Bill Ballard – Ascension Yoga – Prana To Kundalini To Shakkti Then Heart Activation – 23 March 2015

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For several weeks now I have been back online and watching things develop all over the planet. The most recent is the awakening of so many of those who practice various forms of yoga. Many are speaking of the need to raise one’s kundalini which begins the “opening” of one’s chakras aka energy centers. Others are teaching Shakkti which is the “opening” of the Crown Chakra and really allows one to step into higher connections. Before 1992 this was the ultimate of spiritual development and many persons are still in that old brainset whereas that is only the process leading to Ascension Mastery. To achieve the heart chakra “ACTIVATION” which is only the 1st true Ascension Mastery Initiation (the 5th spiritual initiation) one must spiral their Shakkti energy into the sacred space within their heart, or the heart of hearts. Only then does one truly achieve enlightenment or In-Light-In-Ment as the chakra system activates. An “open chakra” can be turned off just like a Light switch but an “activated chakra” is permanently turned on and is like a nuclear power plant producing an ever increasing and more powerful energy vortex within the physical form, aka Enlightenment….

Enlightenment is an ongoing process of and as one activates their heart chakra the LIGHTBODY inturn is activated. This is only the beginning entry into Christ Consciousness and remerging with the higher levels of self, which are octaves of vibrations aka 12 dimensions with 12 steps within, 7 notes and 5 half notes each. Some persons call this the 144 dimensions, others see it as 12 dimensions with sublevels on each. Either way, this is the only way one physically achieves the higher levels of consciousness and can never be done via intellect… Neither intellect nor food will ever take one into those higher levels… Only where one places their consciousness and intent will unlock the portals through where access is granted upon completion of the previous initiations… It’s a step by step and ever ongoing process to embody the higher levels of self.

I spoke of a new friend in this video and of her videos and messages. Her name is Aria Vaillancourt and her is her Facebook page:… The videos of Aria’s that I just found yesterday and so many of us were oooing and aaahing about on my Facebook page is called Ascension 2015 and Energy shifts and also Arcturian/Sirian Circuitry, Sacred Geometry, and The Brain . Aria’s Youtube videos are listed here:…

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