EcoPeace Middle East, told ABC. EcoPeace unites environmental activists

“These sinkholes are a direct result of the inappropriate mismanagement of water resources in the region,” said Bromberg, who believes that the total number of sinkholes has grown to over 3,000. Just ten years ago roughly 1,000 sinkholes had been reported, according to Smithsonian magazine.

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ZeroHedge – Spiegel Goes There: “Hitler’s Hordes” Respond To Greece, Send The Nazis, And Merkel, To The Acropolis – 22 March 2015

ZeroHedgeJust over a week ago, when the bipolar, schizoid relationship between Greece and Germany was in the “we demand reparations for Nazi crimes” stage, we reported that the Greek Prime Minister threatened the seizure of German assets in response for “crimes of Third Reich and Hitler’s hordes.”

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Switzerland, Luxembourg Apply For China-Led Infrastructure Bank – 22 March 2015

RT logoDespite negative noises from the US, Switzerland and Luxembourg have become the latest European nations to apply to join the Beijing-led Asian Infrastructure Investment Bank (AIIB), the Chinese Finance Ministry announced.

Earlier in March, the EU’s leading economies – the UK, France and Germany –announced plans to participate in the new international financial institution.

China’s Finance Ministry released a statement on Friday saying it welcomes the Swiss decision to apply.

Switzerland is to become the bank’s founding member later this month if other nation members involved approve its candidacy.

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Buzzing Off! 1 In 10 Wild Bees Faces Extinction In Europe, Study Warns – 22 March 2015

RT logoNearly 10 percent of some 2,000 species of European wild bees face extinction, says a recent study, adding that the drivers behind such a mass disappearance of nature’s top pollinators include the use of insecticides, fertilizers, and climate change.

“Overall, 9.2 percent of bees are considered threatened in Europe, while at the EU-27 level, 9.1 percent are threatened with extinction,” says a new report published as a part of the IUCN (International Union for Conservation of Nature) European Red List of Bees project.

The study, co-funded by the European Commission, gives information about 1,965 wild bee species in Europe, including their status, distribution and the dangers they face.

Distribution of threatened bees in Europe. (image from http://ec.europa.eu)

Distribution of threatened bees in Europe. (image from http://ec.europa.eu)

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James Corbett – The Corbett Report – Google “Bill Clinton Rape” – 22 March 2015

Bill Clinton, exactly like Bill Cosby, is a multiply-accused rapist with allegations stretching back decades. And exactly like Cosby, Clinton has settled a sexual harassment lawsuit out of court. But unlike Cosby, Clinton continues to enjoy the adoration of the public and the benefits of his personal fortune. Why? Because we haven’t made it an issue yet. Let’s start: Google “Bill Clinton rape.” Continue reading

‘Bread, Jobs, Dignity’: Crowds Gather For Anti-Austerity March In Madrid – 22 March 2015

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Spaniards have gathered for an anti-austerity rally in the Spanish capital’s center. Almost a year ago, a similar protest in central Madrid turned violent and hundreds were injured.

Spanish police deployed some 1,200 officers to monitor Saturday’s protest, which is called Marches of Dignity. Up to 20,000 people are expected to show up.

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