Judith Dagley – Your Dreams Are Your Mustard Seeds – 24 March 2015


If you DREAM it, you DESERVE it.
If you BELIEVE your Dreams, they LIVE.
If you NURTURE your Dreams, THEY WILL BLOOM. 

I’m Judith Dagley Flaherty, a licensed psychotherapist since 1994. That’s also when I established my private practice as a mental health clinician in my cozy office in West Los Angeles. Since then, however, it is not only blooming, but has grown branches all over the globe through virtual technologies such as Skype! The seeds of these lovely branches began to sprout, however, when I believed in them enough to let them grow into ALL I have to offer to those who choose to connect with me in the very special relationship we call “therapy.” In addition to being a skilled clinician, I am also an empath, an energy healer, an intuitive, and a shamanic practitioner. That is why, when asked what my specialty is… I have no label to respond with!

As one who’s heart’s desire is to USE my gifts, which in the doing brings me a joy that resonates through my whole being… imagine how frustrating it is that there is not yet a “designated label” that encompasses all that I offer to you? Yet somehow…you found me. So who needs labels, anyway? 

In my therapeutic relationships, my clinical skills within a vast array of theoretical orientations is my strong and fluid foundation. It is through my ability to attune with you that the particular combination of modalities that resonate with your personal way of experiencing yourself just naturally come into play. They change and adjust as you change and adjust in response to every moment of our “work” together… always in the right combination to meet your particular needs in the best possible way, physically, emotionally, mentally, and spiritually.

Of course, I speak for myself as I decribe that process. No two therapists are alike,  just as you are not like any other client I have ever seen or will see– except you.

My specialty is human beings.  What do I do? Whatever YOU need.”

Individual psychotherapy, family therapy, couples therapy, energy realignment, physical self-healing, intuitive guidance, guidance in tapping into your own intuitive guidance, community harmonizing, (be it a small circle of friends, a neighborhood, an organization, a small business, a corporation, or any other form of coming together with a common intent)… whatever YOU need.

The only way to to truly understand all that is possible is to experience it in yourSELF.

Welcome to the adventure.


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