Lisa Gawlas – The Energy Corridor Leading To April And Dreams Come True!! – 27 March 2015

lisagawlas2or weeks prior to the equinox, I did my damnedest to sneak a peak at the energy field post equinox, namely, the very moment we are in now, leading into April.  Try as I might, all I could see was pure energy, now that we are in it, I can so see and feel why.  I am just going to call this week one of the most intense energy corridors I have ever seen in the field and even in my body.  Of course, the readings themselves are reflecting all that, but I am really challenged to put it all into an understanding in the moment, hell, even the day after.  So what I am going to do today, is take the collection of readings from the last few days and share what I understand collectively.

A very consistent image now thru every reading is what is left of that big old oval that had been so prevalent thru February and March.  The oval, representing all the humans aligned together (called a collective) holding the Christed energy, or Shambhala energies at the ground level for us and realignment within the creative field of earth, is now a big black hole.  Looking very much like this:

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What I understand this to represent now is what we have set out to do, we have done.  We have made deep impact in the earth with the energies I call Shambhala.  Embedded, encrusted, fresh (hence the black scarring.)  So we no longer need to hold the energy’s on earth, we need to use them from the ground level up into creation, thru ourselves.  The black is showing how high we raised the vibration on earth.  When the frequencies get higher it produces heat, hence the black showing like fire scarring.

This oval is now behind those showing up on the field, the energy of April, still in front of them and the present moment, pure energy potential.  I think the closest way I can really understand what this means to all of us was the last reading I had yesterday, altho, in her moments, I had no clue what I was seeing and what it meant to her.  She was suspended in the air on a swing, swinging rhythmically back and forth.  The chains holding the swing were attached to nothing I could see and the swing bottom was about 10 feet above the ground.  Just at the swings bottom was this beautiful energy of violet and blue, very cloud like and as my lady swung back and forth on her swing, her legs and feet moved this energy.  This was all I could see.  There was nothing in front of her, behind her, below her and other than the chains attached to the air itself, nothing above her.  I was confused.  My audio is leaving a lot to be desired these days and until the very end of her reading, I got zero audio, zero understanding and was pretty sure my audio antenna’s were in the garage, until I heard one of hear spiritual team members say “it’s good,” as I am desperately saying out loud, “but I don’t know what this means to you.”  Hey!!!  I can hear!!!  But thats all she got about that, at least, until this morning.

Suspended in air, moving the energy with her legs, her path in life, kinda like an alchemist stirring the pot of their intended creation.  She had just moved out of her home into a new one and is now applying for jobs to allow her to sustain her new life.  That is the energy movement being shown… movement of any sort is crucial at this point.  The rhythmic swinging back and forth is showing the rythym of new life and the patience of its arrival, the building of energies as we move into April.

I am also finding many are finding their new footing from having transmuted many of their own energies and energies from their soul group as well, digging deep into the collective past.  It has been one hellofa transition.  But here we are.

I have found myself pondering what it is I would like to experience in our next phase of evolution… a lot.  One ET connection hangs in the forefront of my mind from earlier this week.  It seems to be the key workout for those of us wanting to experience all the things we were easily able to experience in meditation, in our physical life with our physical bodies.

This ET connection was about entering the dimensions and sub-dimensions that are constantly surrounding us.  This information must have sat on my heart strongly, because one night I was even given a dream experience to really understand the dimensions themselves.  I was shown it like a hard covered book standing up on it’s spine, the pages within the back and front cover were the subdimensions and the hard covers themselves were what we think of as dimensions.  All containing universes of their own.

Her ET kept telling her, the challenge before her (all of us really) now is reprogramming the mind itself.  It is deeply programmed to see everything as solid, impenetrable and yet, we know everything is energy vibrating rapidly in and out of physical creation.  As he was explaining all of this to her, my mind went to a new born baby and science saying that when a baby is first born, their eyesight is very poor, very blurry and it takes weeks for it to adjust.  I started wondering if it really is blurry or are the newborns seeing life as it really is… particles of energy creating the world around them??

My lady received her homework, that again, hangs at the forefront of my mind every day.  To go into meditation and see herself as she really is, trillions of molecules vibrating at various rates that make up her body.  Equally, to see the first layer of dimensional energy in the same way, then to lean into the dimension, creating an emergence of her body into that dimension.

I know from first hand experience, the more we experience in meditation, the less the mind doubts its reality and allows it to be a part of our physical reality.  More plainly said, the mind begins to believe what is true… what it is now experiencing in the deeper realms of creation (meditation.)

Now, I am going to switch to yesterdays ET session, done in the depths of silence.  I felt like I was playing charades with his beautiful Pleiadian lady because not a word was heard, not a package of information transported into “knowing” and yet, things were still being seen, shared and experienced.  Can I just say, it was a very silent, bizarre day in the realm of connected energies!!

The first thing I had seen in his ET connection was the emergence of what looked like a large silver/violet lightning bolt emerging from the deep horizon and coming out parallel to the earth.  As this lightning thing stretched about 10 feet long then held it’s place in my field of vision, it started to look like a pole… a lightning pole??  No audio at all… to the right of this pole emerged his lady, again not one word spoken that I could hear at all, and she was doing this finger thing that kept me thinking…. “shame on you,”  which made no sense and didn’t feel right at all, but without audio, I am into guess work!

