Greece Gets Extra $1.1Bn Funding From ECB, Has To Prove Trust – 26 March 2015

RT logoThe European Central Bank has increased the emergency funds available to Greek lenders by $1.1 billion, in an attempt to keep Greece in the eurozone. But, euroarea officials have told Greece they have zero trust in its ability to deliver effective policy.

The European Central Bank on Wednesday increased the amount of money Greek banks can borrow under its emergency lending program to $77.8 billion, Bloomberg reported. The increase is the biggest this month since lenders lost access to normal ECB funding lines in February. The EU is currently holding back crucial financial aid as the European Commission has made $2 billion of unused funds available to Greece to help the country avert a cash crunch.

The ECB told Greek banks late Tuesday not to buy any more Greek government debt. The so-called Troika of lenders, the ECB, IMF and European Commission require the country to stick to the austerity measures already agreed upon and complain Prime Minister Alexis Tsipras hasn’t convinced them his economic plan can meet their requirements. Greece needs to show by Monday it can deliver detailed reform proposals after finance ministry deputies reviewed the situation on a Wednesday conference call.

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