Laura Bruno – Tania Marie Shares Her Peru Journey – 31 March 2015

laura-of-the-rocksMy sweet faery twin Tania Marie and I are always so linked that I end up empathing much of her journeys, but I only see the sights in dreams until she posts her photos! One morning I commented to her that I hadn’t slept a wink due to extreme “Fire in the Head. I swear, when I close my eyes, it’s brighter than the Sun!”

I got an LOL back, as, unbeknownst to me, she and her shamanic crew had been doing a Sun ceremony the day before. Throughout her journey and continuing even through today, a very out of season black butterfly has been fluttering by the window on the north side of the house — the window I most often look through during sessions. I knew Tania was having butterfly synchronicities in Peru, including a black butterfly, but I didn’t realize the extent of magical butterfly action until I read today’s two posts.

Even if you opt not to read all the fascinating details, do yourself a favor and just bask in the powerful, rejuvenating beauty and energy of the photos. There are many ways to do Earth healing, and sacred ritual in sacred place is a powerful counterpoint to the day in, day out grit of digging in the dirt and planting trees. We need both. Recognizing and honoring the beauty that still exists on this planet reminds us of our connection to our Sacred Mother — of what a healed Earth looks and feels like — and why we need to give and receive in harmony.

Thanks and love, Tania!

Nokan Inti Kani ~ I Am the Sun: Our Sacred Journey to Peru Through My Eyes – PART 1


Nokan Inti Kani ~ I Am the Sun: Our Sacred Journey to Peru Through My Eyes – PART 2

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