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Thank goodness my man was connected to his beautiful Pleiadian lady, cuz he started to feel it was her charging this energy pole thingie, now that felt perfect!!

As she was repetitively doing the same motion with her fingers and I am squinting to see if her lips are moving to talk to me (they never were) and I am desperately trying to figure out what all this means for him, a sudden surge of energy went straight into the right side of my forehead and dripped into the center of my right eyeball.  It was a rather unpleasant feeling, creating an intense pressure and what I can only describe as an energy bulge from forehead into my eye… not a headache, but close.  This sensation lasted longer than I expected, minutes even.  At least I could understand what this means to him.  Right eye, spiritual vision, so this energy rod and her magic fingers are increasing the frequency within his neural network to expand and enhance his spiritual vision.  As I explained this to him, she finally made a different movement, as if she had an energy accordion in her hand, she made the motion of expanding the accordion and I knew instantly she was saying, much more than just that, but that the expanded sight is part of it.

My bigger question is… why the hell are we playing charades???  Why am I not hearing nuttin at all this crazy day??  It’s only this morning that I am given more understanding (and I say understanding quite loosely) and I will quote what I hear “the energy of lightning comes before the release of thunder.”  With that statement, I once again googled thunder:

As lightning connects to the ground from the clouds, a second stroke of lightning will return from the ground to the clouds, following the same channel as the first strike. The heat from the electricity of this return stroke raises the temperature of the surrounding air to around 27,000 C° (48,632 F°). Since the lightning takes so little time to go from point A to point B, the heated air has no time to expand. The heated air is compressed, raising the air from 10 to 100 times the normal atmospheric pressure. The compressed air explodes outward from the channel, forming a shock wave of compressed particles in every direction. Like an explosion, the rapidly expanding waves of compressed air create a loud, booming burst of noise.

I had no idea lightning traveled back upwards, so what if yesterdays silent readings and ET connection was to feed the collective itself??

My ET man was my last connection for the day and OMG did the incoming energy from his lady expand for the next several hours in my head.  It did not just stay on my right side, but crept over to my left side,  bulging and creating a strange pressure within my head.  I was experiencing the oddest dizzy sensation sitting or standing, not your normal dizzy… weird and very different that I have no real way of describing.  None of it was painful, but it was intensely uncomfortable.

Many hours later, as this energy started to subside, something from the beginning of my day started to hang in my memory.  I set up an new account online to get my daughter some money and to verify who I was this website asked a series of confirmation questions dating back easily close to 20 years ago.  Things like “which street did you live on, what finance company did you use…”  then there was one that just took me so much by surprise, “what company were you associated with?”  There, hanging in front of my eyes was a dating service I created just because I could “Dreams Come True, Inc.”  This was a short lived corp I put together, one of 4 in my lifetime…. why that one, one I had long forgotten about as well.

Last evening, the words hung in my head… Dreams Come True.  Was it because earlier in the day I started to feel like a solo martian on this earth, desiring a partner to open and experience the energies as I see and understand them and their potential, but getting pretty damn sure he must live on another planet… or is it the deeper desire to truly start experiencing what so many ET’s are saying is possible… or both??  Dreams Come True started to feel less like remembering a corporate name and started to feel matter of fact.

Before I close todays sharing, I do want to bring up one of the readings from the other day as well because my team is making sure I do (smile.)  My lady showed up in a very strange position, as opposed to the others I was seeing and trying to orient myself to the new expression of the field with.  She was in a row boat on the west side of the oval creator with this amazing blue body of water just beneath her boat.  She had one ore in her hand and was paddling as one would with a single ore, right side of the boat, left side, right side, left side.  Altho there was a little motion forward, then back, then forward, then back… I never seen her move from that spot in a big way.  Now given the readings prior to her and everyone I had seen so far being in the place I call present moment, with the oval to their back and the energy platform of April to their front… I was struggling to understand her position and why.  I did understand that the beautiful blue water represented the source energy (god, creator, whatever) supporting her row boat, there to take her where ever she desired to go… yet… other than little movements back and forth, I had no clue where she was trying to go.  So, I had to ask her… what is your desire in this next version of yourself.  She said she surrendered everything to source… her issues, her challenges and even the desires within her.  OK, this made sense of the visual.  It wasn’t until I hung up with her and went potty (that crazy holy toilet we all seem to have lol) did I suddenly hear and understand that the significance of this time we are now in is TO BE the creator made manifest.  So if you surrender anything and everything, you are truly surrendering to yourSelf which puts you afloat in the sea of potential.  Activating your heart of desires and moving thru with wherever that energy takes you, even if it is on a swing above the earth, is the only true way to create your dreams made manifest.

Surrender only to the rapid movement of the currents of life, but never the will and desires of the human heart!!

So what are you desires in this next unrestricted version of yourSelf???

With ohhhhh so much love, joy and pure excitement wrapped in never ending (((((HUGZ))))) of gratitude for your lightning bolts upon my own heart of creation!!  Have I told you how much I love you lately???  Hear the thunder booming from my heart!!  ❤

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