ZeroHedge – EU And Greece Running Out Of Time – As Bank Runs Intensify, Bail-Ins Likely – 23 March 2015

ZeroHedgeEU and Greece Running Out of Time – As Bank Runs Intensify, Bail-Ins Likely

– EU and Greece running out of time as talks end “in disarray” – again
– Greece warns Merkel of ‘impossible’ debt
– Concerns Greece out of money by end of April
– Friday’s “agreement” in Brussels falls apart hours later as protagonists fail to agree on specifics
– Greece now insolvent – will run out of liquidity by end of April
– Greek banks on verge of collapse as runs continue – €1.5 billion emptied out of banks last week alone
– ‘Grexit’ could propel gold to over $2,000/oz
– Cyprus style bail-ins look increasingly possible

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