Wes Annac – Transcend Anxiety With Meditation – 23 March 2015

By Wes Annac, The Culture of Awareness

Anger, worry, fear, stress, and anxiety all come from the same place, and it’s a place where we feel distant from any kind of happiness or fulfillment.

When we consistently feed this state of mind, it creeps into our lives and gives us more to be unhappy and anxious about. When we finally open our minds and let it all melt away, we allow ourselves to return to a positive or centered frame of mind and our sense of joy and satisfaction gradually returns.

Once we’re back in this mindset, we can right the wrongs our negativity caused and start creating positive circumstances that we can be thankful for. Gratitude increases our positive manifestations, and it’s one of our most helpful tools in the struggle to transcend endless negativity and find our center.

Centeredness is an important and helpful quality on the spiritual path, and we don’t necessarily need to think only positive thoughts to find some restorative balance.

All we have to do is recognize that a positive life can be attained by making choices that are aligned with our drive to uplift ourselves and our planet, and taking little moments throughout the day to return to our center will help.

Centeredness is important for those of us who want to transcend the endless negativity that’s kept us from enjoying life or letting our light shine for others, and we can easily transcend it if we remember to routinely return to our silent, sacred center and explore our consciousness.

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I’m starting to think meditation is essential if we want to raise our consciousness and uplift the world with the resulting inspiration, and no matter what path we take or how we choose to advance humanity’s evolution, meditation might help us find the inspiration and enthusiasm to do it every day.

It helps to find a creative route we enjoy and we can stick with, and once we’ve found it, we’ll want to develop it to a point that we can use it to reach others. I don’t think pursuing it by itself is enough, however, and we might want to find other practices that center us and align us with the spirit.

If we find one or two creative outlets that we can use to stay spiritually connected, it stands to reason that we should practice them as much as we can. We don’t want to burn ourselves out, however, and I think the best way to refill our cup when we feel empty is to relax, “become nothing”, and, again, explore our vibrant awareness.

Spiritual awareness is our birthright (like a lot of other things we’ve been denied), but even our birthright can’t be attained if we don’t work for it. A sustained spiritual connection will enhance our creativity in all kinds of ways, but we can’t feel the magic if we don’t work hard and find time throughout the day to realign.

Living in this crazy world practically ensures that our energy and vibrancy are zapped out of us on a daily basis, even when we try our best not to let cultural influences and distractions drain them from us, but there are things we can do to restore our spiritual perception when it seems depleted.

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If we want to creatively soar, we might want to embrace whatever helps us refill our cup in ways that creativity can’t. Creativity is one of the best ways to stay connected, but sometimes, we require a greater connection to sustain our creativity, lest we want to burn out.

This is why meditation or similar practices will help us creatively flow and retain a balanced, aligned state of mind, and we need that balance to keep from going over the emotional edge and making ourselves (and, potentially, others) miserable.

We aren’t meant to be constantly upset or worried about something, and I think we’re meant to enjoy life and take things one moment at a time.

We’d all benefit from incorporating some kind of zen practice into our daily routine, and if we show enough commitment, I think we’ll be rewarded in the form of a smoother creative flow and a mellow (yet wise) outlook on life that allows us to enjoy this blessed existence.

When we keep our connection strong, we basically evict (transcend) those negative qualities and thought forms we’ve accepted for so long. Staying balanced and using the consciousness-exploring tools we have at our disposal will help us greatly, and we’re responsible for taking that first step and every step after it.

We’ll be guided along the way, but when it comes down to it, spiritual evolution is our responsibility and we have to take that responsibility before we can soar.

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