Laura Bruno – The Visit – 26 March 2015


A story of restoration … and love. Thank you to Colette and her brother Felim for sharing Bealtaine Cottage through this beautiful poem!

Originally posted on Bealtaine Cottage:

Recently, I had the pleasure of welcoming one of my five brothers to Bealtaine Cottage.Felim had visited very briefly once before, some years back, but this visit was different…something here, on this sacred little piece of Ireland, connected with him.The energy that thrives here and the sheer joy of the living Mother Nature around him, touched his soul.

017Felim spoke little about his feelings at the time, but this week I received a poem he wrote, inspired by Bealtaine Cottage.I have decided to share it with you, for it truly expresses an awakening deep in the heart of one who now “gets it!”Here it is…


BEALTAINE COTTAGEA bruised and battered Mother Earth,Driven to despair by the dearthOf man’s ignorance of her needs,Has found a nursery for her seedsIn the soil of this marshy slope.Here she flourishes in hope-In this…

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