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ActivistPost – Jon Stewart: ”We Finally Figured Out How To Fight a Proxy War Against Ourselves” – 29 March 2015


Jon Stewart declared complete bafflement on Thursday night’s edition of “The Daily Show” as the U.S. entered into a bizarre entanglement in the Middle East that had him asking, “Whose side are we on again?”

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Mega Downer: Kim Dotcom Loses $67Mn Of Assets To US Govt – 29 March 2015

RT logoMegaupload streaming service mogul Kim Dotcom has just been slapped with a civil penalty from the US government. The lawsuit will cost him $67 million worth of assets, including cars, property and luxury goods.

The victory by the US court comes as he lost the right to contest the seizure of the assets.

Dotcom, who is wanted in the United States for copyright infringement through the former file-sharing website, told the Herald on Sunday that this is indicative of the “sad state” of the US justice system.

“By labeling me a fugitive, the US court has allowed the US government to legally steal all of my assets without any trial, without any due process, without any test of the merits,” he said, vowing to appeal the decision, which his legal team says would likely not hold up in New Zealand or Hong Kong courts.

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NaturalNews – Ethan. A. Huff – Bill Nye Aligns Himself With Greatest Science Fraud Of The Century: GMO ‘Safety’ – 29 March 2015

NaturalNewss Logo-April-2014(NaturalNews) Many of today’s young adults grew up watching him on public access television. But Bill Nye “the Science Guy” has taken an unfortunate turn for the worse as it pertains to his position on genetically-modified organisms (GMOs), degenerating rather suddenly from an honest position of concern about their impacts on the ecosystem to open acceptance of this disproven technology.

According to reports, Nye had several run-ins with the priests of the GMO religion since the publishing of his book Undeniable: Evolution and the Science of Creation, which contains some valid (though lightweight) criticisms and concerns about genetic engineering. Many in the health movement were grateful for Nye’s earlier position emphasizing that the long-term effects of GMOs are still largely unknown. Continue reading

Beijing Calling: Australia & Denmark Defy US By Applying To Join China-Led Bank – 29 March 2015

RT logoAustralia and Denmark, despite previous American objections to the move, say they will join a new Beijing-backed investment bank that some in Washington say could supplant the US-dominated International Monetary Fund.

In a testament to China’s growing economic clout on the global stage, western countries are lining up to join the Asian Infrastructure Investment Bank, or AIIB.

Australian Prime Minister Tony Abbott and Treasurer Joe Hockey expressed their country’s willingness to join AIIB as a founding member, but have attached tough conditions to their membership.

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US National Guard Sends 12 F-15 Interceptor Jets To Europe To Guard Against Russia – 29 March 2015

RT logoFlorida Air Guard is to deploy 12 F-15C jets and about 200 airmen to Europe as part of Washington’s military build-up, which it claims is necessary to protect European NATO members from Russian aggression.

The fighters and troops from the 125th Fighter Wing of the Florida Air National Guard are to go to Europe in mid-April, the US Air Forces in Europe reported this week. The F-15C Eagles are equipped with advanced air-to-air radar and sniper targeting equipment that allows visual tracking at extremely long ranges.

The F-15s would be sent to the Netherlands and later Bulgaria.

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James Corbett – The Corbett Report – Episode 303 – Solutions: The Peer-To-Peer Economy – 29 March 2015

If the root of our economic problem is the tendency toward centralized, globalist bureaucracies (like the EU and the WTO and the IMF and the World Bank) why does anyone believe the solution will be centralized, globalist bureaucracies (like the BRICS Bank and the EEU and the AIIB)? Today we look at a truly paradigm-shattering civilization-wide change taking place right now that has the potential to undermine the status quo: the peer-to-peer economy.

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March To Martial Law? Undercover Special Forces To Sweep US Southwest – 29 March 2015

RT logoAs elite branches of the US military prepare to hold military training in seven southwest states, with some troops operating incognito among civilians, some Americans fear the training is actually preparation for imposing martial law.

Operation Jade Helm, which is scheduled to kick off in July and run for eight weeks, will involve the participation of 1,200 troops from the US military’s most elite fighting forces, including Green Berets, Navy SEALS and Special Operations from the Air Force and Marines.

The troops will be participating in what has been called Realistic Military Training in towns in Arizona, California, Colorado, New Mexico, Nevada, Texas and Utah.

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Arab League Agrees To Create Joint Arab Military Force – Egypt’s President – 29 March 2015

RT logoArab leaders have agreed to form a joint military force at a Sharm el-Sheikh summit, hosting Egyptian President Abdel Sisi has announced. The meeting was dominated by the situation in Yemen, where Saudi Arabia leads a bombing campaign against rebels.

The Arab leaders have decided to agree on the principle of a joint Arab military force,” Sisi said Sunday as the summit wrapped up. The summit final communique called for “coordination, efforts and steps to establish an unified Arab force” to intervene in countries such as Yemen.

The Egyptian leader said a high-level panel will work out the structure and mechanism of the future force. The work is expected to take four months.

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Mish/ Mike Shedlock – Can The Eurozone Survive? Not In Its Current Form Says PIMCO; Mish Response – 29 March 2015

MishMikeShedlockEchoing statements I have made many times, PIMCO says the single currency area must become a “United States of Europe” in order to secure its future.

Please consider Eurozone can’t survive in current form, says PIMCO. Continue reading

Europe’s First ‘Dead’ Heart Transplanted In UK – 29 March 2015

RT logoThe first ‘dead’ heart transplant in Europe has been carried out in the UK. The procedure involves taking a heart that had not been beating for some time, and making it work inside the body of a living recipient.

This is markedly different from normal transplants, which involve the beating heart of a living person who has been declared brain-stem dead. In this reverse case, the heart came from a victim of circulatory death – their other organs gave out. The new approach involves restoring function to a dead heart, before placing it into an Organ Care System (OCS) to maintain quality before surgery.

The recipient was 60-year-old Huseyin Ulucan, from London. The Papworth hospital in Cambridgeshire, where the still revolutionary procedure was performed, said he’s making “remarkable progress” at home, after just four days in intensive care, following the transplant.

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