Watching The Hawks: Power-Trio Hatch New RT Show To Test MSM – 23 March 2015

RT logoA trio of self-proclaimed revolutionaries is vowing to bring a new kind of talk show to the airways. Sean Stone, Tyrel Ventura and Tabetha Wallace make up a new generation of co-hosts on RT America’s ‘Watching the Hawks’, a new current events show.

“We sit down and really go through stories, instead of sort of that break-neck pace of the regular [news],” Wallace told RT’s Larry King for an upcoming episode of ‘Politicking’, adding that the three co-hosts focus on context and the broader pictures as much as they do on the facts of the story.

“We kind of see it from all of our perspectives. And we don’t always agree on things, but we have always naturally been people who can disagree and still have a conversation and walk out learning more about each other and about the world,” Wallace said. “And we’re trying to bring a little of that ‒ what we have naturally ‒ to the air instead of everybody yelling at each other.”
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