Wes Annac – Creativity And Social Acceptance – 26 March 2015

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By Wes Annac, The Culture of Awareness

Whether or not we feel like we’re good at something, I think we should pursue it if it inspires us and lights our inner fire. We aren’t here to impress anybody – we’re here to elevate the collective vibration and have fun doing it.

All we have to do is believe in ourselves and our mission on this evolving planet to realize that we don’t necessarily have to be skilled at something to pursue it. We’ll want to hone our craft so we can use it to uplift and inspire others, however, and anything we want to pursue will require some work.

We can’t perfect something overnight, and even when it comes to things we have a natural talent for, we’ll want to consistently practice if we want to use them to help others.

Our society has pretty high expectations, and people only seem to listen to someone who has a lot of talent or has proven they can impress the masses. I’m not saying there’s anything wrong with this, and it’s good to aim as high as we can because it inspires us to develop our talent.

It is unfortunate, however, because it keeps the world from opening up to people who have something genuine to offer but have yet to hone their skill or make it presentable to a society that demands to be impressed.

Elitism doesn’t just exist in the one percent – it tends to exist in the rest of society as well, who’s expectations are so high that it’s hard to accept people who don’t have incredible talent.

I think we’ll need to stop all of the judgment and condemnation if we want to change anything about our current world. Judgment tends to stop people with great potential from honing their craft, because they’re too worried about what others might think to pursue their passion.

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We can create an environment where everyone’s accepted for who they are and we’re all encouraged to pursue the things that interest us without being worried about what the rest of society will think. This kind of environment is in our grasp, but we have to be willing to make some individual changes before we can create it.

To be clear, I’m not saying people shouldn’t have to be good at whatever they pursue, be it creativity or anything else.

I’m saying that almost no one is good at something when they first try it, and novices need to be given some room to develop their talent without feeling like they automatically have to be ‘good’ to gain society’s approval.

We don’t need society’s approval to embrace things we’re passionate about, but I’m sure a lot of people have stopped themselves from pursuing something because they didn’t think they could ever get it to a level that others would accept.

Fear of condemnation is very real, and it’s probably stopped a lot of people who could’ve eventually become talented. They could’ve used that talent to uplift this lost world, but sadly, the fear of being condemned or laughed away has stopped them from pursuing their passion.

If we could cultivate an environment of unconditional acceptance, which isn’t an acceptance of mediocrity but an acceptance that some people are further along than others in regards to developing their talent, we could encourage and empower people who want to try new things.

It’s clear that we need more love and acceptance, and the conscious pioneers among us can be the first ones to express these important qualities. The rest of society probably won’t, and a lot of responsibilities rest on the conscious community, which is aware of things most of the world still laughs off.

Society’s quick to condemn people, and some people judge others to make themselves feel better or even just to get a cheap laugh. I’m sure most of us know that this needs to end, but beyond setting an example, I don’t know how we’ll change things.

We can’t force society to change, and we can only make personal changes that reflect the kind of society we want to see.

Hopefully, those personal changes will inspire others to make their own changes and learn to accept people they might’ve once rejected, and we might just make some real, lasting external changes if we’re willing to make some changes within.

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There’s hope for humanity, but a lot of things still need to happen before we can come anywhere near a harmonious or utopian society. I’m not trying to be discouraging – I’m just expressing what I’ve realized about our world.

More people are awakening every day, which is a good sign, but a lot more people need to awaken and learn to accept each other before we can create anything new. Despite the condemnation society is still so comfortable with, we have to let ourselves shine instead of cowering away in a corner and failing to develop our talent.

We have to believe in ourselves, because the rest of the world won’t believe in us unless we seriously impress them. As long as we can empower ourselves, the negative and detracting opinions of others should matter little and any negativity we meet as we hone our craft should bounce right off of us.

With that said, let’s get out there and embrace our passions, because we only get one chance and we might as well take it.

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