Steve Lendman – Lurching Toward Armageddon – 23 March 2015

StevelendmanNeocon lunatic fringe elements infest Washington. They control US policy – notably on issues of war and peace.
They’re using NATO and US installed Ukrainian Nazis to stoke direct confrontation with Russia.
Daily geopolitical events should scare everyone. Gunslinger NATO commander General Philip Breedlove rails about nonexistent “Russian aggression.”
He wants Minsk sabotaged. He wants war, not peace. He wants full US-led Western support given Ukraine to wage it.

On Sunday, he addressed a German Marshall Fund Brussels Forum.
He said “the West should consider all our tools…Could it be destabilizing? The answer is yes.”
“Also inaction could be destabilizing. So I think that’s the other question that our nation should look at. Is inaction an appropriate action?”
Breedlove and likeminded lunatics controlling US policy may launch WW III.
He lied about what he called “disturbing evidence of air defense, command and control, resupply equipments coming across a completely porous (Russian/Ukrainian) border.”
He ludicrously called Russia a threat to Denmark if it joins NATO’s so-called missile defense system for offense.
“This is just the next step,” he said. He claimed previous “great (Moscow) pressure”on Romania and Poland.
“Anyone else who wants to join into this defensive capability will come under this diplomatic and political pressure,” he blustered.
The 1997 Founding Act on Mutual Relations, Cooperation and Security between NATO and the Russian Federation called for “a stable, peaceful and undivided Europe, whole and free, to the benefit of all its people.”
It prohibits foreign combat troop deployments in Eastern European countries. Doing so lurches dangerously toward military confrontation.
Breedlove urged stepped up information war on Russia.
“We need as a western group of nations or as an alliance to engage in this informational warfare,” he said.
“The way to attack the false narrative is to drag (it) into the light and expose it,” he blustered.
Washington wages daily propaganda war on Russia. So do go-along media scoundrels.
Propaganda wars precede hot ones. Deception, popular fiction and Big Lies launch them.
Intense Russia bashing risks international peace, stability and security.
Washington’s imperial war machine is humanity’s greatest threat.
Permanent war is official US policy. Gunsliger lunatics like Breedlove risk ending life on earth.
So do Kiev Nazis. Its rubber-stamp parliament passed provocative legislation.
Bill No. 2383 lets Ukraine’s intelligence service operate in Donbass – allegedly to infiltrate so-called “terrorist organizations.”
Bill sponsor MP Serhiy Pashynsky said the measure lets Kiev intelligence agents conduct special operations in “occupied territories.”
They’re intended to let Ukrainian military forces “combat terrorism.”
The measure normalizes Ukrainian Foreign Intelligence Service anti-Donbass mobilization.
It heads things closer to resumed full-scale war. Expect it any time at Obama’s discretion.
The reliable Colonel Cassad web site discussed what it calls an approaching “big storm.”
He noted “preparatory (Russian) work in border areas to repel any potential threats.
On Monday, the Donetsk People’s Republic (DPR) Defense Ministry issued a disturbing report as follows:
“At this moment (as of 11:10am), there is a firefight in the area of the settlement of Spartak and Peski.”
“Sounds of explosions and shots can be heard in the western part of Donetsk.”
“Ukraine continues to increase the group of its forces along the demarcation line despite the Minsk agreements.”
“This includes both the regular army service-members and also the national guard militants.”
“Over the last day, they opened fire against the DPR positions 41 times, due to which four militia fighters were wounded.”
“The AFU violated the cease-fire regime 41 times during the day and the night. During the night they violated it 9 times.”
“Four militia fighters were wounded due to the shelling in the area of Peski.”
“Such a high number of victims during a truce is not a regular occasion.”
“The Ukrainian service members, targeting the militia positions, attacked settlements.”
“The village of Shirokino, Kalinovka, and Zhabynky inside Donetsk, mine no. 6 and 7 in Gorlovka, and also the village Signalnaya fell under fire.”
“They used 82 mm, 120 mm mortars, machine-guns, RPG, AGL, small arms.”
“The Ukrainian security forces engaged artillery in the village Signalnaya from the side of Slavnoye yesterday at 7:15pm, but the specific artillery system couldn’t be determined.”
“As a result, damage was recorded in private housing areas. There is no information about wounded and killed civilians.”
“A direct hit by the artillery shell into the administrative building of the Donetsk train station was recorded.”
“We recorded a direct hit by the artillery shell into the administrative building of the railroad station.”
“The EMERCOM units were deployed to the event location. The type of the weapon used to perform a strike is being determined.”
It bears repeating what other articles stressed. Obama wants war, not peace.
He’s gone all-out to sabotage Minsk. It’s dead.
It’s just a matter of time before full-scale conflict resumes – maybe heading toward Washington confronting Moscow directly.
War is ugly business. Lunatics in Washington may incinerate us all!
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